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Flights to Verona

Verona is an Italian city situated on the river Adige in the Veneto region. The metropolitan part of Verona is about 1426 sq.kms which is a home for about 714,274 inhabitants. It has the second largest municipality city in Italy as well as the largest in the northern Italy. The city is very rich in artistic heritage and due to this it is considered as one of the major tourist destination in Italy. Shakespeare used Verona as the host for most of his stories. Verona offers a lot of sightseeing and activities to the visitors and due to this a lot of tourists choose Verona as their holiday destination as it is a delight for the eyes. You just need to board a Flight to Verona to enjoy some good time.

  • Piazza Bra

  • Arena di Verona

  • Verona cathedral

  • Castelvecchio Museum

  • Castle Vecchio

  • Stunning Lake Garda

  • Explore Lake Garda and its beautiful surroundings

  • Visit Piazza Bra

  • Amarone Countryside E-Bike tour

  • Pagyus Wine Tours

  • Shopping

  • Experience a beautiful music show at Arena di Verona

Weather condition in Verona is very similar and exactly same as the weather you can find in central Europe. You can feel hot sunny days during summers and chilly winter nights. The temperature during summers and winters experience a huge difference. Especially the weather condition during summer is very unpredictable in Verona. The best favorable time to Verona is during spring and summer when the weather is awesome and during this period most of the Opera shows are held in the city along with Roman theatre Season at the lake. Verona in winter is pretty nice too during the Christmas when there is lesser crowd.

Top Experience in Verona

Piazza Bra

The Piazza Bra is the largest Piazza in Verona and is one of the main tourist attraction areas of the city. The square is occupied with a large number of eateries and historic buildings. Arena di Verona is the main attraction of the Piazza. The place is a photographer’s delight as the open space surrounding this place captures some excellent photographic portraits.

Arena di Verona

You will surely forget the Colosseum in Rome after visiting Arena di Verona. It is just spectacular and well preserved. Although this landmark is not so popular among tourists but it displays the era of the beautiful Roman Engineering. The Colosseum is located in the center of the city and consists its original seating as well as exterior arches.

Verona cathedral

Verona Cathedral is a large decorative building created in 1187 styled pretty similar as the Basilica of San Zeno. Even the front facade looks similar and contains much more decoration with stained glass windows and stunning artwork. The structure was dedicated to Virgin Mary and is considered as one of the oldest buildings in Verona.

stunning Lake Garda

You can find a good number of lakes in Italy but this Lake Garda has a special place in the history of Verona. It is a very stunning and impressive lake covering almost 369 square kms and water volume of around 50.35 cubic km. This serves as one of Italy’s largest lake and attracts a lot of tourists due to its favorable conditions, scenic views and lovely weather.

Castle Vecchio

Castle Vecchio is a hugely important structure on the river Adige and was constructed in 1354. This castle displays one of the greatest achievements of engineering for the Scaliger dynasty. It served as the primary defense mode of the city for long period of time during the Scaliger rule. The imposing front gate of the castle features two guard towers and a series of crenellated battlements.

Castelvecchio Museum

Castelvecchio Museum is a museum in Verona, northern Italy, located in the eponymous medieval castle. Restoration by the architect Carlo Scarpa between 1959 and 1973 has enhanced the appearance of the building and exhibits. Scarpa's architectural style is visible in the details for doorways, staircases, furnishings, and even fixtures designed to hold a specific piece of artwork.

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