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  • Prinzipalmarkt

  • Stunning Picasso Museum

  • Historical City Hall

  • Allwetter Zoo

  • Münster Cathedral

  • Historical city halls


  • Visit Prinzipalmarkt

  • Explore Stunning Picasso Museum

  • Must visitHistorical City Hall

  • enjoy at Allwetter Zoo

  • Visit Münster Cathedral

Munster travel

Munster is a beautiful city in Germany. It offers a lot of historical as well as modern architectural attractions to the visitors from around the globe. Munster offers number of sights and happenings which draws a lot of visitors around. You can have a number of museums, cathedrals, parks, zoos and much more to explore this beautiful German city. We have tried our best to discuss every possible place and things you need to look for in Munster if you are definitely planning for a visit.

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Prinzipalmarkt is a square situated around the City Hall which displays nearly all the information you need to know about Munster and its historic past ranging from the Renaissance and even medieval times.

The stunning Picasso Museum

There are more than 800 engraves in the Picasso Museum which were created by Pablo Picasso. Geert Huizinga, who is a native of Munster had collected all those lithography. He had a good friendship with Pablo’s ex-lover.

Allwetter Zoo

Allwetterzoo is a home for about 300 different species of animals and comprises nearly 3,000 animals. There are many wrapped walkways inside the zoo which provides shelter. The zoo offers Biocity which is a protective and research Centre for turtles.

Historical city hall

The Historical City Hall is located on the eastern part of Prinzipalmarkt. This historic symbol is designed with famous Gothic architecture. The front facade of the hall is stunning, the windows, apexes and the arcades all dates from the 14th century.

Munster Cathedral

Munster Cathedral or St.-Paulus-Dom is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Münster in Germany, and is dedicated to St Paul. It is counted among the most significant church buildings in Münster and, along with the City Hall, is one of the symbols of the city.

Baumberge munster

The Baumberge are the highest hills in the natural regions of Münsterland and Kernmünsterland with a maximum height of 187.6 m above sea level. They are located between Münster and Coesfeld, which is itself close to the southwest edge of the Baumberge

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