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The Largest Airline In Columbia and the second-largest in Latin America Know more about Avianca?

It is a Colombian airline and has also been the national airline and flag carrier of Colombia. It has been known as Colombian Airlines since December 5, 1919. The airline has its central hub at El Dorado International Airport and its headquarters in Bogota, D.C.

Airlines are the flotilla leaders of the eight Latin American airlines whose operations are combined to function as one airline using a codesharing system.

Avianca is said to be the largest airline in Colombia, followed by the second largest in Latin America after LATAM of Chile. Columbian Airlines and its subsidiaries have the most extensive network of destinations in Latin America.

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avianca airlines history

“Avianca Airlines: Soaring Beyond Boundaries with Passion and Grace”

Avianca Airlines is owned by Synergy Group S.A., a South American company with an established German subsidiary specializing in air transport. Furthermore, it is also listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange.

According to SCADATA, Avianca is the second oldest airline after KLM and has also celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2009 and announced its merger plans with TACA.

Avianca is known to be the oldest airline in the Western Hemisphere.

The airline became an official member of the Star Alliance on June 21, 2012, after a process that lasted nearly 18 months from the initial announcement of their invitation to join the Alliance.

There are two entities named Avianca. One is Avianca [Colombia], the national airline of Colombia.

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The other is Avianca Holdings, a parent company formed when Avianca and TACA merged a few years ago.

Avianca is not the same company or airline as Avianca Brasil, although the names sound and look similar.

The relationship is approximately the same as the relationship between Delta and Air France, as far as the passenger is concerned.

The “airline” operating as Avianca is one of several airlines operating under the same name as a codeshare alliance.

The situation differs from the relationship between codeshares in the USA and Europe because the laws in Central and South America are more lenient.

It’s a little more challenging with Avianca to tell which airline you’re flying on, but it’s usually planted in the fine print somewhere when you look at your ticket.

Practically speaking, there is only a difference for the customer or passenger if you need to change your ticket.

Then, it’s common to get the run-around when you call Avianca unless you’re flying on Avianca.

Avianca is known to be the commercial brand that has been representing the Latin American airlines that are integrated into Avianca Holdings S.A., thereby offering passenger transportation, air cargo, parcel services, and other specialized aviation services.

Its comprehensive route network serving passengers throughout the Americas and Europe operates with a modern fleet of short-, medium-, and long-haul aircraft.

Recognized repeatedly by passenger surveys, its people strive to provide world-class service with excellence.

The airline offers a loyalty program, LifeMiles, which provides its seven million members with a wide range of benefits and travel options.

Avianca also became the transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards in November, followed by Capital One’s big announcement of the transfer partners on the Capital One credit card venture and the Capital One Spark Miles business.

In Avianca, one can even earn credit miles. Have you ever heard about the word life miles related to airlines? One can transfer credit card points from the three Prime programs. Those include: Amex Membership Rewards (1:1 ratio) Capital One (2:1.5 ratio) Citi ThankYou Rewards (1:1 ratio) This makes it incredibly easy to quickly have enough LifeMiles to book many Star Alliance flights.

In terms of security, Avianca has different international certifications that guarantee the quality of its procedures and safety standards in its aircraft maintenance, training, and support.

In addition, on November 27, 2008, it received the certification ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations), is the first airline in the world to receive it. ISAGO certifies compliance with the standards and practices for the control and management of the processes of care and boarding of passengers, cargo, and luggage, as well as assistance and handling of aircraft.

Avianca is the world’s best airline because it will take you to Colombia. Avianca does not offer service in Africa or on the West Coast of the USA. Similar to obtaining bonuses, LifeMiles will usually give 100% transfer bonuses if you want to transfer your miles to a fan or loved one. Pay $15 for every 1000 miles you would like to transfer, and your friend or loved one can receive 2000 miles in their account throughout the promotions. You’ll be able to share 75,000 LifeMiles per year.

If you’re searching for absolutely the most value-effective} mileage cost, Avianca’s “Club LifeMiles” monthly subscription setup still allows members to shop for miles as low as one—39 cents per mile.

Unlike most airlines or hotels that sell miles, these obtain and transfer transactions are all processed directly by Avianca, which means your miles or transfer purchase can qualify for the travel or fare bonus classes on the MasterCard you use to pay.

You can also use a range of travel partners to earn LifeMiles. You can book through many online travel agencies like and and make between one and twenty-five LifeMiles per dollar spent.

Otherwise, you can tie your LifeMiles variety to many worldwide edifice chains like Hilton, Best Western, Marriott, and IHG and earn either a collection quantity of LifeMiles per keep or 1-2 LifeMiles per dollar spent. In addition, you’ll be able to book experiences and automobile rentals through the LifeMiles Things portal and earn miles supported by your pay.

Crediting discount United economy tickets to LifeMiles can earn you five hundredth of the miles flown; for instance, you can credit paid Iberia and Aeromexico flights to LifeMiles, although those airlines aren’t Star Alliance members.

A few points regarding redeeming miles for flights via Avianca’s program:

LifeMiles doesn’t expire any fuel surcharges, notwithstanding the airline you fly. However, a $25 booking fee applies to any or all award tickets.

LifeMiles typically don’t see the top-notch convenience that different Star Alliance programs see.

You can redeem miles and money to hide a present flight if you don’t have enough miles, although you would like a minimum of four hundredths of the specified miles.

Calling Avianca for love or money is extraordinarily painful; thus, continuously attempt to book online 1st. The decision center employees’ English could be more pleasant, hold times are long, and agents need to be more trained in partner bookings.

No stopovers are allowed. You can additionally redeem LifeMiles for non-alliance partner peninsulas, but you want to decide to book these tickets.

As with different Star Alliance partners, you can typically solely book Lufthansa top-notch at intervals fourteen days before departure.

Avianca’s LifeMiles program became considerably more “mainstream” in November 2018 because it was valued as a transfer partner for both Membership Rewards and Capital One.

The program conjointly frequently runs promotions on both the earning and redeeming sides, so check out the special offers page because of the power to earn plenty of LifeMiles from transferable-purpose programs on prime co-branded cards. Additionally to the relatively simple act of redeeming miles online at honest costs, this program ought to positively air your rad.

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Know more about Colombia’s national carrier

  1. Avianca-TACA merger (2009– 13)

In 2009, it was reported that Avianca would converge with TACA.[12][13] This made AviancaTaca Holdings, which, in a split second, wound up one of the locale’s biggest carriers, with 129 airships and flights to over 100 goals.

In November 2009, the carrier’s Chief Executive, Fabio Villegas, reported that the aircraft hoped to supplant its Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 airships with more up-to-date 100 seats or fewer airplanes.

On January 1, 2011, the carrier chose to resign the Fokker 100 flying machine and supplant them with 10 Airbus A318 rented from GECAS.

The airplane was conveyed from February to April 2011.

2. Avianca, a Star Alliance Member

On November 10, 2010, Star Alliance declared that Avianca (and its merger partner, TACA) were complete individuals in 2012.

Because of Avianca’s entrance into Star Alliance, it finished its codeshare agreement with Delta Air Lines and started another codeshare agreement with United Airlines.

TACA has been codesharing with United Airlines since 2006. On June 21, 2012, Avianca and TACA formally entered the Star Alliance.

3. Avianca Holdings S.A. (2013– present)

TACA and all other Avianca aircraft changed their image to Avianca on May 28, 2013. On March 21, 2013, at the yearly broad gathering, the investors affirmed the change in corporate name from AviancaTaca Holdings S.A. to Avianca Holdings S.A.

Avianca’s home office is on Avenida El Dorado and between Avenida la Esmeralda and Gobernación de Cundinamarca, situated in the Ciudad Salitre zone of Bogotá.

The Gran Estación situates the building. Its past head office was at Avenida El Dorado No. 93-30.

Avianca’s center points are in Bogotá at El Dorado International Airport, in San Salvador at Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport, and in Lima at Jorge Chávez International Airport.

Its central urban areas are Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, San José, and Quito, just like Miami, where Avianca is the biggest remote transporter by the number of travelers. The aircraft covers 187 goals in 27 nations.

4.Avianca propelled their LifeMiles long-standing customer program in 2011, supplanting AviancaPlus.

The dimensions incorporate silver, gold, and diamond, supplanting the previous Basic, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Executive dimensions.

This program covers all Avianca Holdings aircraft. In security, Avianca has different international certifications that guarantee the quality of its procedures and safety standards in its aircraft maintenance, training, and support.

In addition, on November 27, 2008, it received certification from ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations), the first airline in the world to receive it.

ISAGO certifies compliance with the standards and practices for the control and management of the processes of care and boarding of passengers, cargo, and luggage, as well as assistance and handling of aircraft.

Long after the carrier was established, the aircraft intrigued German researcher and humanitarian Peter von Bauer. They contributed general information, capital, and a tenth airplane for the organization, as well as acquiring concessions from the Colombian government to work the nation’s airmail transportation division utilizing the carrier, which started in 1922. This new contract permitted SCADTA to flourish in other boondocks of aeronautics. By the mid-1920s, SCADTA had begun its first worldwide courses that shrouded goals in Venezuela and the United States.

In 1924, the airplane that Ernesto Cortissoz and Helmuth von Krohn were flying collided with a zone presently known as Bocas de Ceniza in Barranquilla, murdering them. In the mid-1940s, Peter von Bauer sold his offers in the aircraft to the US-claimed Pan American World Airways.

Avianca airlines history av

Colombia-based Star Alliance aircraft Avianca, the third-greatest in South America by travelers conveyed, offers a standout amongst the most one-of-a-kind carrier reliability programs called LifeMiles.

Previously, this program gave long stretches of amusement and interest to focuses and miles fans because of a standout honor web search tool and remiss area definitions that permitted eminent and strange honor schedules.

While those days are over, LifeMiles are, as yet, money that ought to be in your reliability portfolio.

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