Delta, American, United and Other Airlines Requiring Passengers to Wear Masks

Following the lead of JetBlue Airways, Delta, American, United and other Airlines have decided on Thursday that they will be requiring the passengers to wear a face mask during the flight. 

The initiative has been taken by most of the airlines including some of the big and small airlines in order to comply with the social distancing recommendations by the government in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

As per the officials of airlines services,  all the passengers who are to travel from the flight in the upcoming future will have to wear a face mask as a compulsory move before boarding on flight.  This will help the airlines to keep the passengers and the crew members safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the highly spread pandemic, most of the airlines are empty and the travel services have faced a downgrading of over 95% from the previous years. As per the figures obtained from the airline’s industries, at the present time, a domestic flight consists of an average of 17 passengers.

However,  in the recent photos and videos posted by the passengers of airlines,  it was noted that many planes are crowded with passengers who weren’t wearing a face mask. The passengers were not following the recommendation by the federal health officials in terms of social distancing and wearing a mask while in a public place to prevent the virus spread.

The crowds in these lines have also been the result of cancelling the other flights and adjusting the passengers into fuel planes that were in operation.

Keeping in mind the events going on and the irresponsible behaviour of passenger’s safety against coronavirus pandemic, JetBlue Airlines services was the first US airlines which announced that the passengers are required to wear a face mask during flight. 

As stated by the president of JetBlue Airlines, Joanna Geraghty,  starting from the next week the passengers will have to wear a face mask during flight.  The president further added that it is a new flying etiquette which is not only about protecting yourself but also protecting others who are around you.

Following the leads of JetBlue Airlines, Delta and United Airlines stated that they would also make mask mandatory for the passengers from upcoming Monday and the Frontier Airlines would begin the same rules from May 08, 2020. 

However, the airline services accepted that they were already recommending and encouraging the passengers to wear face masks and also required the crew members to wear it.

Considering the decision taken by American Airline in regards to requiring the passengers to cover up their faces,  the CEO of American Airline,  Doug Parker stated that JetBlue should also enforce mandatory policy seeing the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. As stated by Parker, the airline services should be careful about putting their team into the position of being stringent on passengers covering themselves up. He further added we are hoping that the customers who are choosing airlines to travel must opt for their own protection and also show respect for others who are travelling with them on the aeroplane.

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