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Flights to Austria

Austria, which is one among the smallest European countries, is a renowned holiday destination in the continent. People visiting the country can involve in many exciting and enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities. The greatest thing about Austria is that the winter season is as thrilling as the summer season. The country is an abode to many scenic beauties, attractive museums, beautiful cathedrals, as well as to classic towering palaces.

  • The Mozart Museum

  • The Hofburg

  • The Krimmler Ache

  • Eisriesenwelt

  • Schlegeis Lake

  • The Kitzbüheler Horn

  • Hiking enthusiasts can have a thrilling time at the Krimmler Ache

  • Enjoy watching the popular equestrian shows by visiting the Spanish Riding School

  • Visit the Mozart Museum

  • Explore the world's biggest ice cave, Eisriesenwelt

  • Enjoy the beauty of the Schlegeis Lake

  • Trekking enthusiasts can have a nice time at Kitzbüheler Horn

As Austria is situated inside a temperate climatic region, it experiences the temperate Atlantic weather in its western and northwestern part and the continental weather in its eastern part. While July and August are the hottest months in the city, January and February are the coldest months. The best time to visit Austria is from Christmas to the eve of the New Year. You can also find the best time in Austria when you visit the country between late January and late March.

Top Experience in Austria

The Hofburg

The Hofburg, which is the regal citadel, was the home to Hasburgs, the Royal Family. The palace is situated in the Austrian capital city, Vienna. Tourists visiting the palace will be amazed to see its Classic, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque structural design. The palace, which was built in 1275, features 2600 luxuriously designed rooms and it has signature collections.

The Krimmler Ache

The Krimmler Ache, which is a waterfall, is considered the tallest one in Austria that drops the water from the height of 380 meters. Tourists who are interested in trekking can book a flight to Austria to involve in an adventurous hiking activity by first reaching the wonderful Krimml town, which itself positions at a height of 1,076 meters above the sea level.

The Mozart Museum

The Mozart Museum was originally the humble home of a Baptist, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born in 1756 in Salzburg. It is now converted into a museum for the public with the name of the Baptist to honor him. Visitors can enjoy witnessing the Mozart's family memorabilia, paintings, and musical instruments, throughout the museum.


Tourists taking a ticket to Austria and touring the country should not overlook to visit Eisriesenwelt. It is ranked the biggest ice cavern in the world, as it extends up to 42 kilometers in the Hochkogel Mountain, which is situated in the Tennengebirge region of the Alps. Visitors can have a lift down into the cavern prior to see inside the icy palace.

Schlegeis Lake

Schlegeis Lake is a manmade lake that sparkles with an azure blue shade even during the winter months. It looks more attractive because of the rock-strewn mountains that surround it. Tourists who want to climb or hike the mountains can have an exciting and enjoyable time by taking pleasure in witnessing the great Alpine views for which Austria is celebrated.

The Kitzbüheler Horn

The Kitzbüheler Horn, which is situated at a height of 2,000 meters, is the proud standing point of the Tyrol area of Austria. It is acknowledged for being one among the most stunning peaks in the country. Tourists booking a flight from Austria and visiting the Kitzbüheler Horn can have an exciting and adventurous trekking experience.