Chicago Travel Guide

Flying to Chicago will let you gain exposure of the greenery of the place by experiencing the Millenium park,  super tall Willis tower, navy pier, a perfect destination for shopping and eating, the famous cloud gate, and a lot more!! This place is famous for its tourist attractions.

Whether it is a family vacation or a vacation with your partner, Chicago is the perfect destination for any kind of vacation. This place is just magnificent for tourists to discover. 

You can have plenty of fun activities and things to do in Chicago. This place offers a perfect vacation package for the tourist. You will surely get a memorable trip to this place.

Best time to Visit Chicago

Spring, summer, and fall. Celebrations, exceptional occasions, and delightful landscape happen each month, and Lake Michigan is beautiful. 

Traffic is thick and rental vehicles, gas, and leaving are costly. It’s ideal to remain on open travel. Winters can be particularly blustery in the Great Lakes area, so make certain to pack a cap and scarf, and wear loads of layers.

Things to do in Chicago

Chicago is the largest city of the U.S which has a rich and vibrant culture. Every year millions of tourists from around the world visit Chicago for their vacation. This place has a lot more to offer to its tourists

Right from the top-notch buildings to the world-class museums is what makes this place a famous spot for the tourists. if you have prepared your bucket list, don’t forget to go for the vibrant shopping malls and nightclubs.  

Even if you are looking to spend some of the peaceful time, you can go to Grant Park to make yourself relax. 

Such more spots that are worth to pay a visit to Chicago are:

1. Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a six-mile stretch of green space along the edge of Lake Michigan, and Chicago’s greatest park. This well-known park is home to the flawless Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Lincoln Park Zoo, perhaps the most seasoned zoo in the nation. Additionally situated here is the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and the Chicago History Museum. For the individuals who basically need to appreciate the open air space there are playing fields, bicycle trails, running ways, and seashores. Guests can see various huge sculptures and bits of open craftsmanship inside the recreation center grounds including Augustus Saint Gaudens’ Standing Statue of Lincoln (1887).

2. Wrigley field

Wrigley Field, home to the Chicago Cubs, was worked in 1914 and is the second-most seasoned Major League Baseball park in the US, second just to Fenway Park in Boston. The recreation center has seen some amazing crossroads in baseball history, including the 1917 no-hitter throwing duel between the Cubs’ Jim Vaughn and the Reds’ Fred Toney, and Babe Ruth’s “called shot” during game three of the 1932 World Series. Ballpark visits are directed in-season when you can visit the press box and field, just as the holes if there is no game that day.

3. Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue is presumably one of the most alluring destinations in America. The city’s well known Magnificent Destination is a segment of Michigan Avenue north of the Chicago River, with various exhibitions, boutiques, and extravagance shops. A portion of the attractions along here incorporates the John Hancock Center, the Wrigley Building, and the Tribune Tower.

4. 360 Chicago

Situated in the John Hancock Center place of business, 360 Chicago is a must-visit place located on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building, simple to perceive by its dim metallic-looking outside and cross-supported steel structure, which runs up the outside of the structure. The enormous glass-walled perception deck gives you a view of post over Chicago’s horizon and past.

5. Field Museum of National History

The National History Museum of Chicago includes roughly 20 million ancient species and examples covering an assortment of controls including topography, natural science, zoology and human studies. Some of the must-see things are the lasting presentations on Ancient Egypt and the way of life of North, Central and South America.

The transportation system of Chicago

Passengers traveling to Chicago will arrive at the O’ Hare international airport. They can easily get the rental car or taxis from the airport to reach their destination in Chicago.

Moreover, the best way is mass transit to reach their destination. The passengers can take the public buses, trains or shuttle service from the airport. These means of transportation can be easily found at the airport. 

The best way to get to the city from the airport is to take the train from the O’ Hare international airport. This transit authority in operation 24*7 and you can take the blue line and you will easily reach the center of Chicago. Taking the trail from the airport is the cheapest way of transportation for the airport. 

Besides this, some of the other transportation system available at the Chicago are:

Airport transmit system–  the ATS  is free transportation between the O’Hare international Airport Terminals to the parking lots. This is the operational 24*7 system.  

Bus service– the passengers can take the PACE Bus routes no.250 and 330 that connect the O’ hare international airport to the Chicago downtown. 

Taxi- another transportation system available in the taxi that will take you to your exact place in Chicago.

Car rental– if you want to look around the town on your own, the best option is to rent a car. Rental cars can be easily booked near the airport. 

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