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Flights to Genoa

Genoa is the capital of the north west of the Liguria region of Italy. Genoa is situated in the Liguria Sea on the Gulf of Genoa. The city went to become the biggest and the most important port in the Mediterranean region.Genoa is one of the country’s major economic Centre. It is also named as the port city of Italy. If you are planning for a vacation and really confused about the places to visit in Genoa, we have picked out some of the best places and things you can do in this Italian city. Fly into this beautiful city and we assure you will have a great time of your life.

  • Bigo elevator

  • Via Garibaldi

  • Teatro della Gioventu

  • Palazzo Reale

  • Acquario di Genova

  • Piazza de Ferrari

  • Explore the beautiful Palazzo Reale

  • Roam around the medieval sights

  • Take things slow in a picturesque fishing village

  • Experience the life of a duchess

  • Discover after-dark drinking spots

  • Venture to wealthy Portofino for the day

The weather of Genoa is pretty awesome and favorable to visit probably at any time of the year. The summer season stays between May and September when the temperature remains a bit warm but not uncomfortable to enjoy the beauty of Italy. The spring season continues from March to April when all the countryside flowers are in full bloom. Autumn spans from October to November when you can enjoy the beautiful sea even though the temperature during this time remains warm. You can also pay a visit during the winters to enjoy the chilly Italian weather and sunshine. You will be definitely mesmerized by its beauty. Hence, stop wasting much of a time and start packing!

Top Experience in Genoa

Bigo elevator

Bigo elevator is located by the water surrounded by hundreds of boats and ships. The structure stands 40 meter at the top and you can reach the top using the elevator. From the top you can have a stunning view of the town and the old harbor region. The structure rotates to provide an excellent panoramic view of the town. The tourist guide will explain each and every thing you view in 7 different languages. The place will be opened every day and during winters it will be opened at the weekends as well.

Via Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi is one of the oldest streets in Genoa since 16th century. You must check out the place when you are visiting this beautiful city. The street is also known as ‘Strada Nuova’ and comprises of beautiful monuments, palaces, museums as well as many ancient apartments and buildings. Via Garibaldi is also known as ‘Strada Museo’ as it houses a lot of museums. The street was also a home for the richest families of Genoa.

Teatro della Gioventu

This theatre is the best one in Genoa and also named as the ‘theatre of the young’. The theatre is a relaxing place away from the crowd and you can enjoy a beautiful show. The theatre focuses on the international comedy shows being played by some of the best artists around the world. Ray Cooney, Woody Allen and Georges Feydeau are some of the renowned artists. The environment inside the theatre is pretty friendly along with cooperating artistic staffs.

Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale was the residential home for many aristocratic families of Genoa. The palace also served as the salon and private residence of the famous House of savoy, Balbi and Durazzo as well as two dynasties of Genoa.There are huge displays of the Rococo arts, local Genovese Baroque collections and many Italian arts too. The palace is opened for the tourists every day except on Monday.

Piazza de Ferrari

Piazza de Ferrari is the most famous and popular square in Genoa. You can take a peaceful evening walk or opt for a good lunch along with some beautiful photo sessions. The central fountain surrounded by many restaurants, bars and stores is the main attraction of this square. There is a museum by the side of the square named as Palazzo Ducale which hosts many cultural exhibitions.

Acquario di Genova

Acquario di Genova is the biggest and the best aquarium in Europe. The aquarium houses nearly 15,000 animals comprising of 400 species which includes amphibians, reptiles, dolphins, sharks, birds and more. The specialty of this aquarium is that it is Europe’s one and only aquarium to house Antarctic fish species. Visit to the aquarium is for 2 hrs and 30 minutes.

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