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Dortmund is an independent city in Germany. It is the largest city in the Ruhr area and located in the middle of the state. Dortmund is the 8th largest populous city in Germany with a total of 601,402 inhabitants.Dortmund was the most heavily bombed city during the World War II. Later on, the growth and development of the industries in the city made it the central hub for Germany’s coal, steel and beer industries. The city suffered a big loss in the long reigning coal and steel industries which collapsed pretty badly. Hence Dortmund shifted to higher technology services which include bio-medical and micro systems technology.

  • Florianturm

  • Museum Ostwall

  • Dortmund Zoo

  • German football museum

  • Botanischer Garten Rombergpark

  • Visit Florianturm

  • Explore Museum Ostwall

  • Visit Dortmund Zoo

  • Explore German football museum

  • Visit Botanischer Garten Rombergpark

Dortmund offers a lot of activities and scenic beauties which attracts a lot of tourists from around the world to visit this lovely city of Germany. There are a lot of historical as well as modern structures and cultures which tempts a lot of visitors to plan for a holiday. If you are confused about the places and stuff to do in Dortmund, we have picked the best places and things that you can look for in Dortmund and have a great time ahead. Dortmund offers all the seasons to its visitors as well as inhabitants respectively. January and February are coldest months, December being the rainiest whereas July and August offers the deadly summer.

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German football museum

German football museum was constructed in the year 2015 with the profits from Germany’s 2006 world cup. North Rhine-Westphalia was decided to be the perfect place for locating the football museum. Dortmund features the Germany’s national team ‘Mannschaft’.


Florianturm is the television tower of Dortmund and is located in the northern side of the Westfalenpark. It was completed construction in the year 1959 with a height of 220 meters and became Germany’s 14th highest structure till date.

Museum Ostwall

The Museum Ostwall is a museum of modern and contemporary art in Dortmund, Germany. It was founded in the late 1940s, and has been located in the Dortmund U-Tower since 2010.

Dortmund Zoo

Dortmund zoo is a tourist’s favorite place for a wonderful day out. There are a lot of South American species all around the Zoo. The zoo also acts as the breeding ground for many South American animal species which includes anteaters and giant otters.


Im Frühjahr fasziniert der 63 ha große Park durch ein Meer blühender Buschwindröschen und im Herbst durch das Farbenspiel der Blätter. Der Fredenbaumpark als grüne Lunge der Nordstadt ist ein Kerngebiet für Freizeit, Erholung und Sport.

Botanischer Garten Rombergpark

Dortmund’s botanical garden is among the largest gardens around the world. It was spread over 65 hectares of land. A lot of flowers, plants, medicinal plants and perennials have been planted when the park came under the city’s rule in the 1920’s.

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