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Nanjing is the present capital of Jiangsu, a province in the eastern part of China. In ancient times, it was also the capital city of quite a lot of Chinese regal dynasties. The city has various cultural as well as historical heritage in its structural design, such as old temples, regal mausoleums, time-honored garden structures, as well as museums. As a result, it offers tourists a variety of exciting and enjoyable things to do to make their airfare for Nanjing a worthy one.Nanjing is roughly 300km up the Yangtze River from the city of Shanghai. It was the national capital during part of the Ming dynasty.

  • Confucius Temple

  • Xiaoling Mausoleum

  • The Qinhuai River

  • Nanjing Presidential Palace

  • The Purple Mountain

  • Plum Blossom Hill

  • Purple Mountain Observatory

  • Linggu Temple

  • Visit the Confucius Temple

  • Enjoy the cool breeze of the Qinhuai River

  • Witness a beautiful garden at the Nanjing Presidential Palace

  • Feel as an astronomer by visiting the Purple Mountain Observatory

  • Enjoy witnessing more than 200 picturesque spots on the Purple Mountain

  • Visit the Nanjing City Wall

  • Experience the leading hill under heaven

  • Visit the Linggu Temple

The Nanjing City features a moist subtropical type of weather with an abundance of rainfall. July is the hottest month, whereas January is the coldest month in the city. June is the dampest month in the city with the maximum rainfall of 193 millimeters. Vacationers may take a ticket to Nanjing to visit the city from April to May and again from September to November.

Travel Nanjing

The Confucius Temple

The 1034-constructed Confucius Temple was the worshipping place of a renowned educator and philosopher of ancient China. The temple that was constructed during the rule of the Song Dynasty, has experienced many renovations and now it has made one of the tourist spots in the Nanjing City. Tourists visiting the temple can see the beautiful and tranquil Qin Huai River and can enjoy witnessing the country's longest brick-piled screen wall.

The Xiaoling Mausoleum

The Xiaoling Mausoleum, which was constructed during the reign of the Ming Dynasty, is one of the largest regal mausoleums in China. Near the mausoleum entrance, visitors can see Si Fang Cheng, a Tablet Pavilion. Here, they can see a regal tablet, which is carried by a celebrated tortoise-shaped animal, known as Bixi.It is considered one of the tourist spot in the UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site list.

The Qinhuai River

The Qinhuai River, which is a tributary of the major Yangtze River, is the longest river in China. This fascinating river is considered the lifeblood of the Nanjing City and it is the most frequently visited spot by both locals and worldwide tourists alike. Sightseers visiting the river can enjoy witnessing many worth seeing places along its banks that include the Confucius Temple, Zhonghua Gate etc.

The Nanjing Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace, which was constructed during the reign of the Ming Dynasty, is now converted into a modern museum. It is one of the biggest museums in China, which has been built over a vast land area of 90,000 square meters. Tourists booking a flight from Nanjing and visiting the palace can enjoy witnessing three beautiful exhibiting divisions, such as the middle section, the eastern section, and the western section.

The Purple Mountain

The Purple Mountain is one of the four renowned mountains in China. It is one of the biggest mountains, as well, as it extends over a vast area of 12 square miles. Tourists taking a ticket to Nanjing and visiting this tourist spot will enjoy witnessing the moving of purple clouds at the pinnacle of the mountain. Besides enjoying over 200 scenic beauty of the mountain, sightseers can also enjoy witnessing 15 cultural as well as the historical artifacts.

The Plum Blossom Hill

The Plum Blossom Hill includes many ancient and the locals consider it the foremost hill under the heaven. It is considered one of the four renowned gardens in China. Visiting the hill will allow tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty of the blossom garden. With the vast area of over 102 hectares, the garden is a refuge to 13,000 trees of over 400 species. Here, tourists can enjoy witnessing the stunning landscape and wealthy cultural content.

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