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Cheap Flights to Mianyang China

Cheap Flights to Mianyang

Mianyang is the second biggest city in the Southwest Chinese province, Sichuan. It is a home to the biggest monument museum, which was destroyed by the 5·12-Richter earthquake. It is also an abode to the renowned Qiang custom museum and a village, known as Qiang. The Wanglang National Nature Reserve, which was constructed in 1965, preserves massive pandas and other uncommon wild animals.

  • Fule Mountain

  • Holy Water Temple

  • Mt. Xishan Park

  • Mianyang Museum

  • The Yuewang Tower

  • The Kaide Mall

  • Visit the Fule Mountain

  • Shopping enthusiasts can visit the Kaide Mall

  • Have an exciting shopping experience at Parkson Shopping Center

  • Visit the Mianyang KeJiGuan Museum

  • Witness the group of temples at the Holy Water Temple

  • Know the early history of China at the Mt. Xishan Park

Mianyang has a temperate and moderate type of weather. The city will experience less precipitation during the winter season than during the summer season. July is the hottest month in the city and January is the coldest month. The city will experience the maximum annual rainfall of 933 millimeters. The best time to visit the Mianyang city is from March up to June and again from September to November. This will give the real worth of the tourists' airfare for Mianyang.

Explore Mianyang

Fule Mountain

The Fule Mountain is the best place in Mianyang to enjoy the aerial view of the city. While climbing up or strolling down the mountain, visitors can enjoy witnessing diverse forms of Chinese Calligraphy engraved on stone.At the foot of the hill, there is a beautiful lake, where sightseers can have a great relaxation by having a cup of flower tea or green tea. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere at the top of the mountain.

Holy Water Temple

The Holy Water Temple, which is a cluster of temples, has been built according to the traditions of Chinese temples. However, tourists have to climb many stairs to reach the temple. The temple is knocked down, polished, and changed into a wonderful tourist spot.Visitors can visit a range of worth seeing spots in the temple. Sightseers can take pleasure in witnessing some of the 3D wall paintings in the temple.

Mt. Xishan Park

Vacationers taking a ticket to Mianyang and visiting the Mt. Xishan Park can appreciate the ancient history of the Mianyang city by listening to an interesting story about China. On the top of the mountain, visitors can see a mausoleum of a great General of prehistoric China, and it is sort of strange design. The Chinese government has allotted the landscape of the park for displaying the ancient history of China.

Mianyang Museum

The Mianyang Museum is the newly constructed museum in Mianyang, displaying the statues from the Tang, Han, and Ming eras and a variety of topics, like the Qiang minority. Visitors can enjoy witnessing an inspiring compilation of black wood horses that belong to the Han period. The museum also includes several rooms, displaying the prehistory, cultures, geology, animals, traditions, nature and photos of the ancient Sichuan Province.

Yuewang Tower

The Yuewang Tower, which is the oldest tower in the Mianyang city, was destroyed due to an earthquake. It was again renovated and an informative and interesting museum has been included. It is a 15-storey tower, where visitors can have an exciting and enjoyable sight of the Mianyang City from the fifteenth floor of the tower. The floor also includes some shopping stalls, where visitors can buy the traditional costumes of China.

The Kaide Mall

The Kaide Mall is considered the biggest shopping center in the central part of the Mianyang City. It also consists of a good hotel, where visitors can taste the traditional Chinese foods. The shopping center includes some of the renowned shops, such as Walmart, as well as other affordable shops. Tourists, who are interested in shopping, can have an enjoyable experience by visiting the mall.