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Wrocław, which is the past capital of Silesia and Lower Silesia, is now the capital city of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. As the biggest city in Western Poland, the wide-ranging inheritance of Wrocław is the combination of approximately all flourishing cultures as well as religions of Europe. The city is an abode to a budding learner community and it functions as the economic, educational and commercial center of western Poland, as it hosts an extensive variety of theatrical as well as music events. Wrocław is categorized as a Gamma-international city, as it is renowned for its extremely high living standard and life quality. Visitors can take a flight to Wroclaw and land on the Copernicus Airport Wroclaw to enjoy the natural beauty as well as the historical beauty of the city.

  • Historical places

  • Wroclaw Zoo

  • Szczytnicki Park

  • Sky Tower

  • Raclawicka Panorama

  • the Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain

  • Visit Wroclaw Zoo

  • Visit Water Tower

  • Sightsee the Synagogue

  • Explore the city Museum of Wroclaw

  • Experience the Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain in the city

  • Visit the Monument of an Anonymous Passer

You can visit Wroclaw in a particular season or for a for a special event such as the Christmas Market (mid-November to end of December), but there is always something to see and do in Wroclaw. Wroclaw in the spring is really very special: plants open their flowers, students open their hearts and the new collections arrive in the shopping centres. Summer is also a perfect time with its many music festivals, outdoor cinemas, concerts and all sorts of street entertainment.

Top Experience in wroclaw

Historical places

Visitors can enjoy their Wroclaw tour by visiting many historical places in the city. They can really enjoy in seeing the Wrocław Cathedral, which was first constructed during the middle part of the tenth century in Ostrów Tumski, the oldest part of the present Wroclaw City. Another historical place in the city is the Main Market Square, which was built during the thirteenth century. Nearer to the square is the St.

Wrocław Zoo

This is the oldest Poland zoo, which was opened to the public in 1865 with the name, Breslau Zoological Garden. The zoo is accompanied by an Africarium-Oceanarium, Madagascar pergola, Odrarium, Ropes course Zoolandia, Terrarium, kids' Zoo, Rancho, as well as food and drink outlets. Moreover, with the vast area of 33 hectares, it is the biggest zoo in Poland and the third biggest zoo in the world, as it includes 10,500 animals from 1,132 species.

Szczytnicki Park

Szczytnicki Park is a worth seeing place in Wrocław, as the park is featured with several wooded plants rarities, such as shrubs, trees, and lianas. It is the oldest park in Poland, as it was mentioned in the literature in 1204. The park features a Japanese Garden, which was set for the 1913 World's Fair. Visitors can also take pleasure in witnessing other parks, such as Miniature park, Botanical Garden, Dinosaur Park, etc.

Sky Tower

At an affordable airfare for Wroclaw, people can spend their leisure time in the city in pampering themselves in skyscraping at the Sky Tower in the Wrocław City. It is the tallest building in Poland since December 2007, but now the Poltegor structure, which is the twenty-fourth story of the skyscraper has been demolished.

Racławicka Panorama

It is a huge painting, which represents the Battle of Racławice. This nineteenth-century distinctive painting is designed with the length of 114 meters and with the height of 15 meters. The painting is situated in a special room in a round building, with special effects, like the glow and the simulated land before the ground of the painting.

The Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain

The Multimedia Fountain, which is in the situated in the multihued Szczytnicki Park, was created in 2009 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Polish democratic polls. The fountain is designed with 300 nozzles, all together creating an hourly gorgeous show with the color and music effects.

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