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Belgium, which is a Western European country, is acknowledged for its Renaissance architecture and medieval towns. It is also the headquarters of North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union. The country has three authorized languages, such as French, Dutch, and German. Belgium is renowned for its high quality and yummy beers, besides offering a lot more activities to tourists to do.

  • Bruges

  • Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

  • Mini-Europe

  • Ghent

  • Flanders Fields Museum

  • Breweries

  • Have an enjoyable inland waterway cruise in Bruges

  • Visit the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

  • Beer fans can book a flight to Belgium to taste the most extensive varieties of craft beers

  • Study about the World War I by visiting the In Flanders Fields Museum in Lakenhallen

  • Enjoy the sightseeing attractions of city of Ghent

Belgium features a temperate marine type of weather with moderate winters and cool summers. July is the warmest month and February is the coldest month in the country. June is the dampest month in the country, receiving the average rainfall of 90 millimeters. The finest time to visit Belgium is between the middle part of April and the middle part of October.

Flights to Belgium


Bruges is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belgium. The city has innumerable canals, allowing tourists to take pleasure in witnessing the scenic beauties of the country. The city provides its visitors with many ways to make their tour a memorable and enjoyable one. One among the ways is cruising by a boat through its inland waterway, which is an immense way to take pleasure in witnessing its attractiveness.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts

Belgium is a home to a number of fine arts museums, among which the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels is considered the most worth seeing one. The museum includes more than 20,000 sculptures, drawings, as well as paintings, which belong to the fifteenth century. Visitors of the museum can also enjoy witnessing a huge assortment of Flemish painting, including the paintings of some of the renowned Belgium painters.


Mini-Europe is a small park, which is considered the highest visited tourist spot in Belgium. The park covers a vast area of 24,000 square meters, which was inaugurated by the Prince Philip of Belgium in 1989. The park has imitations of tombstones in the European Union to be seen. The park includes live-action replicas such as mills, trains, rope cars, as well as an exploding Mount Vesuvius. Tourists visiting the park can appreciate the detail of all of its monuments.


Ghent, which is the Belgium's harbor city, was a famous city-state during the Middle Era. Today, the city is a cultural center and a university town. The pedestrianized center of the city is celebrated for the twelfth-century medieval architecture. Tourists paying an airfare for Belgium and visiting the city will be astounded to witness the tenth-century Gravensteen castle and the Romanesque St Bavo's Romanesque Cathedral, Graslet Canal, charming, middle age buildings, and river, as well as the fourteenth-century Belfry and watchtower.

Flanders Fields Museum in Lakenhallen

The In Flanders Fields Museum, which is located in a Belgian municipality called Ypres, is committed to the study of the World War I. Tourists taking a ticket to Belgium and visiting the museum can know the complete details of the effects of the First World War on the country. On entering the museum each tourist will get a Poppy Bracelet that contains a microchip, through which tourists can activate their preferred language.


Belgium is the leading country for offering a wide range of craft beers. Tourists visiting every part of the country can enjoy drinking yummy high-quality local beers, such as the St. Bernardus Abt 12, the Leffe Brown, and the Westmalle Tripel. Another immense activity in which beer aficionadas can involve is visiting the most famous breweries and can taste the mouthwatering beers at a much-reduced cost.