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Do you know some interesting fact about Interjet? Chasing a flight to board on time is something more exciting and thrilling experience, but of course equally stressful. Generally, customers need to consider so many options when want to move from one destination to other. Some flight that you wish to board will provide you with some preferences that you would like to do with your time while you’re in the air.
Interjet airlines are often viewed as the most affordable airlines in the United States. Moreover, in terms of the destination, the airlines cover several cities and towns on its radar for customers traveling on a budget. Fights are available to all capital cities, as well as major areas of the country.

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Interjet Airlines was started with 1 Airbus A320 aircraft in 2005 and started its service in December of that year. It increased the aircraft by 10 to replace many second-hand ones by January 2010. Interjet Airlines made use of the vacant slots of Aero California and launched a new service Mexico City International Airport in Mexico City.

  • Interjet, one of the international Mexican airline which offers scheduled services to Central America, North and South America, Mexico, and Caribbean.
  • It also provides services from Benito Juárez International Airport (Mexico City) and Lic. Adolfo López Mateos International Airport (Toluca).
  • Interjet Airlines flies over 53 destinations in 8 countries, including 36 cities in Mexico.
  • The airline services include Chicago, Dallas/FT, Houston, Warth, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Antonio, Orlando and Sanford.
  • Other international routes may include Havana, Montréal, Varadero, Canada, Bogota, Santa Clara, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Lima, Guatemala City, San Jose, Costa Rica and more.
  • The airline's fleet has more than 77 aircraft, including 4 Airbus A321S, 3 Airbus A320neos, 22 Superjet 100s, and 48 Airbus A320s.

Interjet In Flight Amenities

Interjet Airlines makes your journey a memorable experience. Interjet provides complete comfort on your travel. Enjoy your complimentary snacks and beverages on all our flights. To make yourself engaged we offer the latest on-demand in-flight entertainment options for the flight journey longer than 2 hours. Wide genre of music for different passengers provided with individual headphones for free.
Interjet airline offers three types of fares:

1. Light
Passengers traveling in light fares can enjoy snacks and drinks. Passengers can carry two pieces of carry-on baggage that should weigh maximum 10kg (22lbs) together.

2. Optima
Passengers traveling in Optima fares have the following benefits:

  • Can choose their seat
  • Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks
  • Changes can be made at same fare
  • Can carry up to 25kg (110lbs) in 2 bags

3. Priority fares
Passengers traveling in Priority fares fares have the following benefits:

  • Can choose the seating including the first and second-row.
  • Preferential check-in and boarding.
  • Can carry up to 25kg (110lbs) in 2 bags.

Interjet Baggage Policy

Interjet also gives a special offer to carry up to 5 extra pieces of 25 kg (55 lb) each. But of course, extra charges are applicable for each additional piece of luggage. It may vary from $550 MXN (on routes within Mexico), $36 CAD (on routes from/to Canada), or $30 USD (on routes from/to Latin America or the United States) for the first extra luggage you carry with. Charges may vary for the second piece to the fifth.

  • First additional piece of baggage: from $550 MXN, $36 CAD or $30 USD.
  • Second additional piece of baggage: from $800 MXN, $53 CAD or $40 USD.
  • Third additional piece of baggage: from $800 MXN, $84 CAD or $75 USD.
  • Fourth additional piece of baggage:: from $800 MXN, $111 CAD or $100 USD.
  • Fifth additional piece of baggage: from $1,000 MXN, $111 CAD or $100 USD.

  • If you wish to travel from or to Cuba (Santa Clara, Varadero, Havana) the charges are different and are as following:

  • The first additional piece of baggage: from $1,000 MXN or $50 USD.
  • Second additional piece of baggage: from $2,100 MXN or $105 USD.
  • The third additional piece of baggage: from $2,100 MXN or $105 USD.
  • The fourth additional piece of baggage:: from $2,100 MXN or $105 USD.
  • The fifth additional piece of baggage: from $2,600 MXN or $130 USD.

Interjet Special Allowance

  • You are in a situation to follow certain policies and procedures, restrictions and cost if you are carrying baggage which is overweight and dimensions than that are specified in our policies.
  • It is more essential to check if the luggage with greater volume and weight do not have any dangerous or personal use items, nor any other materials which may cause danger to the aircraft or its passengers.
  • It is limited to carry up to 7 pieces of special baggage which are subjected to the space available on the plane. Passengers are responsible for claiming their baggage at the destination airport and Interjet are not responsible for any missing baggage at any cost.

Prohibited Items in Checked Baggage

There are certain restrictions in carrying items in the checked baggage. As per the regulation, items that are likely to endanger the persons, aircraft or other properties are prohibited in the aircraft. Some of them are:

  • Flammable gases or liquids like gasoline, gas charges, and paint
  • Explosives like ammunition, signal flare, fireworks, stun guns.
  • Household or industry products like bleach, mercury, aerosols, or solvents.
  • Matches or lighters.
  • Corrosives like wet batteries, acids, etc
  • Radioactive materials, Magnetized materials, and Oxidizing materials.
  • Chemical substances.
  • Poisons
  • Fire extinguishers or other compressed gas cylinders.
  • Lithium batteries including those installed on electric skates, electric scooters and self-balancing wheels.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices.

Restrictions & Alcoholic Beverages in Interjet

Alcoholic beverages are not completely prohibited, so you can carry the beverages in the checked-in baggage with some restrictions.
If you are planning to carry alcoholic beverages, make sure to meet the following conditions:

  • Sealed and branded bottles
  • The beverages should not exceed 70% ABV.
  • Not more than 5 liters.
  • Carried after passing the security check at the airport.

Interjet Check In

The Interjet airlines offer online check-in option by visiting their official website. Doing online check-in and printing the boarding pass would save you a lot of time and avoid last-minute hassles. For domestic, passengers can do online check-in before 48 hours of travel to 1 hour before the departure. For international flights, passengers can do check-in before 24 hours and 2 hours before the departure of the flight.

Interjet Economy Class

The Interjet airlines tickets offer the standard economy ranges with one class fare. The seating in economy class is spacious and comfortable with good legroom with a 34-inch pitch between seats.
Facilities in economy class flights:

  • Enjoy a meal.
  • Hot and cold beverages onboard.
  • Spend your travel time with flight magazines.

Interjet Pet Policy

Interjet airlines one of the pet-friendly airlines that allows you to carry your favorite pet along with you comfortably. The airlines wish to offer an excellent travel experience for both the passengers and pets, hence they put restrictions on the pet. If you are planning your trip along with your pet make sure to fulfill the following requirements and recommendations.

1. Carry the pet documentation

  • Official health certificate: This should include your pet’s name, birth date, breed, sex, color, and identification marks.
  • Current and complete vaccination card: This should include the vet’s information and rabies immunization.
  • Letterhead from a vet: This should include the indication of diagnosis or treatment of skin condition. This is to verify if the animal has any infections like dermatomycosis, scabies, dermatophilosis, alopecia, etc.
  • Certificate for its therapeutic: This certificate is required for the guide dogs and animals that offer emotional support and assisted therapy.

2. Rules for pets in the cabin
If you want to fly with your pets in the cabin, then the following requirements should be met.

  • Only small dogs and cats are allowed.
  • Only one pet per passenger can be allowed in the passenger cabin.
  • The maximum size of the container for the animals in the cabin can be 40 x 30 x 22 cm.
  • The in-cabin container and the pet should not be more than 11lb.
  • As the pet containers will be stored under the seat directly in front of the passenger, the container should be soft.
  • The animal should remain inside the kennel for the whole journey.
  • The container of the animal should match with the pet size to avoid any potential risk to your pet.
  • A proper flight number tags should be pasted in the container.

Interjet Airlines Checked Luggage

The passengers with Interjet airlines flights have various checked baggage restriction for different rates and chosen destinations. For flights to North America, the checked baggage limit is one piece of 25 kgs in Optima Class. For Priority class, it is 2 bags of total 50 kgs. For flights in Mexico and from/to Latin America, the checked baggage limit is one piece of 25 kgs in Optima Class and Light Class. Two-piece of 50 kgs (in total) for Priority Class.

Interjet Hand Luggage Restrictions

A passenger can carry up to 10 kgs which can be divided into one or 2 carry-on bags. The hand baggage dimension can be 15+9+21 inches. One of the luggage can be a regular item without wheels and the other baggage can be any of the personal item including handbag, laptop bag, backpack, purse, camera bag or shopping bag.
For Optima class the checked baggage weight limit is 25 kgs and for Priority class passengers the checked baggage limit is 2 bags of 50 kgs in total for flights to North America.
Whereas, for aircraft in Mexico and from/to Latin America, the checked baggage limit is one baggage of 25 kgs in Optima Class and Light Class, and 2 bags of 50 kgs (in total) for Priority Class.

Travelling With Kids in Interjet

Children less two years of age do not require a seat while travelling and may need to travel in the lap of the accompanying passenger. Hence, passengers should inform Interjet airlines while doing your booking that they will be traveling with an infant. You will be issued a ticket and a boarding pass for the children but there won’t be any baggage allowance. All passengers above 2 years should get a ticket and will be allotted a seat, and pay the applicable fare.

Pregnant Women in Interjet Airlines

The Interjet airlines care much about the passenger’s safety and wish to have the most comfortable journey especially for pregnant women. For this reason, the airlines offer a lot of legroom in all their fare classes and can receive the best attention of the qualified staff on a fleet of brand-new Interjet flights. Pregnant women are allowed inside the aircraft, however, women over 7 months of pregnancy should travel at their own risk after consulting their doctor about any issues relating to air travel. interjet mexico best way to go mexico.

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