Know about the KLM Flights


KLM is a dutch royal airline that is the flag carrier of the Netherlands. The headquarter of this airline is situated at Amstelveen. KLM airline was established in the year 19191, and since then it has soared to great success.

KLM airlines is known for its excellent services and it is one of the oldest airlines across the world. Since then to the present, it is flying with its original name and serving domestic as well as international destinations.

Along with its partner airlines, the KLM airline is serving more than 130 destinations around the world. The destinations to which the airline is service includes the five continents via their hub airport that is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The airline flies to the destinations such as:

  • Hong Kong
  • Delhi
  • Luanda
  • Vienna
  • Athens
  • Barcelona
  • Buenos Aires
  • Rio de janeiro
  • Brussels
  • Accra
  • Budapest
  • Istanbul
  • Abu dhabi
  • Cape town
  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Johannesburg and many more.

The parent company of the KLM airlines is the Air France KLM. as a division of the air France, KLM are a proud member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. Although KLM was established in the year 1919,this airline offers the most dedicated and professional services at a most reasonable price.
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Subsidiaries of the KLM airlines

  • Transavia france
  • Air Antwerp BV
  • Schiphol Logistics Park
  • KLM Cityhopper UK Ltd.
  • KLM Health Services BV
  • KLM Financial Services
  • Transavia France (via Transavia Airlines CV)
  • KLM Cityhopper UK Ltd.
  • KLM Cityhopper BV
  • Cygnific
  • KLM UK Engineering Ltd
  • Martinair Holland NV
  • KLM Equipment Services BV
  • KLM Catering Services Schiphol BV

Why is KLM your preferred airline

As the heart of the KLM Group, KLM Cityhopper and KLM jointly meet the traveling as well as the cargo needs of millions of passengers and thousands of tons of Cargo every year.

KLM is the leading airline operating with a wide hub network 88 hubs in Europe as well as with 72 intercontinental destinations. Thus, the airline is capable of offering easy, convenient, and direct connections to the economic capitals and centers all over the world.

Some of the other valid reasons that substantial KLM is the perfect air carrier for you include:

1. You can reach your preferred destination directly in a hassle-free way

KLM is the only airline in the Netherlands that offers a non-stop air service to 130 destinations in 70 countries. Thus, when you book your KLM reservations, you can rest guaranteed that your flight would not be interrupted in any way. This means that you can promptly reach your target destination without the hassle of taking any sort of break-up journey. Moreover, you will be capable of reaching the European destinations, as well as the destinations in Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, North as well as South America directly with the ultimate comfort.

2. You can enjoy the comfort and convenience of our airline cabins

With KLM, you can have a peaceful and luxurious journey as the airline is professionally configured with convenient cabins. When you are flying for long hauls, all flights of KLM air will come equipped with the three cabin categories, such as:

  • Economy Comfort
  • World Business Class
  • Economy.

Each cabin class comes equipped with individual screens with video and audio facility on demand, SMS, satellite telephone, as well as with e-mail services.

The short-haul, as well as the medium-haul European flights, are usually equipped with Economy seats in the back cabin, and Europe Business and Economy Comfort seats in the forward cabin.

The notable benefit of having your long distance journey with us is that you will be capable of converting your seat to a flatbed.

Above all, you can watch your favorite movies, listen to your most wanted music, as well as enjoy a variety of in-flight entertainment to make your entire journey enjoyable and interesting. Thus, you can have your travel with the maximum comfort and relaxation.

3. We offer air services that fit every budget

The cheap KLM air services are also available for 225 global destinations, offering through the Skyteam airline associates. The KLM Group additionally includes the completely owned subsidiaries, such as Martinair and Transavia. Transavia is renowned for offering low-cost flight booking from the Netherlands, which is operating flights from Eindhoven, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam, fulfilling the traveling needs of millions of passengers every year.

After merging with Air France, KLM operates on the one AFKL group concept, with three core businesses, such as cargo business, passenger, including engineering and maintenance, and two airlines.

KLM is at the front position of the European airline business, striving to achieve lucrative development, which contributes to both our own company goals as well as to social and economic development. Our airline works to make sustainable development at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, to increase the access to all markets with the intention of increasing the quality of our network.

KLM airline codeshare agreement

KLM airline hes its codeshare agreement with mostly skyTeam members. They are as follows:

  • Bangkok Airways
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Aer lingus
  • Georgian Airways
  • Gol
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Winair
  • Jet Airways
  • Sichuan airlines
  • Olympic air and so on.

KLM Airlines Fleet

KLM Airlines has a total number of 116 aircrafts that are carrying passengers. The airline is operating a range of aircrafts and at present, the fleet for this airline consist of:

  • Airbus A330- 200
  • Airbus A330- 300
  • Airbus A350- 900
  • Boeing 737- 700
  • Boeing 737- 800
  • Boeing 7373- 900
  • Boeing 747- 400 / 400M
  • Boeing 777- 200 ER/ 300 ER
  • Boeing 787- 9/10

KLM Flights class

Economy class

The passengers can book their seats for economy class for both the European and intercontinental short haul flights.

Economy class seats
The seats of the economy class of KLM flights are very comfortable and are designed with the improved agronomics. The passengers can book their seats for the Economy regular that consists of 18 cm of legroom and comfort seat that can recline upto 18 cm.

Economy class facilities
The passengers traveling in the international economy class will get a blanket along with a pillow for a well designed bed. For entertainment, the in flight magazines are available.

Besides this, the passengers will also have the in flight meal services available.The passengers who require the special dietary can request their food in advance. Also alcoholic and non- alcohoilic drinks are available. For the flight that is flying from Amsterdam will get a la carte menu and they can request their food for that menu.

The passengers flying with the European KLM Economy class are offered with comfortable seats. Also, the sandwiches and the alcoholic and non drinks will be served to them. Also on board shopping is available for the passengers.

Premium economy

The passengers can update their seat into an economy class. KLM Airlines does not have any particular premium economy class.

Premium economy class seats
The premium economy class seats consist of the extra leg space and the seats are recliner, that can be reclined upto 18 cms.

The seats of the premium economy can be found separated from the other economy class, near the cabin. To buy this seat, you need to pay at the time of KLM Flight booking.

Business class

Passengers traveling in the business class can experience the premium flight journey with KLM Airlines. Business class has excellent customer service on board.

Business class seats
The business class seats of the KLM flights are 207 cm long and they can recline up to 180 degrees. The seat can be converted into a flatbed.

On the arrival at your destination,you will experience a refreshed and energetic. The passengers in the business class will have access to the USB and power outlet to connect their personal devices. The seats of this class are surrounded with private pods to give privacy to the passengers.

KLM Business class facility
Traveling with the business class will give the passengers a luxurious experience. They can avail the facility that is fully packed with the larger baggage allowance.

KLM First class

At present, the airline is not offering any first class reservation to the passengers. But if you still want to experience the close services to the first class, then you can book your tickets for the business class. The Features of the business class are similar to the features of the first class.

KLM Airlines seating

Regular economy class

The passengers cooking the economy class will get the following features while traveling with KLM Flights

  • Standard seating which can be reclines upto 9 cms
  • Seats with leg space of almost 76 cm
  • Advanced ergonomics for seating
  • Passengers will get the seat of their own preference if booking in advance
  • Option of free seat selection at the time of check in

KLM flights have the feature that will give the passengers a comfortable flight even for the economy class passengers.
The passengers are also given the preference for choosing their own seat such as window seat, middle seat, near or back of the cabin seat. The benefits and perks increases more for the frequent flyer members.

Economy comfort seats on european flights

The passengers booking their seats for economy class at European flights will get extra comfort by stretching their legs for their comfort. The economy class seats have the attached USB and power outlets for the passengers so that they can attach their personal devices.

  • Seats with legroom of 5 cm which is more than the regular economy class
  • Seats can be reclined 4 to 5 cms which is more than regular economy class
  • Advanced agronomics for seat designs
  • Seats located at the front of the cabin
  • In seat USB and power outlet

If the passenger is a flying b;lue member, they can avail great discounts on their KLM Flights. They can save their money with 50% discounts. The member of flying blue will receive extra comfort by paying less.

Economy seats for intercontinental KLM Flights

With economy class for intercontinental KLM Flights, the passengers can enjoy the great comfort and relaxation during their journey.

  • 10 cm legroom
  • Reclined seat that can be reclined up to 4 to 5 cm
  • Personal item such as entertainment screen of 11 inches
  • In seat power outlet for personal devices
  • Front seats in the economy class

Flying blue members can avail extra benefits and perks while booking their KLM Flights. The passengers can charge their smartphones, laptops and other devices within their seat. They can experience a premium flight with KLM Airlines intercontinental flights.

Europe Business Class seat

The business class seats are located at the front of the cabin and The passengers traveling with Europe business class can experience the following features:

  • 7 to 5 cm leg space
  • The seats can be reclined up to 5 inches
  • The middle seat will be empty often
  • Power outlets for charging the personal devices

In flight amenities

The passengers traveling with the KLM Flights can experience the entertainment on their fingertips. The passengers can choose from TV series, movies, games, music and so on.

In flight movies

KLM Flights offers multiple movies in different languages to the passengers flying for long haul flights. This airline keeps on updating itself with the latest movies in flight. Passengers of all ages can get their taste for movies.

KLM Meal options

The airline offers a wide menu for in flight meals to the passengers. The in flight meal menus differ from the flight length.

Economy class meal
The economy class passengers will get the hot milk served with the bread as a starter. The passengers of this class are offered with the A la carte menu. The passengers can request their food from this menu in advance, prior to 48 hours of their scheduled flight.

Business class meal
Business class travelers can enjoy a special meal for their dinner. This meals consists of a vegetarian soup, main course, choice of dessert, and fruits.

Special dietary needs
The passengers can also request their special meal according to their dietary requirement. The passengers are advised to order their special meal prior to 24 hours of the flight departure. And for kosher meals at KLM Flights, passengers are requested to book 48 hours before their flight. The special dietary meals includes:

  • Child’s meal
  • Asian vegetarian meal
  • Vegetarian vegan meal
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian meal
  • Hindu meal
  • Kosher meal
  • Muslim meal
  • Low fat meal
  • Diabetic meal
  • Low salt meal
  • Lactose free meal
  • Gluten free meal

Beverages at KLM Flights

The passengers traveling with the international KLM Flights are welcomed with a premium drink. The passengers will also get complimentary coffee, tea, or liquor. Besides, the drinks services are available at hourly basis.
The in flight beverages include soft drinks, hot drinks, fruit juices, beer, wines, and so on.

The uniqueness of catering services of KLM

All passengers traveling in KLM's World Business Class will be provided with a three-course meal. Those traveling in the Europe Business Class will be provided with a hot main course, a cold meal, or a three-course food, according to the flight duration.

Economy Class travelers on extended-haul flights will be provided with a snack and a hot meal, and breakfast or a second hot food, depending on the flight duration.

Passengers traveling in KLM's short-haul flights will be fed with sandwiches or an option of savory or sweet snack, according to the time of the day. All passengers of all traveling classes will get alcoholic beverages at free of cost.

KLM also offers special foods, including kids', medical, vegetarian, and spiritual meals, can also be provided on demand. Seating plans of KLM

One of the major benefits of flying with KLM is that passengers can view the seating configuration of the airplane they will be flying. Every passenger has the liberty to choose their preferred seat by just selecting the corresponding type of aircraft.

Another notable benefit of booking your flight with KLM is that you can choose a regular seat at free of cost once the check-in starts. You can choose a regular seat well in advance, as well. Although we offer this service at a nominal charge, some of you will be exempted and will be permitted to use it at free of charge.

The core belief of KLM airline is their brand, as they think that they can change things by creating unforgettable flight experiences for the passengers, which is in their genes, as well. The real care for the passengers makes them feel at ease, recognized, and comfortable.

KLM Flights popular routes

  • Lagos to Amsterdam
  • London to Abu Dhabi
  • London to Chengdu
  • Rio de Janeiro to London
  • Johannesburg to Amsterdam
  • Beijing to London

KLM baggage information

General carry on baggage allowance

Economy class for domestic and international flights

  • The passengers are allowed to carry one hand baggage with the dimensions 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21,5 x 13,5 x 10 inch). This is the maximum dimension allowed for hand on baggage.
  • One personal item including the briefcase, or a handbag is allowed with the maximum dimension that is 40 x 30 x 15 cm (16 x 12 x 6 inch).
  • The weight of the baggage must be 12 kg

Business class for domestic and international KLM Flights

  • For business class, the passengers are permitted to carry two items with the dimensions 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21,5 x 13,5 x 10 inch).
  • One personal item such as briefcase, or purse are allowed with the dimension 40 x 30 x 15 cm (16 x 12 x 6 inch).
  • The weight of the baggage must not exceed 18 kg

General check in baggage allowance

Economy class check in baggage

  • The passengers are allowed to carry one checked in baggage. The sum of the dimension must not exceed 158 cms.
  • The weight of the check in baggage must not be more than 23 kgs.
  • The passengers who are traveling with Blue silver, Gold, and platinum are allowed to carry one additional baggage with them following the same dimension and weight.

Business class for domestic and international KLM Flights

  • The passengers are allowed to carry 2 items for their check in baggage. The sum of the dimension for each baggage must not exceed 158 cms.
  • The weight for the check in baggage must be 32 kgs.
  • The passengers traveling with Blue silver, Gold, and platinum of Sky team elite or Elite plus are allowed to carry one extra check in baggage following the similar dimension and weight.

KLM Airlines Check in information

The passengers traveling with KLM flights can check in via two methods, the one is the online check in and another is the Airport check in

Online check in

The passengers who choose to check in via an online method can either check in at the official website of the KLM airlines or they can use the KLM app for the same.

The online check in let the passengers check in from their comfort zone. They can check in by their workplace or their home according to their preference. The online check in is available prior to 30 hours and closes before 1 hour of the scheduled flight departure.

The online check in saves the time of the passengers and they can escape from the long queue at the airport.

Airport check in

The passengers can also check in at the airport. The passengers for airport check in are advised to report at the check in desk prior to 2 hours of their scheduled flight.

Reporting prior to the flight departure will help the passengers to escape from the last minute convenience. Before checking in at the airport, make sure you are ready with all your required documents.

For international KLM Flights, the passengers are requested to report 3 hours prior to their scheduled flight departure.

For self checking at the kiosks, the passengers can check in at any time at the airport.

KLM frequent flyer program

The KLM airlines has its own frequent flyer program known as flying blue. Some of the other airlines that have the flying blue frequent flyer program are Kenya Europe, Air Europe, Twin jet, TAROM, and HOP!. These airlines are a part of the sky team alliance.

The frequent flyer program allows the passengers to earn miles by traveling and later the earned points can be redeemed and converted into rewards. This frequent flyer program allows the passengers to get numerous perks and benefits, such as:

  • Priority boarding
  • Priority check in
  • Discounts while booking the KLM Flights
  • Priority of baggage drop off
  • Benefit of carrying one extra baggage on all skyteam flights

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The Amsterdam airport Schiphol is the main airport of the Netherlands. This airport is situated near the KLM headquarters amstelveen. Along with the KLM flights, this airport is the hub for the Corendon Dutch Airlines, TUI Airlines, and Transavia airlines. With the 6 runway, this airport conducts almost 60 million tourists every year.

Your flight experience with KLM

We always try to make your travel as comfortable and convenient as possible, even with the last minute deal KLM. Besides offering comfortable seats, KLM takes care of your entire flight needs to make you arrive safely at your destination. To make you remain fit on board, we take extreme care on the health of your body by offering enough amounts of liquid to keep your body in the hydrated condition. We will offer light yet healthy meals to keep you fit throughout your journey.

All seats are provided with adequate legroom and moving space, so you can do some simple workouts right from the comfort of your seat. Similarly, every cabin in our aircraft comes designed with enough walking space, so you can walk conveniently through your cabin if you want. Whenever you feel airsickness, our flight attendants will take care of you and they will offer you the required treatment to bring your health to the normal condition as quickly as possible.