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Ningbo is a major industrial center and harbor of the Chinese Zhejiang province. The city is the origin of the Hemudu culture and the Hemudu Site is one among the most primitive Neolithic Age places revealed in China. It has gorgeous natural landscape and many historical attractions. The city that has a wealthy 7000-year history, attracts tourists from all parts of the world.

  • Baoguo Temple

  • Tianfeng Pagoda

  • Tianyi Pavilion

  • Big Dragon Waterfall

  • Spiritual Peaks

  • Tengtou Village

  • Shanglianggang Hill

  • Xuedou Mountain

  • Visit the Baoguo Temple

  • Explore the ancient relics at the Tianfeng Pagoda

  • Visit the Tianyi Pavilion

  • Feel the wonders of heaven at the Big Dragon Waterfall

  • Enjoy witnessing priceless animals and plants on the Shanglianggang Hill

  • Pick and taste organic fruits at the Tengtou Village

  • Visit the Xuedou Mountain

  • Explore the UNESCO World Geopark

The Ningbo city features a subtropical downpour type of weather, with warm and damp climate. July is the hottest month in the city and January is the coldest month. While September is the dampest month, the driest month of the city is December. Tourists can book a flight to Ningbo to visit the city during the months of May, June, September, and October.

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Baoguo Temple

Baoguo Temple, which is situated at a distance of 9.3 miles from the Ningbo City, was originally established during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Tourists visiting this state-protected artifact can enjoy witnessing a blend of buildings built by different dynasties. Moving into the temple, sightseers can see spacious halls. Tourists can visit the temple from morning 09:00 to evening 04:30 by paying an entrance fee of CNY 20.

The Tianfeng Pagoda

The Tianfeng Pagoda, which is positioned in the heart of the Ningbo City, is a hexagonal building with the height of 51 meters. It is the tallest antique building as well as the landmark of the city. It has seven-floors above the ground and seven floors under the ground. Sightseers visiting the tower will appreciate its architectural value, long history, and antique relics. Tourists can enter the tower on payment of CNY 5 as an admission fee.


Tianyi Pavilion

Tianyi Pavilion is a private library in the Ningbo City and it is the oldest surviving library in China, as it was constructed in 1561 during the reign of the Ming Dynasty. This 6.4-acre library is also one of the biggest one in the city. Book enthusiasts can find as much as 300,000 volumes, among which 80,000 are uncommon books.Adult tourists have to pay CNY 30 and they have to pay CNY 15 for their kids to enter the pavilion.

The Xuedou Mountain

Sightseers visiting the mountain can take pleasure in witnessing two beautiful scenic sites on the mountain. One is the Xuedou Temple and the other is the Xufu Rock. The Xuedou Temple will offer visitors a feeling of serene and calm wonderland. The highlight of the temple is its 2000-year-old gigantic ginkgo tree that needs five adult tourists to encircle.Tourists have to pay CNY 150 per individual to visit the Xuedou Mountain.

The Shanglianggang Hill

The Shanglianggang Hill is renowned for its dense forest, which is an abode to 1,000 species of precious animals and plants. Tourists can like the core forest and can join the entertainment, associated with local folk traditions, such as appreciating feature shows, tasting special local snacks, and playing local sports and games with other tourists.Tourists have to pay an entrance fee of CNY 65 for visiting the hill.

The Spiritual Peaks

The Spiritual Peaks are one of the scenic spots on the Yandang Mountain. Tourists visiting the peaks will be welcomed by an old monk saluting them with folded hands. Vacationers can have a wonderful view of the peaks during the day and an attractive view during the evenings. When night comes, under the moonlight, with a bit imagination, tourists can see several stunning pictures. tourists can enjoy the picturesque beauties of the Spiritual Peaks.

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