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Flights to Shannon

The city is fast emerging as one of the popular attractions of Ireland. Thousands of tourists from different regions of Europe and all over the world come to this city to enjoy their vacation. It is well known for the airport that has some of the most interesting features and you will be completely surprised with a visit to this beautiful location. You can easily reach other regions of Europe by taking flight from Shannon airport. The city has various other attractions and you can get to see the rich history and culture of the location in the different museums and art galleries. The entire region is split among Limerick and Clare counties. You can easily move around the city by hiring local taxis and it is also easy to move around different attractions using the boat rides.

  • Bunratty Castle

  • Cliff of Moher

  • Ballycasey Craft Centre

  • Inisheer

  • Atlantic Air Adventures

  • Swimming Centre

  • Take a ferry ride to Inisheer

  • Visit the Atlantic Air Adventures

  • Visit Swimming Centre

  • Explore the whole city

  • Visit Ballycasey Craft Centre

  • Golf Club

When you want to book accommodation and tickets for your vacation, you can choose the summer season as this will give you many advantages. Even the airfare for Shannon will be less in this season which gives you opportunity to save money during vacation. On the other hand, winter can be troublesome as it may snow in many parts of Shannon.

Top Experience in Shannon

Bunratty Castle

This amazing museum is one of the top attractions of the city and you can get to enjoy medieval life in this location. It has many rooms and you can make reservations to enjoy your vacation with friends and family members. You can even visit the nearby village that has some of the Ancient Farm Houses and cottages that belong to the 19th century.

Cliff of Moher

The amazing range of mountains stretch for nearly 8 km and it is situated at a height of more than hundred metres above the sea level. Tourists come here from different parts of the city to enjoy the beautiful view of sunset from this location. If you are planning to visit the place make sure to carry a good camera to capture the beautiful moments of your vacation at this place.

Ballycasey Craft Centre

This amazing Centre is the best place to shop for various artefacts from this region. It is well known for jewellery and you can get to see great quality workmanship in these items. It is the best place for shopping and various other business activities. You can also enjoy relaxing evening at this place as it has many restaurants that cater to different tourists from all the regions of Europe.


If you want to enjoy the beautiful view of Aran Island you can visit this place by choosing the ferry ride. This will become the most valuable experience of your entire vacation and you will never forget this experience in your life. Your kids will completely enjoy the tour when you take them on such a beautiful ride. Make sure that you arrange the bookings in advance so that the travel guides will be able to make suitable arrangements for your vacation.

Swimming Centre

This is yet another popular tourist attraction and you will be able to spend some time with your kids having fun at the swimming pool. They even provide swimming lessons and this can be an exciting task for your children. Tourists come to this location after roaming around the nearby tourist attractions so that they can get to relax by spending some time at the swimming pool.You can also go around shopping in the nearby areas and enjoy your favourite food at the local restaurants.

Atlantic Air Adventures

The fantastic Flight Simulator at this location is something that you will never find anywhere else in the world. The amazing Museum has many aircrafts that are placed in front of the monument and you can even get to see beautiful pictures of real planes that were used in ancient times. It gives complete value for your money and you will be able to enjoy your vacation completely in this manner. The place also has different aircrafts belonging to the military as well as civil services.

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