A Complete Guide to Southwest Airlines: Facts, Operations and Reviews

Southwest Airlines Reviews

Southwest Airlines Facts – Southwest Airlines, founded in the year 1966,  is one of the major airlines of America for which the headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. Southwest Airlines is one of the most upgraded Airlines in America and is known for its quality of service among the customers of the United States. 

Currently,  the Southwest Airlines features frequent flights for short routes with low fare and without frills air service. 

The Southwest Airlines accounts for a total destination of 40 states comprising of a total of 102 destinations.  Some of the popular destinations where the Southwest Airlines flight to includes Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Central America.

Southwest Airlines constitutes a total of 15 focus cities for which it operates over 4,000 flights on every single day.

This article will overview the complete guide to Southwest Airlines including some facts,  operations of the airline, and the reviews and recommendations as prescribed by the customers of the airline.

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Some Quick Fact Check for Southwest Airlines

The statistics and facts related to one of the major airlines of America, Southwest Airlines tell the actual operational efficiency for the airline.  Below given points are some of the quick facts about Southwest Airlines and its service in the past decades:

  • Southwest Airlines is known as the second biggest airline all around the globe as per its market value and serves a total of 102 Destinations among the US, Mexico and Central America.
  • Southwest Airlines constitutes for total operating revenue of 22.4 billion USD.
  • The operating expenses of Southwest Airlines is a total of 19.5 billion USD.
  • The net income of Southwest Airlines constitutes a total of 2.3 billion USD yearly.
  • A total of 25.9 billion USD of worth assets is held by Southwest Airlines.
  • For the ad, Southwest Airlines comprises of a total expenditure of 218 million USD.
  • Southwest Airlines constitutes a total of 20.8 billion USD as its passenger revenue.
  • The net amount of passengers for Southwest Airlines is a total of 134 million.
  • As an index for satisfaction of American customers, Southwest Airlines has scored 79 Points out of 100.
  • The air traffic liability for Southwest Airlines constitutes for a total of 5.5 billion USD.
  • The worldwide ancillary revenue of Southwest Airlines is a total of  109.5 billion USD.
  • As of the year 2019, Southwest Airlines has a capacity of 157.25 million seats.
  • The main hub of Southwest Airlines is in Baltimore and Chicago Midway with a total of 200 daily departures.
  • As of 2019, Southwest Airlines was ranked as one of the lowest Airlines having consumer complaints.

Operations of Southwest Airlines

When it comes to operation, Southwest Airlines is one of the most efficient airline services in the US.  Southwest Airlines is also known as the discount airline due to its reasonable prices and quality service to its customers as compared to its competitors in the field.  

Southwest Airlines is also known as the first airline to offer ticketless travel system with a frequent flyer program which is based on number of trips and not the amount of time flown.

Southwest Airlines also provide an online booking process for its customers to make the process for them seamless and advanced. 

Southwest Airlines adopts the point to point flight service with the aim to maximize the operational efficiency and provide cost-effective services to the customers. The Airlines adopts the airline service for about 590 miles as a strategy to use the flights again and achieve better capacity utilisation.

Southwest Airlines also includes barcodes in the boarding passes through which Southwest Airlines can get the information to the total number of boarding passes and the passengers who have boarded the plane in a day.

Southwest Airlines have adopted the Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) as an alternative to employ the luggage identification of the customers. This has also lead to provide a seamless process of luggage identification and also reduce the waiting time for customers.

The customers in Southwest Airlines get a number of inflight entertainment options with the aim of making the journey more entertaining and seamless. Some of the inflight amenities which are provided by Southwest Airlines to passengers include food and beverages, power backup, free Wi-Fi, TV and music players, comfortable seating, and much more.

Reviews and Recommendations

Southwest Airlines is one of the highest recommended Airlines for short routes among other Airlines of America. The efficiency of the service provided by an airline company depends on various factors such as customer service, seating options, inflight amenities, quality of food served, etc. Based on the review of users for the quality of service and boarding experience of Southwest Airlines,  the following metrics has been identified as specified in the table given:

Value for Money4/5
On-boarding Experience3.5/5
Food and Beverages4/5
Comfort of Seat3/5
In-Flight Amenities3/5
Staff Service and Behavior4/5

Let us look at some of the pros and cons as reviewed and recommended by the travellers of Southwest Airlines:


  •  Cheap and value for money
  •  The lowest price on southwest tickets as compared to other Airlines services
  •  Two free checked bags
  •  Southwest companion pass and credit card


  •  Services for only Boeing 737 planes
  •  Price of meals is excluded from the basic ticket fare
  •  Mo partnership with other Airlines
  •  Unavailability of seat confirmation


Southwest Airlines is one of the major airlines of America and the second biggest airline service around the world. One of the best things which makes Southwest airline different from other Airlines in America is the quality of service and value of money provided to the customers. The above article has outlined the various aspects of Southwest Airlines including the statistics and facts,  the operational and management strategies of Southwest Airlines, and the reviews and Recommendation as left by the customers of airlines for the quality of service provided on the flight.

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