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You can choose this beautiful city as your holiday destination and spend some wonderful time with your family members. The Vietnamese City is well known for its tourist attractions and you will fall in love with the scenic beauty of this region. The place gets heavy rainfall for nearly 4 months in a year and this gives the entire region a good amount of green cover. If you love to enjoy your vacation in natural tropical regions, you can choose this destination for your vacation. You will also get relief from having to arrange accommodation and transport facilities during your vacation. The tour organizers will handle everything and you can just enjoy the entire vacation with your family.

  • Cu Chi Tunnel

  • War Remnants Museum

  • Ten thousand Buddha temple

  • Artinus 3D Art Museum

  • Tao Dan Park

  • Cu Chi Wildlife Centre

  • Visit CGV Cinema

  • Push Rock Climbing

  • Jump Arena

  • Snow Town

  • Experience Dreamer Land

  • Explore tiNiWorld at Ho Chi Minh City

If you are planning to visit the city for your vacation, it is a good idea to avoid the months between March and May as the weather will be very hot and humid in this season. However, you need to understand that the tropical climate of this region provides lot of rainfall for the city and you need to be prepared for this when you choose this as your holiday destination. The airfare for Ho Chi Minh City is not very expensive even during the New Year season and you can comfortably enjoy your holidays within a limited budget.

Ho Chi Minh City Travel

Cu Chi Tunnel

You can get to see the best armaments at this place as it is dedicated to showcase the Vietnam War history. You will get the best experience when you can get to know the complete details about the war and even understand the different varieties of rifles at this place.Make sure that you follow the safety guidelines issued by local authorities so that you can enjoy a safe vacation.

War Remnants Museum

You will be stunned to see the visuals at this place as it gives you the complete glimpse of the Vietnam War era. You can see many exhibits that tell the story of this region during the difficult times. If you have never seen a war museum before, you will completely enjoy this place. You can even take photographs of this wonderful location and preserve the memories for a long time in your life.

Ten thousand Buddha temple

You will be amazed to see the beautiful collection of Buddha idols and images at this place. Make sure that you follow the local customs when you visit this place as the people are little sensitive in this regard. You need to dress appropriately when you want to visit the temple and remove your shoes before you enter the temple area.

Artinus 3D Art Museum

Your kids will completely enjoy the realistic paintings at this museum. It is very attractive and you can even take some exciting pictures of these beautiful paintings. you can enjoy the tour to this wonderful place during your vacation. You can see many tourists from different parts of the world at this location and everyone will be busy taking pictures on their cameras and phones.

Tao Dan Park

It is a good idea to visit the park during the weekends as it will be very attractive and you can see lots of activities at this place. The local people are very friendly and you can even get to take some beautiful pictures of this location. Many birds are seen during the early morning hours and the local people come here to enjoy their picnic during weekends.

Cu Chi Wildlife Centre

You can get to see some rare animals at this place and it is now managed by the local authorities of the Forest Department. It is usually a popular tourist hub as many visitors come here to spend some time with their friends and family members during their vacation. You can take your camera and capture some amazing pictures of the wildlife at this place.

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