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Flights to Bari Italy

Bari is the capital city of the metropolitan city of Bari on the Adriatic Sea, Italy. It is the second most important economic center of south Italy. Bari is made up of four different urban sections. The modern residential zones in Bari have been constructed in 1970’s which replaced the old suburbs, later redeveloped in 1990’s. Bari has an airport to connect itself with other European countries and you can easily board a flight to Bari from these countries easily or vice versa. The city was developed by Peucetii but went under the Roman rule in the 3 rd century BC. If you want to plan a holiday in Bari, there are quite some of the most interesting places that you must pay a visit.

  • The church of San Sabino

  • Bari castle

  • Piazza Mercantile

  • Lido San Francesco

  • Altamura

  • Lungomare Nazria Sauro

  • The Basilica of San Nicola

  • Visit the Castello Svevo, the city’s main castle

  • Visit the ancient centre of Bari

  • Have dinner in a traditional Pugliese osteria

  • Walk around the old city walls

  • Shop in the city’s many designer shops

  • Sightseeing and Tour

  • Day Trip and Excursions

The best time for planning a holiday in Bari has to be in May and June. Summer days are hotter and the nights are colder so that is the ideal time to visit Bari. You can easily board a flight from Bari to visit other European countries if you want. Summer (May – August): this is the time when most of the tourists around the world visit Bari. The daily temperature ranges around 26 degree Celsius. This is a peak season in Bari as all the attractions are open for a longer period of time. Spring (March – May): The temperatures during these months range around 17 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius which is very good for a holiday. This is near perfect time to visit Bari as the weather is very pleasant this time of the year. You can easily plan your holiday during this time.

Flight to Bari

The church of San Sabino

San Sabino was constructed in the year 1292 and located in the old Bari town a short walk from the Basilica. San Sabino is beautiful on its own which represents the Romanesque architecture a lot. The design is quite appealing with the front façade being constructed with white stones along with the tomb of Saint Columba.

Bari castle

Bari castle was built by king Roger II in the 1100’s which features a traditional design with four guard towers, central courtyard and surrounded by a moat on three sides. Though the castle is quite old, the walls and the structure of the castle is still rock solid. Situated at the western part of the old town, it provides very good view point. You can pay a visit to this castle to feel the historical architecture of the place.

Piazza Mercantile

Piazza Mercentile is located in the eastern side of the city near the harbor and the view is awesome with quaint architecture. This square gives you a feel of the Mediterranean coastal resort with different colored shutters cover the windows, washing hangs out on small balconies and plants and shrubs line the rooftops. You can enjoy a coffee under a shaded canopy and enjoy the view.

Lido San Francesco

Looking for a good sun bath and sea air, you must visit the Lido and beach of San Francesco. It is a perfect place to visit for any visitor. The beach is located at the eastern side of the old town and offers a lot of activities. Here so many sun loungers are available so you can relax comfortably or if you want to play then enjoy ball games or build your sandcastle.

Visit Altamura

Altamura is about one hour drive; the city resembles the historical architecture and culture with strong built old walls which are still standing solid. Altamura is very famous for its variety of bread and provides a fantastic place for a day trip with good sights. This town offers quite a lot of churches to visit and Altamura Cathedral is the main attraction for the tourists.

Lungomare Nazria Sauro

Lungomare nazria Sauro offers a perfect stroll for visitors and the best coastal view of the city. It stretches about 1000 meter of walkaway and offers a truly scenic patch of promenade to enjoy in the Mediterranean sun. The buildings are white-washed and provide a fantastic architecture along with a beautiful pleasant atmosphere and sublime sea view.

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