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Gdansk is the largest city of Kashubia and was the royal city of Poland during the early-modern age. During the 18th century, before the growth of Warsaw, Gdansk was considered as the wealthiest and the largest city of Poland. Gdansk is considered as the biggest tourist attractions in Poland. There are a lot of several historical attractions that Gdansk offers to the visitors. A lot of cool cafes, cathedrals and ports are also a must visit if you are planning a holiday in this beautiful polish city. If you are planning for a vacation and really confused about the places and stuff to do in Gdansk, we are picking out some of the best things and places you can visit in this Polish city. Fly into this city and we assure you will have a great time of your life.

  • Mariacka street/li>
  • St. Mary’s Church

  • St. Dominic’s fair

  • Dlugi Targ

  • The Abbot’s Palace

  • European Solidarity Centre

  • View the stunning European Solidarity Centre

  • Visit Ahorn Sportpark

  • Bowlingcenter New Orleans

  • Explore the whole city

  • Shopping

  • Paderbini Land

The weather in Gdasnk is pretty seasonal with both cold winters and warm summers. The coldest months are January and February and the warmest are July and August. The temperature during the summers often breaks the eighties. Weather does not play any role when you are planning a visit to any place. The numerous events that overfill Gdansk’s calendar should dictate the visitor’s itinerary and encourages you to definitely plan for a vacation to enjoy some wonderful time ahead. It is suggested to make your bookings in advance to avoid last minute rush and avail everything at a cheaper rate to have a wonderful time. Do visit this beautiful polish city and you will surely cherish these wonderful memories forever. Stop wasting much time and start packing!

Top Experience in Gdansk

Mariacka street

Mariacka Street is located in the old town of Gdansk and is very rich in architectural structures and monuments. The street is flooded with lots of stores and stalls to shop as well as enjoy a good meal. The place is quite romantic with lots of faces and old colorful houses scattered around the street. You can enjoy a good walk in the evening and look for the best coffee at one of the cool cafes around. You can even sip a glass of wine and visit some of the amber jewelry stores out there.

St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church is the largest Roman Catholic brick church in the world till date. It was constructed during the 14th and 15th centuries. The church is located at the center of the city and is beautifully crafted with historic architectural design in both its interiors and the exteriors. You can have a glimpse of a huge wooden clock from the 15th century at the interior of the church. If you can reach to the top of the church by climbing 400 steps, you will be blessed with an awesome view of Gdansk city.

St. Dominic’s fair

St. Dominic’s Fair is one of the longest fair of the Gdansk’s traditions. The fair was first established in 1260 and is still running today in full swing. The fair continues for three weeks and starts from the last Saturday of July. The main attraction of the fair is a huge market with loads of local and foreign sellers selling good homemade stuff, antique pieces and much more. Street theatres, sports, concerts too take place during this fair which attracts almost 5 million visitors from around the world.

Dlugi Targ

From being the main local market of the city to become the major tourist attraction spot, Dlugi Targ is a stunning place to visit. The statue of Neptune at this market is the oldest monument in Poland being constructed during the 17th century. The Golden house at Dlugi offers about 11 historical scenes depicted quite nicely and you can easily have a look at them while visiting this lovely place. There is also a Neptune fountain at the market which also draws a lot of attractions.

The Abbot’s Palace

The Abbot’s Palace is a beautiful creation of baroque architecture and is located in the Oliwa Park. There are two divisions of the Oliwa Park and it consists of the 15th century ‘Old Palace’ whereas the ‘New palace’ was being constructed during the 17th century. The Oliwa Park is rich in greeneries with a lot of winding paths, relaxing ponds and abundance of greeneries surrounding the park. It also houses the Department of Modern art from the National Museum of Gdansk.

European Solidarity Centre

The European Solidarity Centre is a new museum and one of the main attractions of the city for the tourists. This new museum is situated in the Gdansk shipyard and contains a lot of achievements. The museum is very stunning and built with steel to resemble a ship standing in a shipyard. It is a must visit if you are an architecture lover. The development of the new museum drew a lot of tourists to the city and hence increasing the economy of the country.

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