What is Southwest Airlines change policy? And its baggage free allowance

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Southwest airlines change policy, Southwest airlines baggage allowance – Canceling, Modifying a flight is no more difficult because of the modernization in this era. Every airline has different policies and rules for canceling, modifying a booked flight. These policies can also offer you some compensation depending on how early you are requesting a cancellation, modifications. 

Ticket changes, refund sometimes becomes a sturdy task if you are not aware of the Airline’s rules and policies.

So, if you are booking with Southwest Airlines, you are required to know the policies of the Airlines. So below is the important things that you must know about the airlines.

But first, let us know a bit about Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines: An Overview

Southwest Airlines, founded in the year 1966,  is one of the major airlines of America for which the headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. Southwest Airlines is one of the most upgraded Airlines in America and is known for its quality of service among the customers of the United States. 

Currently,  the Southwest Airlines features frequent flights for short routes with low fare and without frills air service. 

The Southwest Airlines accounts for a total destination of 40 states comprising of a total of 102 destinations.  Some of the popular destinations where the Southwest Airlines flight includes Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Central America.

Southwest Airlines constitutes a total of 15 focus cities for which it operates over 4,000 flights every single day.

When it comes to operation, Southwest Airlines is one of the most efficient airline services in the US.  Southwest Airlines is also known as the discount airline due to its reasonable prices and quality service to its customers as compared to its competitors in the field.  

Southwest Airlines is also known as the first airline to offer ticketless travel system with a frequent flyer program which is based on the number of trips and not the amount of time flown.

Southwest Airlines also provide an online booking process for its customers to make the process for them seamless and advanced. 

Southwest Airlines adopts the point to point flight service with the aim to maximize the operational efficiency and provide cost-effective services to the customers. The airline adopts the airline service for about 590 miles as a strategy to use the flights again and achieve better capacity utilization.

Southwest Flight Schedule Change Policy

There are some predefined rules and policies entailed by Southwest Airlines in terms of change of schedule for the customers. It is vital for the customers to learn completely about this change policies before they shift their schedule. However, before knowing the policies, you must be aware that only pre-booked tickets can be requested for cancellation or changes.  

Some of the additional cases for which the Southwest flight accept schedule change are given in the points below:

  • If the flight operation time is changed from daylight to the standard time or vice versa.
  • If there is a new need for seasonal demand for new routes.
  • If the flight is not in operation anymore.

In case of a schedule change,  the Southwest  Airlines notify the customers about the change contact number or Email and also provide the compensation for the schedule change.

Voluntary Flight Change on Southwest Airlines

The customers can also make voluntaries schedule change which occurs in case the passenger wants to make itinerary changes in the flight. In such cases, any reason could be used to change the Southwest flight can be considered as a voluntary change.

Allowance of schedule change policy of Southwest Airlines

Note that the status and routing of Southwest flights can be accessed through the official website,  customer service,  or via airport 24/7. Also, in case of any change in the schedule,  the airline will notify the customers regarding the complete details including the departure time, routing, and arrival time.

The below given are some of the major policies related to the schedule change of Southwest Airlines.

Southwest flight change, cancellation, refund policy within 24 hours

If the customers face any change in the schedule of Southwest Airlines within 24 hours of purchase,  the airlines refund all of the amounts to the customers.  The change in the flight will be allowed to the customers within the 24 hours window without charging any penalty money.

The customers can also cancel or change their reservation anytime before the flight schedule which will also get them the full refund of their fare.

Southwest schedule change policy for international Flights

In case of international flights, Southwest Airlines tend to book the tickets a month in advance.  This makes the change of schedule adjustable and Airlines notifies the passengers in advance in case of any schedule change. 

This is done so that the customers can have the option to select the revised itinerary and also go for an alternate flight within the 14 days of the flight schedule.  Apart from this,  the customers can also cancel their trip and get a full refund of their fare without any penalty.

Southwest Airlines schedule change fee 

In case of a change of schedule, Southwest Airlines does not charge any fee in case of domestic or international flights.  In case the customer changes the flight itinerary, the customer will have to pay only the difference of the cost fare in between the two. No separate charge is paid for the schedule change.

Southwest Airline’s schedule change procedure

If the customers want to change the flight for Southwest Airlines,  the following steps can be e followed for online flight change:

  1. Visit the official website and login to the portal using your account number and password.
  2. Search and click on the link for change / cancel a flight on the right-hand side of the homepage.
  3. Enter all the information details such as the confirmation number, first name, last name and click on the change flight button.
  4. Select the correct button on the right of the page and click on search.
  5. Enter the details of the flight for which you want to make the changes and look for alternate options on the same day.
  6. Choose select new flights option and after entering the details of the new flight, click on the continue button.
  7. After reviewing the flight details and the pricing,  click on the continue button to purchase the ticket

Southwest Airlines schedule change refund policy

As per the schedule change refund policy of Southwest Airlines,  the refund on the Purchase ticket is made within the 24 hours of purchase.  in case of a refund claim after 24 hours,  the nonrefundable price of the ticket will be applied for the next year of travel.  if the customers have a water refundable ticket,  then either the difference will be made in full amount or it will be adjusted for future travel of the customer. Southwest airlines change policy, Southwest airlines baggage allowance know more.

Southwest Airlines date change, Refund

In order to request change refund for Southwest Airlines,  the customers can follow certain methods such as:

  1. Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines and cancel your current flight reservation.
  2. You can also cancel your reservation by calling the reservation department of Southwest Airlines.
  3. The customers also have the option of calling the customer relations at the toll-free number to cancel their flight reservation.
  4. Customers can also write to the refund department of Southwest Airlines for canceling of reservations.

Using the above method,  the customers can also submit a request in case if they fail to submit a refund request at the time of canceling their reservation previously.

Southwest airlines baggage allowance

Southwest permits two (2) checked baggage per ticketed Customer. Size and weight constraints apply. 

Southwest flights will acknowledge the first baggage without any charges. But the size of your luggage must be 62 inches summing the length, width, and the right and the weight must not exceed 50 lbs. 

Additional bags weighing 51 pounds to 100 pounds with the dimension not more than 80 inches will be applicable for $75 for each luggage one- way. If the passenger is carrying the overweight or oversize luggage with them, they will be charged for the excess baggage along with the charges for overweight or oversized baggage. 

There is an exception for the military personnel and they can carry two baggage without any charges. And this will be not subjected to the overweight baggage charges or oversized baggage charges. Until or unless the baggage exceeds 100 pounds in weight and 80 inches for some of the dimensions. Southwest airlines change policy, Southwest airlines baggage allowance

Lithium batteries, e-cigarettes, and lighters

Travelers are permitted to head out with up to 20 extra batteries one after another. This incorporates convenient chargers and external battery chargers for tablets, cell phones, and laptops. Compact charges and extra batteries must be kept in your carryon pack or be with you. 

Since e-cigarettes are intended to work by making heat, they should be put inside a carryon bag or be with you locally available. the passengers cannot use e-cigarettes onboard or on the flight. 

Travelers are likewise permitted to go with one lighter, which must be kept inside your carryon or with you onboard. 

Carry on baggage on Southwest Airlines

A passenger is allowed to carry one carry on baggage at southwest flights along with one personal item without any charges. These items include your purse, hat, coat, laptop bags, briefcase, and so on. 

There are certain limitations for carry on luggage at southwest flights, such as:

  • The carry on luggage must not exceed 50 linear inches or 127 centimeters with wheels and handles of the luggage.
  • The personal item must be compatible so that it can easily fit under the seat in front of you.  
  • The carry on baggage must fit over the bin or beneath the seat in front of you

Note: in the event you are traveling with your pet, this will be counted in your carry on luggage or personal items.

Items that are not considered as a carry on baggage

  • A child restriction device for a ticketed kid with a held seat or when complementary, accessible space exists. 
  • External pieces of clothing or other wearable vestments. 
  • Strolling sticks or umbrellas.
  • Food consumption in a disposable packaging

Southwest Airlines checked baggage

For checked baggage, passengers are allowed with:

  • 2 checked baggage standard and up to 10 baggage are allowed maximum
  • The dimensions of the baggage must be 62 inches or 157 centimeters altogether for length, width, and height.
  • Weight for the checked baggage must not exceed 50 pounds or 23 kilograms

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