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Basel is located in the north-western side of Switzerland on the river Rhine and it is the third most populous city in Switzerland. The city is famous internationally for some renowned museums. The mother tongue of Basel is German whereas most of the localities speak Alemannic Swiss German. Basel is renowned for its cultural attractions and museums of around 40 which are pretty renowned. The left bank of the river comprises of the old town and its historical culture. Basel joined the Swiss confederation in 1501 after being ruled by Burgundy, German and Austrian Empires. Are you planning a visit to Basel? Do you know the places to visit? Let us help you with the best places and things to do in Basel. Simply fetch a flight to Basel and pay a visit.

  • Kunstmuseum Basel

  • Spalentor

  • Haus zum Kirschgarten

  • Historisches museum

  • Theodorskirchche

  • Vitra design museum

  • Zoologister garten

  • Tour the historic old town center

  • Take a boat ride on the Rhine

  • See the art exhibit at the Foundation Beyeler

  • Visit a brewery

  • Go on a chocolate tasting tour

  • Try many different cuisines at Markthalle.

  • Visit Tinguely Fountain

Basel is the warmest place in Switzerland with a temperature varying from 2-3 degrees above other cities. But during summer, the temperature at night could be unbearably hot. The best time to plan a visit to Basel should be between May and June, August to October. April and May are most probably wet due to rainfall. There are only a few days when you can hardly notice snow on the streets. Winter is also a short period from January to March. So book your tickets in advance to get the best available Airfare to Basel, reach early and plan accordingly. This will help you to plan economically and you will get available Ticket to Basel at the right time when you are planning to visit.

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Kunstmuseum Basel

Kunstmuseum Basel is termed as the museum of art and is considered to have the best collection of old and modern paintings of Switzerland. The 1 st floor of the museum comprises of all the paintings from the 15 th century while the 2 nd floor contains the paintings from 19 th and 20 th century. The main building of the Kunstmuseum basel was closed for renovation until April 2016 and opened later for public.

Haus zum Kirschgarten

Haus zum kirschgarten is one of the best patrician’s houses available in Basel. This was designed classically and built between 1775 and 1780. It was considered as the Switzerland’s best domestic museum and home for prosperous silk ribbons manufacturer of Basel. There are 25 well furnished rooms which displays famous furniture from the 18 th century and important collections of decorative arts.


Standing still since 1370, Spalentor is the gate marking the end of the old town of Basel. The old town walls were being destructed in 1886, but the lone part to stand till today is the Spalentor. There is an old church, St. Peter’s church from the 15 th century alongside Spalentor. You can also look for the 19 th century letter box available at the left side of the gate.

Historisches museum

This historical museum in Europe was constructed in the 14 th century and being renovated in the 1970’s. It houses historical cultures and art of work. It defines the city’s unique position between the crossroads of Swiss, German and the French cultures.


Theodorskirche is the church of St. Theodore, built in the 14th century and located near the Wettstein Bridge across river Rhine. There is a Carthusian monastery in between the square and the river which is in use since 1669.

Zoologister garten

This zoo is locally termed as Zolli. It was founded in 1874 with about 510 animals. The zoo is now famous for most of the world’s exotic species to be found here. The zoo is even successful in breeding cheetahs and rhinos.

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