Most of the Americans Cancelling Summer Vacations: Refund Expectations from Airlines/Hotels/Cruises

Americans are the one who always looks forward when it comes to summer vacation. However,  due to the Coronavirus pandemic, over half of the Americans are cancelling their summer vacation plans and giving priority to their safety first.

As per the reports from a survey conducted between Americans, over 48% of Americans have to cancel the summer vacation plan because of the severity of the Global pandemic.  Surprisingly, only 16% of the American said that they have not cancelled their plan and the remaining people have not planned any trip in summer vacation.

The Americans who have cancelled their summer vacation plan are expecting a refund from the airline services, hotels, and cruises they have booked for the vacation. Although many people are also believing that they have lost money on their reservation and no money will be refunded due to their cancellation. 

Most of the Americans have accepted to lose over $800on average on their summer vacation plan. A large part of these non-refundable travel expenses has been done on the airline services and Hotel bookings for the vacation.

In the meantime, the consumers are also recommended to secure their financial losses due to their cancelled summer vacation and also review the companies’ cancellation policy so that they could get a refund for their expenses.

Some of the popular airline services such as Delta, JetBlue,  and United Airlines have introduced some minor changes in their cancellation policies to eliminate the change fees amidst the coronavirus outbreak. These airlines also provide the refund to the customers in case of cancelling the trip proactively. The department of transportation has also advised the airlines to provide a refund to the customers in case they cancel a flight. The refund amount will be provided to the customers in the form of the same payment option as they opted at the time of booking the tickets.

However, as per the travel consumer advocate, there is no benefit to the customers in terms of cancelling their summer vacation and rather, the airline services are the one who will be benefiting from this.

Due to this,  most of the American travellers are choosing to wait until the last minute to cancel their summer vacation plan in the assumption that the airline services might cancel the flight or reschedule their tickets, making them eligible for a refund.

Meanwhile,  various hotels and resorts have also introduced flexible cancellation policies through which the customers can apply for a refund. The reservations which have been done by the consumers until June 30 can be cancelled by the customers without any extra charge.  However, the cancellation must be made by the customer’s 24 hours in advance in order to get eligible for the refund. At the same time, if the customer wants to change the dates of their vacation,  they might opt for a difference in rates of the room.

Many of the Cruise lines are also providing a refund to the travellers who are opting to cancel their summer vacation trips and are unable to go on the vacation due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Although, the travellers who have booked the cruise line tickets through gift cards or using points can face difficulty while getting a refund of their trip.

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