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Edinburg is the famous and the beautiful capital of Scotland which can also be known as the center of all the festivals. The concise, hilly region is a famous tourist spot given the fact that its festival Hogmanay is very famous and is visited by millions of people worldwide. The reason of its huge tourist crowd is a beautiful weather. Really, Edinburgh is a very beautiful place to visit.The city is divided into two parts- Old Town and New Town. Old town is famous for its traditional monuments which are worth watching. The most famous is the Edinburgh castle which stands at the top of the Old Town. Also the tourist shops of the Royal Mile are a famous place to visit.

  • Scottish Highlands

  • The Real Mary King’s Close

  • Edinburgh Castle

  • Our Dynamic Earth

  • The Meadows

  • Arthur's Seat

  • Roam through the meadows

  • Wash your face in the dew of Arthur's Seat

  • Taste some whiskey at the Scottish Highlands

  • Explore the whole city

  • Sightseeing Tours

  • Visit Edinburgh Castle

The city is mostly known for one of the biggest cultural fest that is organized during August.Thus August maybe the time that is best to book flight to Edinburgh, beautiful Scottish capital. But along with this there are many other festivals that the city organizes as well and you can say it is a good time to visit the place in winters as well, due to the beautiful scenes and it being a hilly area. Due to the great scenic beauty of Edinburgh, it really stands as the capital of Scotland that provides good worth to your airfare for Edinburgh. From beautiful exploratory places, to cultural heritage, to deep mysteries, and the mouthwatering delicacies and drinks, Edinburgh is one place that should be on the bucket list of many explorers out there.

Top Experience in Edinburgh

The Real Mary King’s Close

It is situated beneath the Royal Mile and known for its famous stories where the plague victims were walled up inside and the left to die so that the disease could not be spread. If you take a guide with you, he will tell you many interesting insights into the history of the place and you will have a much fair view of the stories which are interesting enough to make your day.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburg Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Sitting proudly over one of the two extinct volcanoes in the city, it provides unmatched views of Edinburgh and is a place where you can easily see some of the most iconic buildings including the Half Moon Battery, and the National War Memorial.

Arthur's Seat

There are very few cities which have the luck to possess an extinct volcano with their geographical area. So one thing that you need to do is take a hike to the Arthur's Seat, which is a pretty easy task and wash your face in the dew that is present there in early morning, as it has been a part of the culture for long.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are very well known for their art of whiskey and scotch brewing. Well it is the best time to try on the local delicacy as the most popular brewing city in the whole world has many decent bars where you can try on some of the best whiskey in the world.

The Calm Meadows

One thing that is on the must do list when you visit the city is to take a stroll around the calm meadows which are located on the Central University Campus. Due to its peacefulness and the fact that one can easily find shade or sunlight with a calm ambience around, the place is stocked full of University students

Our Dynamic Earth

Everyone is curious and at some point of time wants to know how our earth was made and what happened in the past. This adventure provides you the facility to know what happened. This is a must go place when in Edinburgh and it is always the best 4D adventure that you would ever go to!

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