Allegiant Airlines Reservations

Allegiant Airlines Reservations! Do you want to feel the best experience of travel at a more affordable and convenient price? Allegiant airline flights make your journey a memorable experience from America's favorite small cities or world-class destinations. Allegiant airline flights give you excellent travel experience with low-low fares, all-jet service, nonstop and premier travel partners.

About Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines airhostess

Allegiant airlines is America's low-cost airline operating the chartered flights. This airline is one of the ninth largest commercial airlines in the United States. It is retained by the Allegiant Travel company with over 4,000 staff and more than US $2.6 billion market capitalization. The employees of Allegiant airlines are very friendly and helpful. They are being trained for customer support and service.

Some of the Allegiant airlines destinations are Punta Gorda, Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Allegiant flights were launched in the year 1997, and it is also certified as "Scheduled Air Carrier" by the U.S. DOT (Department of Transportation). The Allegiant Airlines flights also got the authority for charter service to Mexico and Canada. Allegiant Air was initially named WestJet Express but rebranded a year after it was established.

Allegiant Airlines Destinations

With the continuous effort of allegiant airlines, they have extended their operations in several destinations and presently they are operating their allegiant airline flight to the following destinations:

  • Orlando- this place is home to more than a dozen themed parks that makes it a beautiful destination for vacation. This place will give you an exposure to Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot Park and a lot more. You will be astonished by the beauty of this place. Allegiant airlines have the cheapest flight tickets to this destination.
  • Las Vegas- it is a cosmopolitan city which is the 28th most populated city in the United States. This city is very vibrant and full of diversity. It has a lot more for the visitors. So, pack your bags and explore this wonderful place with the cheapest allegiant airlines flights.
  • St. Petersburg- you can discover your best experience visiting this place. Every year many tourists come to see the wonders of this place. You can do a lot of shopping, delicious food and a lot more fun activities that will make your vacation extraordinary.
  • Punta Gorda- if you are a nature lover and want to feel connected, then this place is worth seeing. Moreover, you can also explore the luxury restaurants, dining, heritage museums and many more. Also you can get the luxurious journey to this place by flying with allegiant airlines.
  • Los Angeles- with a lot of tourist attractions and wonders, this place becomes worthy for a great vacation. This city is stuffed with many things for its visitors including, Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland resort, the Getty Centre, Santa monica , etc
  • Cincinnati- it is a culturally diverse city that has a lot of diversity in its centre. The key destinations to see for this place are Roebling bridge, Washington park, the oldest bar in Cincinnati, Arnold's Bar and Grill and so many.
  • Phoenix- get up and avail the great deals & offers on all allegiant airlines to travel to Phoenix. This city will let you immerse yourself in fascinating places. You can go hiking, shopping, odysea aquarium, old town farmer’s market and many more.
  • Myrtle Beach- it is a hub for food events, and a vibrant nightlife. The most beautiful thing that you will go through is the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean. You will have a cherished moment at this place.
  • Bellingham- you can spend your vacation in the luxurious resorts of Bellinghan and you will be pleased by the hospitality that it has to offer to the visitors.
  • Fort Lauderdale- this city is well-known for its astonishing beaches and boating canals. You will experience a lot of outdoor restaurants, luxury hotels, bars, and boutiques. This all makes a perfect vacation package for the tourists. You can plan your vacation and get your allegiant airlines tickets at the lowest price.

Allegiant Air's fleet has a mix of McDonnell Douglas and Airbus aircraft. The Allegiant airline consists of 90 aircraft within its fleet. Overall, the airline flies to over 115 destinations.

Allegiant Airlines Service days

The allegiant airlines does not fly everyday for all the locations. The operating flights for each day entirely depends on the popularity of the route.

My Allegiant

The allegiant airlines do not have any frequent flyer program available for the passengers. This airline has a points accrual system known as myAllegiant. This system can be utilized by earning the points using the allegiant world mastercard.

You can also check your earned points 24*7 by logging into myAllegiant. Another way to know your points is to approach myAllegiant service member. It is very easy to know your points. Your earned points can only be redeemed on

Your earned points will not be expired. However you can lose it after the closing of myAllegiant account. You can redeem your earned points for allegiant airlines flights, car rental, and hotel bookings.

Allegiant Airline Trip Flex

By using the Trip Flex, you can make changes to your journey details. This service was introduced by the Allegiant Airline so that the passengers don't get worried at the last moment ahanged plans. They can simply make the changes according to their need with trip flex. This service will provide the passengers with a peaceful mind and they can change their details such as:

  • The passengers can make changes once for their reservations including their journey date, flight, or destination without any applicable charges
  • You can make these changes once prior to 1 hour of your flight departure
  • You are permitted to make changes once to your reservations after that cancellation of your booked flight will not be refunded.

Traveling with children

Allegiant airlines welcome all its passengers with warm hearts and assist them carefully throughout their journey.
Since, they do not have services for unaccompanied minors,the kids below 14 years are also considered as the passengers. If a child under age 14 is travelling, a companion must be with him/her at least 15 years on the same reservation.

Allegiant airlines have two options available for the children travelling under 24 months, they are:

  • The child can be ticketed as a passenger seat in an FAA approved car
  • They can be ticketed as a lap child on an adult traveling with the kid on the same reservation.

Allegiant airlines ensure safe travel to the kids of all age groups.

Note- if you are traveling with lap children, age proof is mandatory.

Allegiant Airlines Seating

Allegiant airlines offer the most comfortable seat and a great service to its passengers. The airline ensures that you get an extraordinary travel experience. You can book your tickets for economic class.

  • You can choose where you want to sit. You can choose your seat with your friends or family. Or else we would randomly allot you the seat and this will let you make new friends.
  • This airline only has 1 cabin class that is economy class. The Allegiant flights have the configuration of 90% standard seating with 10% for leg room.
  • The Boeing 757 has a standard seating 70% and leg room is 30%. This configuration makes the seat very comfortable for the flyers.

No. of Seats Economic Seat Leg Room Seats Giant Seats
Airbus A320 177 159 18 --
Airbus A319 156 138 18 --
Boeing 757-200 166 151 15 --

Economy Class

Allegiant flights

Enjoy a simple journey with the only cabin class of Allegiant flights. Some of the facilities of Economy Class include:

  • Allegiant Air flights provide simple service, with no in-flight entertainment or Wi-Fi.
  • Passengers can carry with them their electronic devices, within the carry-on baggage limit.
  • Food and drink onboard with a selection of snacks, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Passengers can check-in online, and passengers can choose their seats as per their convenience.
  • Seats in the air ship are set out in a 3 x 3 formation. The measurements are 4 inches of width and between 30–34 inches of pitch.

The seats of Allegiant airlines are not reclined as it is the ulta-low cost airline. And saves a lot of your merited money.

Allegiant Airlines Reservation on Airohub

Allegiant Airlines Reservation Deals

Have you done with your selection of seats and reserved it? Then remember the following points before you proceed to go:

Confirmation Email
Make sure you received a duplicate copy of your Confirmation number via email. If you haven't received the mail, you can reach out to 'Oversee Travel' by using the last four digits of the card that you used for installment.

Change in schedule
If you wish to make some changes in your plan or roll out an improvement to a schedule, then visit 'Overseas Travel.' There you can refresh to situate assignments, reserve pack spot, overhaul, change flight dates, or scratch off your outing.

Personal Baggage
One Personal Item (Free of charge):   Every passenger may bring along one single thing. This personal item can be your hat, coat, purse, etc which is small and compactible.The dimension of your item must be 7*15*16 inches.
One Carry-On Bag (Fees apply):    Every passenger may bring a locally portable suitcase that fits in the overhead compartment. This carry-on baggage can be your garment bag. The dimension of your item must be 9*14*22 inches.
Checked Baggage (Fees apply):    you can purchase a maximum of 4 bags per passenger. The weight for your baggage must not exceed 40 pounds. the sum of the dimensions of your item must be 203 centimeters. If your bag exceeds the limit, you will be eligible for the additional charges.
Refer baggage information for further details

Prominent Allegiant Air routes

    Flights Las Vegas (LAS)Plane icon - Oakland, CA (OAK)  at  $158

    Flights Oakland, CA (OAK)Plane icon - Las Vegas (LAS)  at  $158

    Flights Austin, TX (AUS)Plane icon - Las Vegas (LAS)  at  $255

    Flights Bellingham, WA (BLI)Plane icon - Las Vegas (LAS)  at  $225

Deals and offers available at Allegiant Airlines

These days, it becomes a heavy task to find out for the best deals and offers for booking tickets. You can now halt your search and reduce your load for finding the best airline at the cheapest price.

Allegiant airlines are one of the best ultra-low fare flights. You can avail huge discounts on your flight tickets. You will get the accurate deal for your travel needs. This will help you save you a little bit of your hard- earned cash.

The airline understands that you don't want to spend much of your money on the flight tickets.

Another from deals, you can also save your money with the Allegiant Air coupons . These air coupons are available on online websites, ads, and promotional offers. These coupons can be utilized to get discounts and all kinds of deals mentioned along with the coupon. With these coupons you can get discounts on your ticket price.

By using the Allegiant promo codes, you can gain an added benefit for your seat selection, on your food and beverages. These promo codes are available throughout the years. It is not seasonal.

Being the old passenger or the new one, you can get so many good promo codes while browsing the web.

Do you want to carry pets in Allegiant?

Allegiant Airlines Pet

Yes! Allegiant Air flights acknowledge pets in the airship!

Read on to know more about the Allegiant's pet in Cabin Policy:

You can take your pets with you in the traveler lodge of the airship across 48 United States and San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, you should be aware of specific points before boarding your pets.

  • You should pay $100 per portion per passenger for all pets.
  • Only local pooches and felines are permitted.
  • Pets must be shifted in a sided sealed bearer that should fit under the seat.
  • The sealed bearer should measure not more than 9" H x 16" W x 19" D.
  • Two pets for each transporter are allowed.
  • Pets should be capable of turning and standing inside the transporter.
  • Every explorer may have one pet bearer.
  • A pet transporter is excluded in the lightweight things constraints.
  • Passengers who are above 15 years of age shall go with a pet.
  • While at the air terminal and on board the airship, pets should remain in the carrier completely and just be taken care of by the explorer.

Allegiant’s Baggage Policy

  • Every Allegiant traveler may carry one individual item on board at free of cost.
  • Each traveler can bring along One Personal Item (free of cost).
  • You should place your item like a tote, portfolio, or a little knapsack underneath the seat before you.
  • Most appropriate measurements are 7 x 15 x 16 inches (17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 centimeters).
  • There's no free baggage allowance on Allegiant Air flights.
  • Checked baggage must be purchased.
  • Four checked bags per passenger can be purchased.
  • Checked baggage should not weigh more than 18kg per item and should be 203 cm overall.
  • You can purchase One Carry-On Bag per traveler, measuring no larger than 23 x 38 x 41 cm.
  • Your one Carry-on Bag such as a move onboard or suitcase that fits in the overhead receptacle is allowed.

Note: Extra charges apply for packs measuring more than 40 pounds, donning gear or potentially curiously important/overabundance stuff.

Allegiant's Price criteria

Allegiant Airlines Flights

Allegiant airline flights provide a meager fare, which in turn needs strict cost control. These Prices include carrier charges, taxes & government fees. Optional baggage that the passenger carries will apply for extra charges. We might change the Fare rules, routes, and schedules without notice. Restrictions apply.

Check-In Information

Online Check In
Online check-in of Allegiant flights usually starts 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time and exit 45 minutes before. All Passengers who want to check-in in Allegiant flights can check-in online using the Allegiant Air online check-in page and using their flight details.

Airport Check-In
In case, if you want to do an Airport check-in, then it usually closes by 45 minutes before scheduled flight departure time. We ask each one to be at the airport at least two hours prior to departure for check-in and also add extra time if you are with checked baggage.

Allegiant flight services

In order to improvise the customer’s experience, allegiant airlines keeps on enhancing their services for a great user experience. The airline has come up with certain in-flight services. This is an ultra low cost airline, so the in-flight services are pretty much limited. Yet the allegiant airlines put all their efforts in making your journey a great one.

  • Allegiant airline does not have the in-flight Wi-Fi facility available for the passenger
  • Refreshment services such as snacks or beverages are also limited with the paid service.
  • Aslo, the aIrline does not have any electronic outlets on board for the passengers.

Allegiant in-flight meal services

For the convenience of the passengers, the airline offers a wide range of beverages and snacks to the passengers. The passengers can enjoy beverages such as soft drinks, mixed juices, beer and wine.

For snacks, the passengers will have the option of a Daily snack pack, individual snack, Hummus snack pack, and wingz kids snack pack. The special snacks are packed for the kids keeping their dietary needs and taste in mind.

Ticket cancellation and refunds

If you have booked your allegiant flights ticket at least a week before your scheduled date, you can cancel it within 24 hours and you will be refunded with all you ticket money.

If you are requesting your refund after 24 hours of your scheduled date, you might not get the refund for your ticket cancellation. Cancellation after 24 hours will offer you with a voucher for future travels. This provided voucher will be less than the amount that you spend on your allegiant airlines tickets.

In the event, you want to make changes to your journey details, you can make changes prior to 1 hour of your departure without any charges.

Allegiant Airlines Online check in

You can go for online check in with Allegiant Airlines. But for online check in, you need to check in before 24 hours to your departure. And you must reach at 45 minutes prior to your flight departure.

They have two options available for the passengers for online check-in

  • The passengers can go to the website of allegiant airlines to check-in and can print their boarding passes to the airport.
  • If you want a paper free boarding, then you can download the mobile application. It is very easy to use and designed user- friendly.

Unaccompanied minor

Allegiant Airlines does not provide the service for unaccompanied minors. The child under the age 14 must travel with their guardians.

Allegiant Airlines Restricted articles

There are certain restricted articles for traveling with Allegiant Airlines. For carrying hazardous materials, you might face a punishable act or you will be prisoned with 5 years of jail.
Please follow the guidelines before carrying any items at Allegiant Airlines:

Alcoholic beverages

For carrying alcoholic beverages, you must adhere to certain guidelines such as:

  • The alcohol you are carrying with yourself must not have the alcohol content more than 70% by volume.
  • The drink must be packed in its original unopened retail packaging.
  • The alcohol must be subjected to the transportation security administration screening.
  • The alcohol liquor in amounts must be more than 3.4 oz and it must be carried in checked baggage.
  • You are permitted to carry 5 litres of alcohol between 24% and 74% in checked baggage.
  • You are not permitted to consume your own alcohol on board. According to the FAA regulations, no passengers can drink alcoholic beverages until or unless the certificate holder operating the aircraft is serving.

Defense sprays:

According to the article, you are not permitted to carry any defense spray with you such as pepper spray, tear gas etc.


You cannot carry the explosives with you on Allegiant airlines flights. It is strictly prohibited. Explosives include the flare guns, gun powder, firecrackers, fireworks, signal fares, sparkles, etc. even if it is very small, you can not take it as baggage with you in the flight.

Household items

You cannot take aerosols such as cooking sprays, laundry starch, bleach, drain cleaners in flight with you or as a checked baggage.
Motor oils and fluids are also not allowed in checked or carry-on baggage. Because it can damage if spilled out.

Allegiant Cancellation Policy:

The tickets that are cancelled prior to 24 hours of their purchase are totally refundable. It will not deduct any of your money.

Cancellation for standard tickets

If you have booked for standard seating, and want to cancel it after 24 hours then you will be charged $75 per passenger. Once you have cancelled your ticket, your amount will be credited to you with the deduction of $75. But this refunded amount will be credited as a voucher that can be used for future travel with allegiant.

Award ticket

Cancelling an award ticket has the similar fee structure as cash tickets. You must pay $75 per passenger, per segment. But if you have purchased Trip Flex, you will be spared with the ticket cancellation charges.
Moreover, if you have booked your ticket with your points and cancelled it, you will lose your points. Those points will not be credited in your account.

Ways to cancel an Allegiant airline ticket

If you are not aware of how you can cancel your allegiant tickets, then you can follow the mentioned below steps

  • Firstly, you need to login you account of Allegiant airlines’s home page and selection the option “manage travel”
  • Secondly, you have to select the trip that you want to cancel and then go for “Cancel Booking”
  • Lastly, the screen will show you the portal asking for your confirmation on ticket cancellation. And your ticket will be cancelled.
  • After this you will receive a voucher if any of your funds are left after applicable cancellation fees.

Ways to use an Allegiant Airline voucher

If you have received a voucher for cancellation of your ticket, and you want to use it further. In that case you can book a flight with allegiant airline and at the time of payment, you can click on the drop box and enter your voucher number. This is very convenient to use.

Allegiant airline reservations and customer care

Allegiant airlines is the lowest priced airline and it is fully devoted towards a better journey for its passengers. Our exceptional customer care will assist with all your problems and queries related to your allegiant airline reservations. This airline is customer oriented and wants to provide happy and satisfactory services to its passengers.

The customer care executives of the airline will pay you full attention that you require for your flight assistance. They make sure that the passengers don't face any discomfort during their journey with allegiant flights.

However, if you are not happy and satisfied with their services, you can complain about the same and they will surely entertain all your feedback and will improvise the same for a better travel experience.

Know the travel restrictions on allegiant airlines. Allegiant flights are disinfected and cleaned as per air traffic measurers. allegiant maintains an aesthetic cleaning process for all the flights. common places like seats, seatbelt, tray tables, lavatories, galleys getting disinfected and sanitized. all the airlines have adopted hospital cleaning standards so as allegiant for more information on covid protocol of allegaint airlines visit covid 19 update. U.S. All Airlines find it difficult to operate on time, even though the airline fleet is 60% less.


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