“The Ultimate Guide to Salt Lake City(SLC) International Airport: Tips

Salt Lake’s availability via air is outstanding. Salt Lake City International Airport is one of the West’s significant center points, served by 9 carriers and their offshoots offering more than 700 day-by-day direct trips to/from 95+ destinations. It is likewise nearer to the city it serves than some other air terminal—just a little ways from downtown. Discover more about the air terminal. For more information, call our travel expert at +1-888-351-7078.

Starting April 15, 2013, the Utah Transit Authority offers Trax Light-Rail administration from the Airport to downtown Salt Lake. Riders can board at the station and Welcome Center simply outside the terminal one. Admission is $2.50 and trains run like clockwork. Weekday administration starts at 5:30 am and runs until 11:30 pm.

Location of the Airport and Transport Services

Salt Lake City International Airport is found only five miles northwest and 10 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. Transports services and parking garages are for the most part open at the air terminal. The air terminal works with all major U.S. aircraft, including American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, US Airways, Continental, SkyWest, JetBlue, and United; it benefits a few relentless worldwide flights. 

The SLC International Airport is one of the least bustling global air terminals, so travelers have the advantage of shorter hold up times and littler groups, yet access to the significant carriers and goals. The air terminal is perfect and present day, and holding up territories are quite often clamoring however not totally filled. 

Amenities and Services at Salt Lake City Airport

Delta Air Lines works at the reservations community headquartered at the air terminal. Bolster offices incorporate two fire stations, an airplane salvage and firefighting preparation focus, Delta and SkyWest Airlines upkeep shelters, and a United States Post Office. 

There is additionally a  wide choice of eateries and cheap food, just as little shops where drinks, bites, books, and trinkets can be bought. 

Transportation to the Airport 

The UTA and Trax trains provide seamless and advantageous access to Salt Lake International Airport. The Green Line on Trax runs from downtown Salt Lake City to the air terminal. Trains leave like clockwork on weekdays and at regular intervals on weekends, from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and 9:45 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sundays and Holidays. You can also call the customer assistance and transportation service for transport highways 453 and 454 that administer the air terminal. Transport and Trax passages are $2.50 for a single direction.

The air terminal additionally offers a lot of present moment and long haul leaving, for the individuals who need to drive private vehicles. Transports transport individuals from long haul stopping to the air terminal terminals. 

Air terminal Layout 

The landing strip consists of three airborne runways and a general flying runway. Runway 16L/34R is 12,003 feet in length, runway 16R/34L is 12,000 feet in length, runway 17/35 is 9,596 feet in length, and runway 14/32 is 4,900 feet in length. There are two terminals, five concourses (AnE), and 83 airplane doors. Delta Air Lines and SkyWest Airlines operate from Terminal 2. Every other carrier serving Salt Lake City utilizes Terminal One. Notwithstanding booked worldwide assistance, the International Terminal is utilized by contracted flights and houses U.S. Customs. 

Lodging and Hanging Around the Airport 

A momentary stopping porch sits contiguous to the terminals. Rental vehicle organizations are situated on the lower level of the parking structure. Long haul stopping is found south and west of the terminal structures and is overhauled by transports. The buses run at regular intervals and are free. General flying offices, including fixed base administrators, are situated on the east side of the runway. Payload organizations are bunched south of the complex except for United Parcel Service, which is north of the terminal structures.

Parking at Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City Airport has a lot of parking spots. Momentary stopping is adjoining the terminals and helpful for both get and drop off. On the off chance that you have to stop long haul, you’ll find long haul stopping toward the south and west of the terminals. You will require a van to get to and from those regions; free transports run at regular intervals. 

Rates fluctuate by where you park. Premium held stopping on the main degree of the carport is $55 for 24 hours, while carport stopping on levels 2 and 3 is $35 for 24 hours. Hourly stopping on the primary degree of the carport is $2 for the initial 30 minutes and $1 for at regular intervals after that. Long haul economy stopping is accessible for $10 per day; travelers should take a bus to get to and from the part. There are likewise 41 spaces for those with inabilities. These spaces have extra-wide slows down and cost $10 for 24 hours.

Things to Know Before Going to Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport is a conveniently sorted out air terminal that is sufficiently enormous to deal with significant carriers, yet not so huge that it’s an issue to explore. In spite of the fact that there are two terminals and five concourses, you don’t have to get a van or train to get between any of them. 

Anticipate the standard lines at ticket counters, booths, and security lines, yet as a rule, you ought to be fine showing up one-and-a-half to two hours in front of your booked flight. You’ll likely have the opportunity to glance around at shops, get something to eat, or kick back at your entryway. 

SLC is a Delta center point, so an extraordinary lion’s share of the showing up and withdrawing flights are served by Delta. In any case, 10 all out carriers serve this air terminal: AeroMexico, Alaska Airlines, American, Delta Air Lines, Frontier, JetBlue, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, SkyWest, Southwest, and United. 

Dining at Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport has a charming array of spots to eat, from semi-formal eateries to places where you can get a speedy nibble. Bistro Rio in the Terminal 2 food court is a scrumptious, quick, and easygoing spot; the newly made tortillas are tasty, similar to the smooth tomatillo dressing. The Gordon Biersch Brewery and Squatters Airport Pub are go-to spots for food and lager, while Vino Volo is incredible for wine. Look to Starbucks or Pinkberry cupcakes to treat your sweet tooth. In the event that you need an effectively versatile dinner for the plane, Fresh Market and Cat Gora’s Gourmet Market are both acceptable choices. 

Other largest airlines which operate from Salt Lake City

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