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Trieste Italy

Located in north-eastern Italy, Trieste is the capital city of Friuli Venezia Giulia region. It is a small port city and occupies a thin land strip between the Adriatic coast and the border of Slovenia on the Karst plateau majorly dominated by limestone.With its bristling life, the port city of Trieste has a fascinating history and serves probably the finest coffee in the whole world. With its beautiful charms, the port city offers unforgettable landmarks and delicious cuisines.We are going to tell you why you would not want to get back up on the flight from Trieste back to your home, once you reach this magical place!

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  • Piazza Unita Italia

  • Canale Grande

  • Trieste Roman Theatre

  • Miramare Castle

  • Piazza Unita Italia

  • Trieste Harbour

Hotels in Trieste

  • Visit nearby churches and historical landmarks

  • Explore the city, travel in and around the location and most important is never miss the museums

  • Try out different delicacies and don’t miss a chance to click pictures.

  • Visit nearby fishing villages and try out seafood at the fish market

  • Take a safari around the forested areas for a better experience.

  • Enjoy the nightlife and shop till you drop.

Trieste Airfare

There is no doubt in the fact that the city is an all-rounder and that is why it is one of the most sought-after tourist spots in the whole world with its beautiful landscapes. But you need to keep in mind that if you go there, summer is the best time to visit Trieste as the temperature is still much less than the other locations, and thus the weather is very calming, soothing, beautiful and relaxing during this period of time. But also keep in mind that other tourists know this fact too and that is why you would be about to see a huge crowd during this time. So, make sure that you visit the city during the period between June to August because this magical city is much more magical during this period of time.

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Piazza Unita Italia

Piazza Unita Italia is the largest known square located near the sea in Europe, offers a lot of space for a great personal experience. Square faces the Adriatic Sea and is located at the foot of the hill. It is Europe largest square located nearest sea. The square was built when Trieste was one of the important seaports of Australia.

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Canale Grande

Canale Grande is located in the heart of the historic old city and has a selection of beautiful buildings and has eateries having unforgettable delicacies. This waterway is located at the center of the city. Canale Grande was built so that the ships could reach directly to the center of the city in order to unload the goods that they were carrying.

Trieste Roman Theatre

Trieste Roman Theatre is great for having an experience of medieval theatre drama acts. This theater is located at the foot hills of the San Giusto hill. This theater is very impressive and is large enough to accommodate a huge number of people. The sitting area of the theatre is divided into four main sections.

A visit to Castle of Saint Giusto

Trieste Roman Theatre is located next to the cathedral of Saint Giusto. This Castle has been restored very beautifully for the last 200 years. The castle is very attractively decorated with memorial stones and historical inscription. And as you look forward you will find a corridor which will lead you to the ancient firing positions.

Miramare Castle

Miramare Castle has immensely beautiful white-washed walls with state of art architecture. It is truly an architectural delight. The castle is open for his visitors and is now maintained as a museum. You can take a horse to the castle and can visit each and every place including the main rooms and the unobstructed area.

A visit to Cathedral of Saint Giusto

It is a beautiful state of art church for memorable moments. The cathedral contains ancient work and monuments. It is one of the main searches for the people of Trieste. It came into existence in the 9th century and is still standing strong. This Cathedral is also a burial ground to the Carlist claimants of Spain.

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