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Flights to Bonaire

Bonaire is one of the chains of islands in the in the Caribbean Sea. It is popularly called as the ABC islands as it groups with the Curacao and Aruba islands. Unlike other Caribbean islands, these three islands lie outer the Hurricane Alley. The dry, warm, sunlit climates, as well as the renowned tourist attractions of these islands, make thousands of worldwide people take a flight to Bonaire for their scuba diving and other outdoor activities.

  • Kralendijk

  • Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

  • Butterfly Garden Bonaire

  • Lac Bay

  • Valuable museums in Bonaire

  • The Bonaire Washington Slagbaai National Park

  • Enjoy the traditional music of the island at Kralendijk

  • Feed donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

  • Diving and Snorkeling activities at Butterfly Garden Bonaire

  • Exploring the real bird-viewers heaven by taking a flight to Bonaire to visit the Washington Slagbaai National Park

  • Typical Caribbean seashore experience at Lac Bay

  • Visit the valuable museums

Bonaire experiences hot tropical climate throughout the year, as the night temperature varies between 73 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit and the day temperature between 84 degrees Fahrenheit and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. May to October is the hottest period of the island. The island receives the maximum precipitation from October to December. People intended to visit the island may book a flight to Bonaire to arrive at the destination between mid-February and May..

Top Experience in Bonaire


Kralendijk is a picturesque hub to organize cultural as well as the commercial activity of the island. While wandering along the streets of Kralendijk, tourists can enjoy seeing the waterfront restaurants, well-conserved architecture, and an undersized yet busy market. When vacationers visit the Queen Wilhemina Park during the major cruise ship period, they can do their shopping by hearing the conventional music or seeing the traditional dance of the island.

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire offers tourists a break after they have explored the underwater life of the Bonaire Island. They can book a flight from Bonaire to visit the sanctuary to show their affection to the donkeys in the sanctuary by feeding them. Kids will have an exciting and enjoyable time while they feed about 400 donkeys in the sanctuary. Tourists can buy food bags from the sanctuary at an affordable price to feed the donkeys.

Butterfly Garden Bonaire

Tourists paying airfare for Bonaire to visit the Butterfly Garden Bonaire will easily recover from a suntan or from other routine outdoor activities. The spot, which is located in the southeastern part of the Bonaire Island, not only offers a serene break to the tourists, but it also allows them to witness attractive Caribbean butterfly species.

Lac Bay

Although Bonaire is the most sought-after tourist destination amid divers, tourists taking a ticket to Bonaire and visiting the Lac Bay will not be disappointed in any way, as it offers them to involve in their favorite underwater ventures. The bay offers a retreat to vacationers through its warm shallow waters, dramatic views, and through the typical white sands. It also features ample facilities, such as a seashore bar and lounge chairs.

Visit the valuable museums

People who book a flight to Bonaire will have the opportunity to visit the two valuable museums of the island that include the BonaireArt Museum and the Bonaire Museum. Vacationers can take pleasure in witnessing the rotating displays from the local artists at the BonaireArt Museum. On the other hand, at the Bonaire Museum, tourists can know the complete history of the island.

The Bonaire Washington Slagbaai National Park

The Bonaire Washington Slagbaai National Park is the biggest park in the island, occupying the vast area of 13,500 acres. It is a deserted oasis, which is located on the northwestern tip of Bonaire, is a home to 203 diverse bird species. Hiking enthusiasts can book a flight from Bonaire to have a nice time in the park, as it offers many hiking tracks suitable for both professional as well as for amateur trekkers.

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