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Fights to Aberdeen, flights to aberdeen

Flights to Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third populous city in Scotland, it is nick named by most as the Granite City, the Grey city and the Silver city with Golden Sands. Aberdeen has been known as the off-shore oil capital of Europe in the 1970’s. The area of Aberdeen has been settled around 8000 years ago with prehistoric villages. Aberdeen has been the top business hub in UK in the year 2012 making it the only city in Scotland to receive this accolade. There are a lot of tourist attractions places and things that Aberdeen offers. Let us have a look at them. The best places to visit and things to do in Aberdeen

  • St Machar Cathedral

  • Seaton park

  • FootDee

  • Aberdeen Beach


  • Aberdeen art gallery

  • Must pay a visit to Tolbooth Seafood Restaurant

  • Enjoy the beauty of Seaton park

  • FootDee

  • Visit Aberdeen Beach

  • Visit Balmoral castle

  • Explore Aberdeen art gallery

You too can pay a visit to the older Aberdeen city where you can get a glimpse of the oldest University and the villages of the past with earlier architectural cultures and constructions. Best time to visit Aberdeen The busiest month for tourism in Aberdeen, United Kingdom is July, followed by September and June. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these three months, though you can save if you could book and purchase well in advance.

Flights to Aberdeen

Seaton park

If you are in love with nature and quiet places, Seaton Park is a must for you. The leafy pathways and the grassy expanses of the park will make you forget everything and lost in the silence it offers. It will definitely make you forget your smartphone and you will able to recharge your batteries a little.


FootDee is an old fishing village where fishermen used to go for shipping. The beautiful streets and cottages were built in order to rehouse an influx of fisherman in the city. The local sea food is a very special dish for the localites here, you too can feel the taste of the yummy sea food at the local food stores out there.

Aberdeen Travel

Another beautiful and attractive place to visit is the Aberdeen Beach, which lies only at a short distance from the city centre. It is an old and classic beach which comprises of shops, cafes and ballrooms, etc.


This is a medieval crossing over a mystical pool back from the 13 th century. The deep pool is named as the Black Neuk. The crossing is legendary for quite a few reasons. It is now penned down as one of the oldest bridge in Scotland.

The Dunnottar castle

The Dunnottar Castle is a very short distant away from the city which takes a small bus ride or car drive to reach the spot. It houses a lot of buildings, tower and including the palace. It served as the hiding place for the Scottish jewels when the army of Oliver Cromwell invaded Scotland in the 1600’s.

Balmoral castle

Balmoral castle is the official residence of the British royal family. It is an A listed building with a property estate with numerous animals and farmlands. Queen comes to stay in the estate during April to May and during that time the lush grounds and the gardens are opened for the tourists.