Sun Country Airlines


Sun country airlines is a low cost united states based airline. It established its services in the year 1983 with just one Boeing 727-200 jetliner. Since then, it has grown rapidly and now has become one of the 11th largest airlines in the United States. Its headquarters is located in Eagan, Minnesota, US.
The sun country airline operates its services in more than 86 routes within Mexico, United states, Central America, and Carribean.
The parent company for the sun country airlines is the Apollo Global Management.

The hub airport for the sun country airline is the Minneapolis/Saint Paul. this airlines focus cities are:

  • Las Vegas
  • Dallas/ Fort worth
  • Portland (OR)

With its fleet size 52, the airline is carrying the passengers to more than 50 destinations including Gulfport, Boston, Phoenix, Liberia, Montego, Cana, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, St. Thomas, Savannah and so on.

In the year 2011, this airline was owned by the Davis family group based in Minnesota. The Davis family is the owner of the Cambria and a manufacturer of the premium countertops.

Because of its persistent effort in making a better travel experience, the airline is regarded for its excellent and satisfactory services to the passengers ab[nd ranked under the top 10 domestic airlines for consecutively 5 years in a row.

Sun country airline fleet

Sun country airlines fleet has a total 25 aircrafts available and the fleets are:

  • Boeing 737-700
  • Boeing 737-80

Sun country airlines seating

The aircraft of Sun country airline Boeing 737-800 consists of a total of 162 seats in a 2 cabin configuration.The business class of the airline has 12 seats available with 2-2 configuration and The economy class has 150 seats with 3-3 configuration.

The pitch for the economy class is 79 cm and for business class the pitch is 94 cm.

Sun country airline Economy class

Sun country airline consists of a comfortable seating with flying elements in its economy class. This offers the passengers with a premium flight experience.

Facilities in Economic class:
The passengers flying with the economy class will have the facility of the USA along with a power outlet to connect the personal devices for a better flight experience. The passengers can connect their headsets and charge their devices.

Economy class passengers will also have the facility of complimentary drinks such as juice, tea, coffee and so on.

Economy class seating
The sun country airline oddr4s the three types of seat in the economy class, they are, the standard, better, and best

  • Standard seating
    For standard seating, the passengers will have the seats that are typically 29 to 30 inches legroom and a reclining seat. Along with this, the passengers will also have the chair dinner tray at their seats and a USB power outlet for charging the devices.
  • Better seats
    Better seats are better as it has 32 inches of legroom. The better seats passengers will get the chair dinner tray at their seats and a USB power outlet for charging the devices..
  • Best seats
    The passengers booking the best seats will get 32 inches of legroom and 150% reclines and adjustable seats for the comfort of the passengers. Booking the best seat at the sun country airline will give the passengers with the priority of the boarding along with a complimentary premium drink.

Sun country Premium economy class

The sun country class does not have the premium economy class available for the passengers. But, the passengers who want to travel in the premium economy can book the economy best seats in economy class. The best seat in the economy class is similar to the premium economy class.

Sun country airline business class

Sun country airline do nor offer the business classes at present.

Sun country airlines first class

Sun country airlines was formally offering the first class till the year 2018 but now it has committed to remove the facility of first class ticket. Previously, the passengers in the first class were getting the priority for boarding and shorter check in lines, complimentary drinks and so on.

Sun country airline amenities

In flight entertainment

Sun country airlines offer the amenities to the passengers for a better flight experience. The passengers can use their personal mobile phones, tablets or other devices for their entertainment. The passengers can enjoy the hours of watching movies, TV series and listening to music with the use of the AirFi network.

For streaming to the movies and others, there is no need to download any special additional applications.

In flight meals

Sun country airline offers the facility of in flight meals to the passengers. You can enjoy complimentary beverages such as tea, coffee, juices and so on.the passengers can also get alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer and so on.

Besides this, the passengers can also buy the snacks or snacks boxes in flight according to their convenience.

The menu card for the meals and snacks are kept in the seat pocket in the front seat.

Sun country airline baggage information

Carry on baggage:

The passengers are permitted to fly with one carry on and one personal item with themselves. The dimension of the personal item must be 17 x 13 x 9 inches.

This item must fit under your seat. Along with one ticket, one personal and carry on baggage is allowed.

The dimension of the carry on baggage must not exceed the dimension 24 x 16 x 11 inches.and the weight for the carry on must not be more than 35 lbs.

The passengers who have selected the option of carry on baggage will only be permitted with one carry on baggage.

Checked baggage

The passengers traveling with sun country airlines are allowed to carry one checked baggage with them. The dimension the the checked baggage must be 62 inches by combining the length, width and height of the bag. The weight for the baggage must be more than 50 lbs.
The checked baggage must be included in your booked ticket or else you will have to pay extra for your baggage at the airport.

Sun country airline check in information

Online check in

This airline offers the passenger to check in via an online method from their own workplace or home. The online check in is available prior to 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure. And it closes prior to 1 hour of the flight departure.
The passengers can check in online at the website of the sun country airlines.

Airport check in

The passengers can also opt for the airport check in. The airport check in for the airline opens prior to 2 hours of the flight de[arture and closes prior to 1 hour of the flight departure.
To avoid the last minute hustle-bustle, it is recommended to the passengers to get ready with all the required documents for check in at the airport.

Sun country airlines popular routes

  • Minneapolis to Phoenix
  • San Juan to Minneapolis
  • Palm Springs to Minneapolis
  • Minneapolis to Liberia
  • Anchorage to Minneapolis
  • Minneapolis to Montego Bay

Frequent flyer program

The airline has its frequent flyer program known as the Ufly rewards. This program is free to register. The registered members under this program can avail the huge benefits by earning the points. The earned points can be redeemed and used further.

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