National Car Rental

Since the establishment of National Car Rental, they have been serving their operations worldwide in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, and Australia. You will experience a great road trip with National Car Rentals. They have a vast range of vehicles available to cope with all your trip needs. Be it a massive vehicle for a family trip or a solo trip, you will find every type of vehicle here.

You will get a fast and convenient service for all your needs. Because of continuous effort, the National Car Rental has become a leader in this industry and has been honored with excellent scores for the title of:

  • Navigation easiness
  • Straight and clear information related to car rental
  • The appearance
  • Quick loading of the page
  • A wide range of services
  • For more customer satisfaction

You can avail the services of National Car rental via online mode.

National Car Rental Services for people with disabilities

National car rental is devoted to maintain a good relationship with the customers. This car rental provides service for everyone. Even you will get the service for people with disabilities. The vehicles have the adaptive driving devices for people with disabilities. This device will make the disable person comfortable as it includes the hand control over the pedal extenders, left foot, spinner knobs, and accelerators.

This service is not applicable for any charges, it is free for disable passengers. If you are looking for the vehicles with adaptive driving devices, it might take two to three days prior notice for the team to make things settle up for you. Nevertheless, there are several spots, where you can get the rental cars with the equipped adaptive driving devices for people with disabilities within 8 hours to 24 hours.

Surrogate Drivers for the disable passengers

The passengers who are disable and does not have a driving license, they don't need to bother about that. They still can book with National car rental. They will appoint you a surrogate driver with a valid driving licence. The surrogate driver is not required to pay extra and need not to create a credit card. But the driver must meet with the financial underwriting requirements.

Besides this, all the other charges such as young age driver and all is applicable.
If you want to make a reservation to the National Car Rental, you can speak to their customer care centre. Booking a car for your road trip is very easy.

Reserve National Car in behalf of someone

With national car rental, you can also reserve the vehicle for someone else. For booking in someone else’s behalf, you are required to fill out a form with the necessary details asked.

While reserving, you can also provide them the driver’s Emerald Club Information, they will use the account numbers, profile details and other preferences at the time of booking the National Car Rental. Once You will be done with this, a confirmation mail will be sent to you and the driver.

And you will be done with the reserving for someone else.

National Car Rentals

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