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Flights to Katowice

Katowice is the biggest city in the Silesian area, which is situated in the Southern part of Poland. It is nationally recognized for great luxurious architectural hits as well as misses. As a main industrial center of Poland, Katowice was the first city in Eastern and Central Europe to be acknowledged as a City of Music by UNESCO. It is a home of several attractive as well as informative museums and many tourist attractions. This makes people from all parts of the world to book a flight to Katowice to enjoy their vacation in the city.

  • Zygmunt Szkocny Museum

  • Nikiszowiec museum

  • Tatiana

  • Zloty Osiol

  • Archdiocesan Museum

  • Rynek

  • visit the interesting Zygmunt Szkocny Museum

  • Enjoy the beauty of the outdoor museum

  • Vegan tourists can have yummy vegetarian dishes at Złoty Osioł

  • Explore the whole city

  • Visit the city's busiest market square

  • Know the beautiful structural design of Poland

Usually, Katowice will have an enjoyable weather during June and August months. The hottest month of the city is July while the coolest month of the city is January. The city will experience an enjoyable precipitation during the month of June and the city will be drier in February. The best times to book a flight to Katowice are June and August.

Top Experience in Katowice

Nikiszowiec museum

The Nikiszowiec museum is the unique museum in the city, which is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from the city. Tourists can book a flight from Katowice to visit this oldest museum in the city. Nikiszowiec is a unique suburb, who worked between 1908 and 1924. The museum is built of beautiful redbrick. It includes nine blocks, which are interlinked through gateways. The museum appends background to this attractive architectural treasure.


People can have a real worth of their airfare for Katowice by visiting Tatiana in the city. The restaurant is renowned for serving a variety of delicious modern Polish foods in a stylish interior with hordes of timber touches. Choice of foods ranges from home-based dumplings with walnuts and spinach, to rabbit leg in a mustard paste. Tatiana is a stylish place for tourists to enjoy their evening in the city.

Silesian Museum

The Silesian Museum, which is situated on the northern part of Rynek, exhibits some of the oldest artistic painting of Poland. It also displays a variety of temporary demonstrate from its huge collections, such as archaeology, fine art, ethnography, as well as local culture and history. A new underground section, which was opened in 2015, is positioned inside a past coal mine. Tourists can book a flight from Katowice to visit this museum.

Archdiocesan Museum

The Katowice Archdiocesan Museum is renowned for exhibiting some of the ancient arts of Poland. Sightseers, staying in the city can book a flight from Katowice to visit this museum to take pleasure in witnessing a huge compilation of sacral art that belongs the late fourteenth century, as well as some stunning Gothic altarpieces.


Rynek is considered the busiest market square in the Katowice city. It is not structured with historic homes of burgher, as tourists would find somewhere else in Silesia. Instead, the square is surrounded by the dull postwar blocks. It is a centerpiece of the old Gierek style architecture. Vacationers can book a flight from Katowice to visit this market square.

Outdoor Museum

Tourists can book a flight from Katowice to enjoy the beauty of city's Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park. Situated at 3 kilometers on the northern part of the city, it is a sprawling outdoor museum that contains many conventional wood structures spread more than 20 hectares. It is located inside the even larger Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation.

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