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Flights to Nuremberg

As Germany’s 14 th largest city, Nuremberg is a magnificent tourists’ spot, located in the proximity of River Pegnitz. With the present population of 5, 17,498, the city ranks as German’s 14 th biggest city. Renowned as a center of humanism, technology in printing, and superior mechanical invention, the city has many famous museums, centers of performing arts, castles, public monuments, and natural spots that literally make the tourists jump to their feet and take the first flight to Nuremberg. As the city has distinct recognition for the mediaeval architecture, its fortifications and stone towers have matchless aesthetics that draw hundreds of thousands of tourists from across the world.

  • Palace of justice

  • Hauptmarkt Church

  • Nuremberg Zoo

  • Museum

  • Nuremberg documentation Center

  • Chain Bridge

  • Visit Palace of justice

  • See the beauty of Hauptmarkt Church

  • Enjoy at Nuremberg Zoo

  • Visit Museum of Nuremberg

  • Visit Nuremberg documentation Center

  • View Chain Bridge

As the average temperature in Nuremberg varies greatly, the visitors to this historic city feel cold for almost six months in a year. But it is really ideal for them to visit the city during the months of June, July, and August as the weather stays the warmest.
Winters are unpredictable as temperatures rise and dip without any prior indication.Precipitation during rainy season is even throughout the year but months like February and April are relatively dry. July is the month that brings highest rainfall in the year.

Top Experience in Nuremberg

Palace of justice

Hordes of tourists arrive at this historical spot to view the minutes of proceeding that took place during the prosecution of war criminals during world-war- II. As the trial took place from 1945 to 1949, the imposing palace is the silent witness in history as the trials of war criminals after the World-war- II took place at this place.

Hauptmarkt Church

The hustle-bustle in the heart of the city, called Altstadt, is famous for housing the daily markets of Nuremberg. Visitors flock to view the imposing ornate gothic church and literally fight to watch the figures in the clock as those enact a show, which is popular as ‘little men dancing’.


As the most distinguished museum of Nuremberg, this museum has precious collection of rare artifacts and other items of historical significance. The priceless collection of items lingers in the memories of visitors even after they board the flights from Nuremberg.

Cabbage Beach

The Historical City Hall is located on the eastern part of Prinzipalmarkt. This historic symbol is designed with famous Gothic architecture. The front facade of the hall is stunning, the windows, apexes and the arcades all dates from the 14th century.

Nuremberg Zoo

You will be able to enjoy your holidays in the best possible manner when you choose to visit the various attractions and enjoy the outdoor activities of the region. Make sure that you visit the important landmarks and museums of the city so that you can get to understand everything about the local people and their history and culture.

Chain bridge

The tourists to Nuremberg invariably take delight in visiting chain bridge for the pedestrians. The bridge spans over River Pegnitz connecting Maxplatz in Sebalder Altstadt. Erected in the year 1824, the oldest chain bridge has stayed a major tourists’ attraction for everyone.

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