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The Belgium country is the most exceptional and sought-after destination amid tourists from all parts of the world, so the Ostend city is no poles apart. Besides playing a vital role in increasing the fame of the country, the city has a bright and many-sided history that includes some highly noteworthy events and people. Ostend is recognized for its long seashore and walkway. It is also home to many informative museums, ancient relics, some neo-Gothic–style churches, ancient forts, etc.

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  • Kusltram

  • Atlantic Wall Museum

  • Crystal Ship Public Art Exhibition

  • Sint Petrus-en-Paulsuerk

  • Ostend City Museum

  • Hippodrome Wellington

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  • Have an enjoyable ride in the Kusltram

  • Witness the concrete fortifications in the Atlantic Wall Museum

  • Visit the Crystal Ship Public Art Exhibition

  • Enjoy the structural of the Sint Petrus-en-Paulsuerk

  • Explore the Ostend City Museum

  • To know its history in Hippodrome Wellington

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Ostend features a marine temperate type of weather. July is the warmest month in the city with the standard temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. The coldest month in the city is February with the temperature at 3 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit the Ostend City is between April and October.

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Have an enjoyable ride in the Kusltram

The Kusltram is a tram, which is being run on the coasts of the Ostend City. Tourists can make their day more enjoyable by having a tram ride and witnessing the vibrant sights of the city along the Flemish shoreline. The Kusltram tram makes manifold stops in the city passing through its various towns. Tourists can choose a package tour to make their sightseeing trip an affordable one by riding in the tram.

Atlantic Wall Museum

The Atlantic Wall Museum is the older part of the Raversyde Park scheme in Ostend. It is a highly noticeable memento that the First and the Second World Wars were fought on its coasts. Visitors paying an airfare for Ostend and visiting the museum will find the concrete fortifications rising from the green dunes that formed a part of it. Conserved by regal decree, the museum hosts events, as well, all through the year with the intention of educating visitors on the happenings in the city.

Crystal Ship Public Art Exhibition

The Crystal Ship is an art exhibition group, which is committed to organizing people under the persuasive public art umbrella. Tourists visiting the exhibition will have an opportunity to witness some of the beautiful murals created by some renowned Belgium artists. Currently, the Crystal Ship is responsible for more than 200 bits of public art in the Ostend City. Tourists who are intrigued can visit the official website of Crystal Ship and enroll for public tours to view them all in their magnificence.

Sint Petrus-en-Paulsuerk

Sint Petrus-en-Paulsuerk, which is actually an 1899-built church in Ostend, is a major cathedral in the city, as well. Sightseers visiting the church will be amazed to notice its Neo-Gothic architectural wonder, which is constructed by making use of the leftovers of the previous fire-destroyed church. The highly gorgeous architecture as well as the tainted glass casements of the church attracts people from all parts of the world.

Ostend City Museum

The Ostend City Museum exhibits abundant displays that demonstrate the history of the city and its adjoining areas. Once, it was the residence of Queen Louise-Marie and Napoleon. After the 2012 renovation, it was converted into a museum. Tourists booking a flight from Ostend and visiting the museum will be warmly greeted with copious relics, explaining the history of the earlier regal family. They can also enjoy witnessing other displays that narrate the complete history of the city.

Hippodrome Wellington

Tourists visiting the Hippodrome Wellington will get an opportunity to know the entire history of Ostend. It is actually a racetrack, which was originally constructed in 1883. It hosts a variety of interesting and exciting racing events, such as the Grand Prix Prince Rose, a harness racing that will be conducted every July. After the renovation of the racetrack, it now includes the Wellington Golf Course, where visitor can have an interesting time in playing golf game. The Hippodrome also hosts some music events of the world-renowned celebrities, such as David Bowie, Michael Jackson, etc.

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