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Cheap Flights to Lanzhou

Flights to Lanzhou

Lanzhou, which is the provincial capital of the Gansu Province, is a home to many worth seeing places.It is the capital city of northwest China's Gansu province. The Waterwheel Expo Garden and Yellow River Mother Sculpture are on the south bank of the Yellow River. The Gansu Provincial Museum displays artifacts from the area’s Silk Road past. Wuquanshan Park has a relaxed vibe and ancient temples. Across the Zhongshan Bridge, the White Pagoda sits atop a mountain in Baitashan Park Every year, millions of tourists, who are touring China, never fail to visit the city. This is because the capital city is an abode to many artistic sculptures, interesting museums, parks, as well as antique temples. There are many interesting places for kids, as well. Overall, the Lanzhou city has everything for every tourist.

  • Yellow River Mother Sculpture

  • Gansu Provincial Museum

  • The Waterwheel Garden

  • White Pagoda Park

  • Bingling Temple Caves

  • Five Springs Mountain Park

  • The Xinglong Mountain

  • Sangke Grasslands

  • Visit the biggest Gansu Provincial Museum

  • Witness the best aquarium at the Ocean Expo Park

  • Know the waterwheel culture of China by visiting the Waterwheel Garden

  • Visit the White Pagoda Park

  • Enjoy witness hundreds of beautiful status at Bingling Temple Caves

  • Take pleasure in seeing the amazing antique architecture of Lanzhou by visiting the Five Springs Mountain Park

  • Witness the astounding landscape of the Sangke Grasslands

  • Visit the Lanzhou's oldest Zhongshan Iron Bridge

Lanzhou features a typical moderate, semi-dry continental downpour type of weather. It is arid with an abundance of sunshine. July is the hottest month in the city and January is the coldest month. August is the dampest month is the city. The best time to pay an airfare for Lanzhou is from May to June and again from August to October.

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Gansu Provincial Museum

The 1956-constructed Gansu Provincial Museum is one of the biggest museums in the Lanzhou city, as it occupies a vast land area of 180,000 sq. meters. Visitors booking a flight to Lanzhou and visiting the museum can witness as much as 100,000 artifacts in the museum, which range from modern, historical, national artifacts.The museum will be opened to the public from morning 09:00 to evening 05:00 on all days, except Mondays.

The Waterwheel Garden

The Waterwheel Garden is a theme park, which is the frequently visited tourist spot in the Lanzhou city. Originally, Duan Xu built it during the Ming Dynasty for irrigation purposes to water the agricultural fields of the olden Lanzhou City. Tourists visiting the 3.58-acre garden can enjoy witnessing a waterwheel square, a waterwheel garden, and a culture square and can appreciate the waterwheel culture of the country.

The White Pagoda Park

The White Pagoda Park was originally constructed during the Yuan Dynasty, was later renovated during the Ming Dynasty. Sightseers, who want to visit the park, have to climb up a hill, as it is strategically positioned on the White Pagoda Mountain. The park, which includes a 17-meter high, seven-storey, octagonal White Pagoda, is an 8,000-sq.meter park, which is renowned for its three fortunes, such as the Redbud, Elephant Skin Drum, and the Bronze Bell.

Bingling Temple Caves

The highlight of the Bingling Temple Caves is that they are engraved from the porous stone of the cliff. Tourists booking a flight from Lanzhou and visiting the caves can enjoy seeing the loveliness of more than 700 sculptures. Each statue is artistically designed by mixing the porous rock and clay. Sightseers will be amazed to see both the biggest 27-meter high statue, as well as the smallest 25-cm statue of the future Buddha.

Five Springs Mountain Park

Five Springs Mountain Park is situated on the Five Springs Mountain at the base of the Guanglan Mountain. Tourists visiting this 10,500-square meter park can appreciate over 10 clusters of the antique structural design of the city. They can also enjoy witnessing the Congqing Temple inside the park that hangs a 900-year-old iron bell with the weight of ten tons. As the park hosts various Buddhism activities, locals consider the park as a holy place.

The Xinglong Mountain

Actually, the Xinglong Mountain is a provincial level forest park, where tourists can witness 70 very old temples as well as pavilions, including 24 picturesque places spread throughout the mountain. The mountain has turned out to be one among the resorts of Taoism and Buddhism. Visitors can enjoy the stunning view of Yunlong the arch bridge over a watercourse, which runs between the two peaks.