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A flight to Yap

Yap is a beautiful Island situated on the Caroline group of Islands which are situated in the west of the Pacific Ocean. These islands are a major part of Federated States of Micronesia. The name Yap is also known as, Wa’ab. The main yap Island is considered of 4 islands which are Yap Island proper (Marbec), Gagil-Tamil, Maap (Yapese: Maap′), and Rumung. This article is all about the reasons why you should visit this place at least once in a lifetime for a mesmerizing lifelong experience. Continue reading to know all the reasons which will force you to take your flight to Yap without any further delay.

Places to visit in Yap

Being an island, Yap is a beautiful place itself; surrounding sea and all those plantations around make an island even more exotic. Apart from the usual beauty of an island, Yap is fulfilled with many other particular places for which it is a very popular tourist spot.

Following are some of the tourist places which are extremely famous in Yap:

1. Colonia: Experience the beautiful place with your ticket to Yap

​It is the capital city of the islands of Yap. This is an urban area from which all the official activities of the state of Yap proceed. Apart from handling the official administration of the state of Yap, it also handles activities of many other small islands which are near to this place. Ultimately this place handles the administration of around 800 km. Being an island this place has a very few populations and according to the Census of 2010, the place has recorded a population of just 3126 people.

2. Maap: Worth of your ticket to Yap

The island of Maap is a famous place in the state of Yap which is a village and a municipality. Maap is located in the northeast part of the state of Yap of The Federated States of Micronesia.

3. Gagil: to make best your airfare for Yap

This is again a municipality inside the state of Yap. This place includes a part of Gagil-Tomil Island and a small village of Gachpar. The village of Gachpar has a great historical story as it used to be an ancient capital of Yap Islands Empire. The Yap Empire was established in 10th century AD and it ended in around 15th century AD.

4. Bechiyal: the true price of airfare for Yap

The beautiful place of Bechiyal is also commonly called Becheil or even Bechyal at times by many people around the world. This is a small village which is inside the municipality of Maap which is already mentioned as a part of the state of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia. It is a very non-famous place and also has a very less rate of people living here. When a census was done in 1984 it was found that the village had a population of just 10 people. But this has not been the case ever since it was found because from the records available it is estimated that at the beginning of 20th century the population of this village was around 200 people. There are different kinds of historical things available in the village which is still unexplored by the majority of people. This historical equipment includes different kinds of houses and much archaeological stuff which is too sensitive to handle because they have suffered from wear and tear for a long time. It was a proud moment for the villagers and even the state when this place was listed as one of the historical places by United States national register of historic places in 1983.

Things to do in Yap

With so many places to visit and so much peace to acquire there is so much which you can do at this place once you take your ticket to Yap.

Events and festivals in the state: to make the most out of your airfare for Yap

​There are many events and festivals which are celebrated in the state of Yap which is a must to enjoy if you ever visit this place. One such festival is celebrated on first March which is known as the "Yap day". This day is the most famous festival of this Island and is full of colors. Another such festival which is celebrated in June is called "Homecoming" in which the people of this Island welcome the arrival of summer and celebrate it with their close friends and family by reuniting with them and celebrating the gift of life. Another grants festival which is celebrated in the state is almost at the end of the year that is in November when the local residents build a canoe and celebrate it with their well-wishers.

Kayaking: must visit before taking the flight to your home

Imagine kayaking in a peaceful mangrove forest in which ultimate beauty can be felt in the air and you can hear the silence. Watch the sunset at this beautiful place and because of so much peace around, you can only hear the sound of your boat moving in the water. Many hotels and different tour operators provide the equipment and facility of kayaking.

Diving: a real worth of flight to Yap

The marine life of this Island is untouched by the harmful effects of all the technologies around the world and you can easily enjoy diving in coral Reef. You can explore the piece of an exotic island marine life. There are many independent tour operators which help you to go for safe driving and they also ensure you that you are safe from harmful animals and even hazardous plants.

Best time to visit Yap

Visiting an island does not need for weather check because the weather generally remains cool and calm there. Try avoiding going in rainy season because the sea levels might be raised at that time and there are chances of floods in islands during rainy season. Apart from the rainy season, all the season from the whole year is open for you to visit this Island. Summers are bright and colorful with all those festivals and events happening around it as winters are also not behind from any festival.

So what are you waiting for get your tickets to Yap and forget all the tensions of your life for some time and spend time in the lap of nature.

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