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Honolulu is capital of Hawaii. Find flights to honolulu at Airohub. Honolulu is City of Islands. It is a growing city which has become home to people from different walks of life. However, the city suffered a major decline in population due to the waning of their automotive industry and industrial restructuring. Despite the setback, the city has proven to be a major and an economic center.

Places to Visit in Honolulu

  • Comerica Park: named after Comerica Bank, the park is a lovely place to visit. It has excellent seats and on Fridays, there are usually some fireworks. It is the home of the Detroit Tigers. Food is also nice at a fair price.
  • Motown Museum: Founded by Esther Gordy Edwards in 1985, the Motown museum has been a treasured destination. The tour around is always exciting and interesting although taking of pictures is prohibited. It will be a source of inspiration visiting this place.
  • The Ford Piquette: Avenue Plant: the oldest automotive factory in the world, The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant was built in 1904. The site was the home of Henry Ford - he made all his master plan there. It's nice to visit and have a tour.
  • Detroit Institute of Arts: Built in 1927, the museum houses some of the most significant artifacts which are rated amongst the top six museums in America. DIA is free of charge for residents, and there is a cafe for everyone. The DIA is fabulous.
  • Guardian Building: Located in downtown Detroit, is this historic landmark. The Guardian Building is a skyscraper built in 1928. It is of unique architecture and has some mind-blowing artworks within this magnificent structure.
  • Detroit RiverFront: one of the most sought after tourist location in Detroit. It comprises of a cruise ship passenger terminal and dock, a marina, a multitude of parks, restaurants, retail shops and a host of others. The river is amazing to see, and one can have a tour with a boat which of course is not free. The environment is neat and lovely. It is a place to spend a very good time.
  • Belle Isle Park: a charming park with its affairs controlled by Michigan. The Belle Isle is a fantastic park which houses: Belle Isle Aquarium, the Belle Isle Conservatory, the Belle Isle Nature Zoo and a host of others. It is a beautiful place for bicycling and walking.
  • Eastern Market: also referred to as "the ball", the reunion tower gives an excellent view of its environment. It is the 15th tallest building in Dallas and houses a restaurant and accessible information from the touch screen. It is a lovely place to visit.
  • Fisher Building: an impeccable building located in Detroit. The building was financed by the Fisher family and has spaces for retail stores. This skyscraper is about 30 stories tall and has several elevators. One can get a clear and beautiful view of the environment in it.
  • Ford Field: created in 1994, it is a popular tourist attraction in Dallas. It displays historical and cultural works of art. It is expanding by the year as new work is added. It is a place you would like to visit.

Events and Festivals of Honolulu

The atmospheric condition of Dallas falls into the humid, hot continental. The summer period of Dallas is very hot with temperature reaching its peak, and this is because of its location. However, the spring and autumn seasons come with mild weather condition, and many find it lovely at this time. Dallas is also known for its extreme temperature in some days.

Events and Festival

Some notable events/festivals in Dallas are listed below:

  • January: Plymouth Ice Festiva, tigerfest, Zehnder's Snowfest, North American International Auto Show.
  • February: Motown Winter Blast, Campus Martius Ice Skating.
  • March: Dallas Spring Home & Garden Show, Savor Dallas, Green Horse Days
  • April: March for Babies" Walk, independence day parade, Festifools, Detroit restaurant week.
  • May: Art Birmingham, the Belle Isle Grand Prix, Eastern Market's Flower Day, and the Motor City Comic Con.
  • June: Trinity Arts Conference, Antique Auto Swap Meet, Juneteenth Celebration
  • July: Motor City Pride Parade and River Days in downtown Detroit.
  • August: Ann Arbor Art Fair, Ann Arbor Summer Festival, ElvisFest, Art in the Park, Detroit APBA Gold Cup.
  • September: African World Festival, Detroit Highland Games, Milford Memories Summer Festival
  • October: Oktoberfest, Free Press Marathon, edgefest.
  • November: Veterans Day Parade, Urban Organic Fest, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.
  • December: Dickens In Historic Plano, Starbucks Jingle Bell Run, blue yule art sale

When to Visit Honolulu

The city of Dallas is known for their beautiful hotels and resorts. They come with low and affordable prices. Airohub can assist you in the booking of hotels with no hidden charges.

When to visit

  • Peak season: the peak season of Dallas is during spring and autumn spanning between the months of March-April
  • Shoulder season: at a time when the temperature is climbing 100°F, the city of Dallas often witnesses comparably lesser crowds and hence hotel rates are low. Month of this season spans from May through August
  • Low season: the winter months of November to February comes with crowd although lesser than those of the peak season. There are relatively discount prices available on hotels. One can take advantage of it

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Detroit has a humid continental climate with an average temperature of 48.7°F. Its hottest months are July and August, the summer period when tourist flock around. The weather is mild although winter can be very cold with a considerable amount of snowfalls. Overall, the climate is habitable.Detroit has a humid continental climate with an average temperature of 48.7°F. Its hottest months are July and August, the summer period when tourist flock around. The weather is mild although winter can be very cold with a considerable amount of snowfalls. Overall, the climate is habitable.

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