Avianca Life miles: Up to 15% Transfer Bonus, Book Now

Avianca offers a 15% transfer bonus when transferring Capital One miles to Avianca LifeMiles. This can make some of Avianca’s already sweet spots more indulgent.

Know The Special Deal on Capitol One

Airlines LifeMiles is offering a 15% transfer bonus from Capital One. This bonus is on the LifeMiles side.

Promotion is valid just for transfer points or miles from partaking transfer members (“LifeMiles Partners”) to leagues of the LifeMiles program from September 15th, 2023 (midnight GMT-6) to September 30th, 2023 (11:59 PM GMT-6).

The lowest transfer of 1000 points is needed.

It would be best if you were previously documented as a LifeMiles member to partake in this promotion, and you can sign up as an associate at

LifeMiles partners who transfer miles into their LifeMiles reserve will receive 15% bonus miles on each transaction during the advertising period. The reward and assigned miles may be recollected in the LifeMiles account statement in two different transactions.

LifeMiles acquired by transmitting and the bonus Miles gained with this advertisement apply to obtain or hold the LifeMiles Elite Status according to the rules of the Elite Program obtainable at

Assigned LifeMiles and the extra miles will be accrued within 24 hours after the LifeMiles Partner declares the proposal for mile transfer.

LifeMiles is not accountable for miles not accrued, accrued incorrectly, or accrued delinquently due to information errors or waits from the LifeMiles Partners.

The transaction cannot be reversed once points or miles are assigned to LifeMiles – Avianca Life MilesAvianca Lifemiles

Where can you utilize Avianca Lifemiles?

  • From Avianca Hub Cities to Europe in Business Class 63K with no fuel surcharges While 63,000 miles to Europe isn’t difficult, fewer fuel surcharges make it more exciting. Taxes for Avianca are often $700-1000, so this can be a great savings. There are many examples of city-pair expensive pricing far below the official award chart, like New York to Bogota for 35K miles and mixed-cabin business class itineraries that price from as low as 49K.
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