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Cheap Flights to Lijiang City (Airohub)

Flights to Lijiang City

Lijiang is a renowned and unique city in the Chinese Yunnan province, as it is filled with wonderful sceneries, many historical places, and other attractive spots. Moreover, the exotic ways of the Naxi ethnic group and the valuable Dongba Culture as well as the Naxi ethnic group, structure the unique city. All these features draw the attention of a huge number of local as well as worldwide tourists. Vacationers will be greatly attracted by superb natural spots hosting many thrilling and enjoyable adventurous activities.

  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

  • Lion Mountain Park

  • The Shuhe Ancient Town

  • Lashi Lake

  • Naschmarkt

  • Donauturm (the viewing tower)

  • Vienna zoo

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Plane tickets to Lijiang City

Lion Mountain Park

The Lion Mountain Park, which is positioned at a height of 2,500 meters, resembles a sleeping lion when viewed from a distance. Vacationers booking a flight from Lijiang City and visiting the park will get a beautiful view of the ancient city. The highlight of this 37-acre park is its Wangu Tower, which is situated on the top of the mountain.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Tourists taking a ticket to Lijiang City and visiting the mountain can enjoy the natural scenic beauty of 13 peaks on the mountain. It is the most extensive mountain in China extending up to a length of 22 miles and to a width of 13 miles, which is beautifully capped with snow and fog. Sightseers can visit the mountain on paying an entrance fee of CNY 130.

The Shuhe Ancient Town

The Shuhe Ancient Town, which is popularly known as "the hometown of springs", is one of the original settlements of the antecedents of the Naxi citizens. Strolling along the 30-meter long Sifang Street, tourists will feel moment gradually running backward and will remind them the thriving past of the people.

Lashi Lake

Lashi Lake is a branch of the Wetland Nature Reserve of the Lijiang – Lashihai Plateau. Tourists booking a flight from Lijiang City and visiting the lake can witness thousands of beautiful birds, as it is a heaven for the migrant birds. The best time to visit the lake is during the winter season. The 20-sq.mile lake offers an enjoyable boat ride to tourists.

The Baisha Village

The Baisha Village, which is at a distance of 4.9 miles on the northern part of the Lijiang Old Town, was once the economic, cultural hub of the Ming Dynasty. It is positioned at the base of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, making tourists to know the lifestyle and the culture of Naxi natives.Vacationers can also enjoy witnessing beautiful renowned Baisha Murals.


The Yufeng Temple, which was originally constructed during the rule of the Qing Dynasty, is considered one among the Lijiang's Scarlet Sect lamaseries. Tourists visiting the temple will be amazed to see its spacious nine patios, the main hall, the gate tower, and two patios packed with historical vicissitude. They can also enjoy the adjoining gorgeous landscapes as well as the thriving forest and a fertile river. The temple will be opened from morning 08:00 to evening 06:00 with the admission fee of CNY 25.