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Zurich, which is the capital city of Canton, is the largest city in Switzerland and it is the financial as well as the metropolitan hub of Switzerland. Most people perceive Zurich as a prim and plain-speaking city. Although the city has four national languages, such as French, German, Romansh, and Italian, German is the actual official language of the city. When people take a flight to Zurich and once they landed at the city's airport, they will be amazed to know that the airport serves about 20 million commuters every year.The city is an abode to 110 high-end hotels offering overnight stays to 2.5 million people each year. The city of Zurich is an abode to the biggest clock face of Europe, as well.

  • The Botanical garden

  • Zeughauskeller

  • Zurich Thermal Baths & Spa

  • Zurich Water Fountain

  • City's old town

  • The Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas

  • Visit The Botanical garden

  • Enjoy at Zeughauskeller

  • Experience Zurich Thermal Baths & Spa

  • See the beauty of Zurich Water Fountain

  • Visit City's old town

  • Visit The Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas

If you would like to take ticket to Zurich, then the June and August months are the best time to visit the city. This is because these are the ideal months for you to have an enjoyable swimming experience in the Zurich lakes. Void visiting the city during the hospitable climate of summer and winter offseason. This is because hotel rates will be more costly during these periods. Visiting the city during the fall or spring seasons will make your tour an affordable one.

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Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas

Besides having a fine dining in Zurich, tourists who are interested in photography can fulfill their photographic lusts at an affordable airfare for Zurich. They can take as many snaps as they want by capturing the artistic Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas, which are overshadowing the patio at Kreis 5 district of the city.

Zurich Water Fountain

Tourists can take a flight from Zurich to visit many places in the city, including the Zurich water fountains. They will be amazed to know that the city has more than 1200 unique water fountains situated around it. Another interesting thing is that these fountains offer pure potable water throughout the day.

city's old town

Altstadt is a beautiful historical town in Zurich, which draws the attention of those who want to explore old towns by taking a flight to Zurich. Located in the narrow cobbled ogle streets, tourists can see many artistic buildings, which were constructed during the nineteenth century.

Zurich Thermal Baths & Spa

Tourists can take pleasure in the pure leisure of the Zurich Thermalbad and Spa, with the temperature variation of water ranges from 35 degrees Celsius to 41 degrees Celsius. People taking their flight to Zurich can unwind in this spa, which is situated in the city's old brewery.

The botanical garden

The botanical garden of the city of Zurich is compact, yet widespread with about 9,000 diverse species. In this garden, tourists can have a thrilling experience by going inside the architectural biodomes, which are made of glass, housing a range of interesting and strange tropical plants.


Zeughauskeller, which is an ex-armory of Switzerland, is currently a spacious and huge beer hall, serving customers with more than a dozen sausage dishes. Tourists, who want to taste the best sausage in the world, can take a ticket to Zurich to visit Zeughauskeller.

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