Alamo Car Rental

In the year 1947, alamo car rental started with four locations in florida. Since its establishment, it has created a niche for itself in the leisure car rental industry. This car rental company is entirely focused on providing the lowest priced vehicle for your road trip. Be it a solo trip or a trip with your family, all types of cars can be found with Alamo Car Rental. Since its continuous efforts in providing the most amazing road trip experience, alamo car rental has become one of the largest car rental providers throughout North America. With the improvement in the travel industry, it has also expanded its operations in Caribbean footprint, entering Uruguay.
You will experience the most suitable service for your road trip. You will get the choice of mid size SUV automatic cars and compact automatic cars.

Family travel with Alamo Car Rental

You can reserve alamo car rental for a family trip. You can go to the exotic places to see the wonders.

With alamo car rental, you can save money as well as your time. They have created their site in a very user friendly manner which is very convenient to use. You can easily book your road trip in no time.

You can reserve your car rental with a variety of options available. You can opt for SUV’s, trucks, or vans. You can also rent a car that will be sufficient for your family. The vehicles options that you will get are:

  • Luxury sports car
  • American muscle car
  • Exotic sports car
  • Compact car
  • Performance sports car
  • Economy car
  • Standard car
  • Intermediate car
  • Full size car
  • Premium car
  • Premium special car
  • Standard elite car
  • Luxury car
  • Luxury executive car
  • 7 passenger minivan
  • Cargo van
  • Pick up
  • Standard pick up
  • Full size SUV
  • Jeep Wrangler 4DR

And a lot more options are available for your trip. You can rent these vehicles either for a day or a week. They are available with all the options. You will find the perfect car that will fulfill all your road trip needs with alamo car rental.

One way Alamo car rental reservation

You can also rent the vehicle for one way, if you are not willing to return the car at their original spot. One way car rental will help you to spend some more at your own strides without any fall backing. You can explore your destination with the freedom of open roads. And at last you can return your alamo car rental at your final destination. It will let you enjoy without any wi=orries of returning the car at its own place. There are several one way car rentals that you can opt for, they are

  • The new York City to Washington
  • Miami to Key West
  • Seattle to San francisco
  • Los angeles to seattle

This is the best option available for the last minute plans or changes. Sometimes your flights get late or cancelled, in that case you can opt for one way car rental. This company has some great deals to offer for the one way car rental to keep up your expectations.

Alamo Car Rental

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