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Belarus, which is an Eastern European country, is surrounded by countries, such as Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia, as its neighbors. The country is recognized for its Stalinist structural design, primeval forests, and grand fortifications. As more than 40% of Belarus is forest, tourists can enjoy the green vegetation and scenic countryside, including a plenty of native animals. Tourists can also enjoy witnessing many forts and palaces in the country.

  • Braslav Lake Area

  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

  • Minsk

  • Berestyle Archaeological Museum

  • Lida Castle

  • National Park Pripyatsky

  • Enjoy the azure waters of the Braslav Lake Area

  • Enjoy the green sceneries at the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

  • Book a flight from Belarus to head out to Minsk

  • Enjoy witnessing thousands of older relics at the Berestyle Archaeological Museum

  • Have a nice time in Belarus by visiting the Minsk Sea

Belarus has a reasonable continental type of weather, with hot summers and cold moist winters. While January is the coldest month in Belarus, July is the hottest month. The city experiences an average rainfall of 700 millimeters between April and October. The best month to visit Belarus is May, as the climate during this month will be most comfortable.

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Braslav Lake Area

People who desire to explore the ancient glacier can book a flight from Belarus and can visit the Braslav Lake Area. Here, tourists can enjoy witnessing as much as 300 lakes, which are popularly called as Belarus's Blue Necklace because of their azure waters. The region is studded with rocky scenery, such as cliffs and bays, and the lakes include more than 30 fish species.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

The Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is celebrated for its verdant sceneries, bionetwork; the most prominent is the European Bison. The park is one of the world's minority places where the European Bison can be seen in their natural habitat. Both adults and kids can also enjoy seeing other indigenous animals, such as wild boar, Eurasian elk, and Konik, a semi-wild horse.


Minsk, which is the capital of Belarus, allows its visitors to involve in many interesting activities. They can visit Europe's one of the biggest 7-hectare Independence Square, where they can have a fine time in watching dancing lights and water fountains. At Independence Avenue, tourists can enjoy tasting the local dishes at high quality, affordable restaurants and cafes. Shopping enthusiasts can have an enjoyable experience.

Berestyle Archaeological Museum

Although Belarus is a home to many museums, the Berestyle Archaeological Museum is considered the unique one. It is also the oldest museum in the country, which was constructed during the thirteenth century. The place is that of an earlier wooden settlement, which was excavated during the 1960s and converted into a museum. Tourists visiting the museum can enjoy witnessing 28 conventional log cottages as well as 1400 era relics.

Lida Castle

Lida Castle, which was first built during the fourteenth century, is celebrated for its trapezium shape and for its pink walls. Lida is also an abode to the most beautiful eighteenth-century cathedral of Saint Joseph, which is immediately recognizable because of the dome that summits the main building. There is a big Jewish society, as well, in Lida. Tourists will find many Jewish shops, eateries etc in Lida.

National Park Pripyatsky

National Park Pripyatsky includes an astounding number of swamps and forests. Moreover, the park happens to be the preferred destination for tourists who want to enjoy the pure assortment of animals present. Kids can enjoy witnessing more than 51 species of creatures, including elk, deer, racoons, beavers, and unusual creatures, such as mink and lynx. Bird watchers can have an enjoyable time in the park.

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