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Flights to Hefei

This is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of the country and it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. You can easily get the best quality accommodation facilities when you visit this amazing place. It has a lot of tourist attractions and you can comfortably enjoy for nearly a week with your friends and family members. The city was always a prominent business hub since ages and you can even now find various International companies operating their businesses in this region. Apart from that, even tourism has gained lot of significance in recent years as the government is making suitable provisions to attract various travelers from different regions of the world. The travel guides will also have good knowledge about the local tourist attractions and you can easily cover them within a short duration of time

  • Swan Lake of Hefei

  • Xiaoyaojin Park

  • Bao Zheng Ancestral House

  • Wild Life Zoo of Hefei

  • Sanhe Ancient Town

  • Shushan Forest Park

  • Cruises, Sailing and Water Tours

  • Visit Anhui Museum

  • Visit Swan Lake of Hefei

  • Expereince fun activities at Xiaoyaojin Park

  • Visit Shushan Forest Park

  • Wild Life Zoo of Hefei

The city enjoys comfortable warm weather for most part of the year and you can easily choose the year end season for your holidays. This is the most comfortable season for vacation and you can even get low airfare for Hefei in this time. You should try to avoid the months between June and September as the summer will be very harsh in this. You may not be able to cover most of the outdoor attractions due to excess heat. However, you can choose the comfortable winter season during the year end holidays and enjoy a comfortable vacation with your family.

Hefei Travel

Swan Lake of Hefei

You can take a break from the busy life of the city and venture to this beautiful park. It has walking paths and you can even find some greenery during the summer months. However, you will enjoy the artificial beach at this place and kids will have a wonderful time at this park. It is very good to visit the place during night time as the lighting arrangements are very good and you can even take some fantastic pictures of the location.

Xiaoyaojin Park

This is a theme park and you can enjoy the fantastic stories that surround this park. You will be completely amazed to see the overall maintenance of the park. Even though it is small in size, you will see that it is well maintained and you can even take pictures with your family at this beautiful tourist spot. If you are taking your kids along with you for the vacation, make sure to visit the park during the weekends as the crowd will be very good and they can enjoy the company of other tourists from different parts of the world.

Bao Zheng Ancestral House

This is the best place to know about the rich history of China and you will be surprised to see the magnificent view of the entire location from the top of the tower. You need to make note that there are no lifts available and you have to take the stairs to reach the top of this house. It is a good idea to take the help of a travel guide as many people do not speak English in this part of the world.

Wild Life Zoo of Hefei

Your kids will enjoy this visit to the zoo and you can comfortably spend an entire day at this location. You can get to see many varieties of birds including pelicans at this amazing place. It is slightly far away from the main city and you have to travel for some time to reach this destination. The overall maintenance is good and you can get to see lots of tourists during weekends.

Sanhe Ancient Town

Sanhe is a town in south-central Anhui province, People's Republic of China. Located 35 kilometres south of the provincial capital of Hefei and only 9 kilometres from the shores of Chao Lake, it is under the administration of Feixi County. In 2009, it had a population of 73,000 and an area of 72 square kilometres, and administered 7 residential communities and 19 villages.

Shushan Forest Park

Shushan Forest Park Covering a zone of 550 hectares depends on Dashu Mountain likewise called Shushan Mountain. Dashu Mountain, neighboring the Irrigation Channel of Pi River in the south and contiguous Dongpu Reservoir in the north, is in the state of an oval with the southeast part higher than the northwest.The mountain is likewise portrayed by its harsh landscape and thick soil.

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