21 Best Things To Do In Miami With Kids, Book Now

things to do in miami with kids

An American city, ‘The City of Miami’, is the economic, cultural, and financial hub for South Florida and also has the reputation of being a capital of exotic beaches, Art Deco architecture, and above all, nightlife. Also, there are the best things to do in Miami with kids.

People from all over the world head to Miami to enjoy its sizzling nightclubs and transform themselves into complete party animals.

For most of the year, the city has beach-ready weather, and it welcomes travelers throughout the year from different parts of the globe. Also, cheap flights to Miami are available.

Miami offers a holiday mood not only to adults, but the city is a mecca for kids as well. Kids need not curb here as there are many more things to engross them.

There is a lot of outdoor activities, including museums, a fanciful castle, a Renaissance villa, boating, a spring-fed pool, fun splash pads, and many parks for little monsters to hold their interest.

Miami is a fantastic holiday spot to spend quality time with family.

Also, you can add the City of Miami to your bucket list for being a pocket-friendly city. It is a destination for party lovers, so there are flights to Miami from every corner of the state.

Being one of the most affordable areas in all of the U.S. states, one can get cheap flights to Miami and save a lot.  

So, take your kids to the place by booking cheap flights to Miami to treat them to these below-mentioned local experiences of the city:

Venetian Pool—Coral Gables

Due to many things, this Pool is considered one of the most fantastic swimming pools in the world, and it is also registered in the National Register of Historic Places.

Kids will love to explore a water cave and swim under a bridge. The Venetian Pool is a combination of tropical foliage, waterfalls, and beautiful Italian architecture.

It’s like heaven for water-loving kids. Visit this spot by taking cheap flights to Miami.

Zoo Miami

The zoo, which offers a variety of rare animal species, is the largest and only subtropical zoo in the continental U.S. It spreads over 750 acres and is home to 3,000 animals, which include elephants, vipers, crocs, rhinos, hippos, gorillas, and many other often-seen species. Enjoy seeing animals at this spot by taking cheap flights to Miami.

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, which is composed of four buildings and covers an area of over 250,000 square feet, is a place meant not only for kids but their parents as well where kiddos can satisfy their craving to know more about science by touching, smelling, and playing with scientific things.

The museum also has a three-level aquarium and a 250-seat planetarium. Take your kids to the museum.


After taking a cheap flight to Miami, take your kids straight to the Seaquarium to let them enjoy watching dolphins do tricks during the dolphin show.

Also, kids will love to watch the athletic abilities of sea lions.

At the Seaquarium, lovers of aquatic animals can enjoy swimming with seals, interacting with penguins, and watching flamingos, sea turtles, sea lions, manatees, etc.

This aquarium has the Sea Trek Reef Encounter, which covers an area of 300,000-gallon tropical reefs, and visitors can experience it in a unique underwater helmet.

Flamingo Park

The park is for all ages of people as it has basketball and tennis courts, a climbing wall, a dog bark for Fido, and above all, an 8-lane lap pool with a zero-depth entry water play area.

This 34-acre South Beach park offers plenty of activities to keep the family busy. Surprise your kids with this trip by taking cheap flights to Miami.

Crandon Park

Visit the beautiful and one of the safest beaches in the state.

It features a beach playground, scenic water, cabana rentals, a family amusement spot with a carousel, the home of iguanas, and unusual reptiles. 

Fun Dimension

A 15,000-square-foot area of Wynwood is dedicated to FunDimension, which touts a 7D theater, bungee jumping, a three-story indoor playground, laser tag, and spinning bumper cars.

This recently opened space also has fitness classes and day camps for kiddos.

At FunDimensions, kids can be entertained by nu-combo games, which allow them to play as many games as they want.

Also, kids will love this place more after knowing the video for Imagine Dragons’ “Zero” was shot at FunDimensions. Take your kids to the FunDimension.

Miami Children’s Museum

No matter if it’s hot outside or cold inside, the children’s museum has the perfect weather inside to let your kids enjoy every inch of it.

It is designed to inspire little curious minds with fun local touches, including a cruise ship exhibit, marine tanks demonstrating South Florida wildlife, etc.

It offers school programming and Mommy and Me classes as well. Children will engage themselves in educational activities.

They can learn about money by walking through an interactive piggy bank and more. Reach the museum by taking cheap flights to Miami.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island is located between South Beach and downtown Miami, and it is an 18-acre zoological park with lush vegetation and exotic animals.

These subtropical surroundings will let you enjoy the company of parrots, lemurs, kangaroos, sloths, orangutans, and most importantly, lilies, which are lion-tiger Lion-Tiger hybrid.

Its other attractions include a zoo, playground, live shows, a 600-foot zip line, a SuperFlight experience that takes through the wind tunnel, and a jungle cabin escape room.

Everglades Farm

After taking flights to Miami, treat your kids to an unusual experience where the farm organizes an alligator feeding show and a snake show, which gives kids the courage to hold the giant reptile.

Visitors to experience the adrenaline rush can reach here with a semi-private or private airboat ride, which takes them at the farm through the preserve’s sawgrass mangroves.

It glides over just six inches of water, and kids will love to watch alligators, birds, and turtles for an hour. 

Miccosukee Indian Village

This Native American village, which is located west of the city, teaches the Miccosukee tribe’s fascinating culture and history to kids.

Here, you will see historical artifacts, paintings, patchwork, samples of the tribe’s cuisine, and the Indian Museum.

Visitors can take an airboat ride on a balmy, breezy day to explore the village.

However, the alligator show, where a tribesman fearlessly wrestles a 7- to 9-foot alligator, will take all your attention. Take your kids to the museum by taking cheap flights to Miami.

Little Havana

Take cheap flights to Miami and reach Calle Ocho (8th Street) between 17th and 12th Avenues to enjoy the Calle Ocho Festival held every March and the Carnaval Miami held every February. Little Havana is famous for its restaurants and the unusual-flavored Ice cream of Azucar Ice Cream Company. Take your kids to see a mural painted outside of the Cafeteria Guardabarrenco.

Safari Adventure

This privately owned and funded rescue facility, SafariEdventure,e is a small animal sanctuary that covers an area of over five acres.

It is home to more than 110 species, which also allows for touching a dozen animals. Kids are welcome to hold and take selfies with more than 15 animals.

If visitors wish to feed adorable animals, they can bottle-feed the pot-bellied pigs of the sanctuary. Your kids will want to miss the opportunity to hold little alligators.

Your kid will love the adventure, so take cheap flights to Miami and visit this place.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove, which is famous for its artsy, laid-back, and lovely area, is the best place to spend the afternoon.

It is a spot to enjoy shopping at the CocoWalk Center and watch a movie with the family. Take your kids to have fun at two play structures and waterfront views peppered with plenty of boats.

Kiddos can be taught the importance of yoga at Peacock Park. Take your kids to see Coconut Grove by taking flights to Miami.

Tidal cove

JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa has a fantastic new water park to let visitors and their children keep busy with enjoyment for the whole day.

On entering the water park, kids will not want to leave this place.

It has a kid’s pool spread over 4,000 sq ft, a lazy river, a splash pad for toddlers, two exotic food spots, and on-duty guards to take care of the kids having fun in the pool.

The Tidal Cove features seven waterslides and a Flow Rider to analyze boogie-boarding skills.

Miami Children’s Theatre

The theater welcomes kids to become familiar with the life of show business.

No adults but children take care of everything from production, direction, action, and choreography of the performance. Take your kids to the theatre by taking cheap flights to Miami.

Fruit and Spice Park

The Fruit and Spice Park is basically for kids who have an interest in horticulture and local wildlife.

At the park, trees are known to produce more than 500 varieties of fruits and vegetables. More than 150 types of mangoes are its attraction.

Haulover Skate Park

This track will give kids a glimpse of challenging trails. It is a 7,500-square-foot skate park on the hills of South Florida.

Take your adventure-loving kids to this place to practice catching some air by taking flights to Miami.

Artsy Hive

It is a pottery painting spot with a bunch of unique pieces of paint where art-loving kids can learn to shape their dreams. Shape the creativity of your kid by taking cheap flights to Miami now.

Monkey Jungle

“Where the humans are caged and the monkeys run wild” is the tagline of this forest. Kids will love to explore this 30-acre wildlife park, which is home to around 300 primates.

Give your kids a tour of the jungle by taking cheap flights to Miami.

History Miami

Every month, it shows the history of South Florida with Family Fun Days on the second Saturday. Kids like the place for its art walks, so take them by taking flights to Miami now.

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