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As the most densely populated city in Turkey, Istanbul is famous as the economic, historic, and cultural center of Eurasia. More popular for its transcontinental culture, the city is a popular tourists’ spot for being a vibrant commercial and historical center. As the administrative center of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the city hosts a population of 14.7 million people. For the density in population, the city was conferred the status of 7 th proper and the largest European city. As it has the dotted presence of shopping malls, the modern restaurants add to its tourists’ attractions. As the tourists hear about malls, restaurants, and heritage of the place, they hardly hesitate to take the first flight to Istanbul.

  • Grand Bazar- worth of price of ticket to Istanbul

  • Maiden Tower- greatest marvel in modern construction

  • Spice Bazar- true value of airfare to Istanbul

  • Pera Museum

  • Topikapi Palace- The best museum of Istanbul

  • Republic Monument-view the revolution in the wonderful sculpture

  • Visit the greatest marvel in modern construction, Maiden Tower

  • Visit Spice Bazar

  • view the revolution in the wonderful sculpture

  • Explore the whole city

  • Shopping

  • Bosphorus Night Cruise with Dinner in Istanbul

The periods from March to May and from September to November are the best time to visit Istanbul. If the tourists step inside the historic city during these periods, they could comfortably get accommodation and other facilities for hassle free travel and tours. July is the hottest month in Istanbul and February is the coldest. As the wettest month is January with 100mm of rainfall, the visitors need to avoid travelling during this month. August could really become comfortable for travel of visitors as the temperature remains ideal for swimming and other related activities.

Top Experience in Istanbul

Grand Bazar

As the oldest and biggest covered markets in the world, this market place could give the visitors unique shopping experience. The 61 covered streets and 4000 shops inside them could give unique shopping experiences to one and all. It springs a real surprise to know that the market gets 2, 50,000 to 4, 00,000 visitors in a day.

Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower is one of the real wonders of modern construction. A dinner in the restaurant in the first floor of tower could serve as a life-long memory even after the visitors take flights from Istanbul. As the restaurant was filmed time and again, spending time there stays etched in the memories for every visitor for good.

Spice Bazar

As the tourists move inside this historic bazaar, its enormous size simply sweeps them off their feet. As the biggest market in Istanbul, the covered complex is marvelous due to its magnificent shape. As the center of spice trade in Istanbul, the market place has evolved a lot by accommodating different types of shops dealing in various other items.

Pera Museum

The spectacular sight of this museum is truly iconic of orientalism art in the 19 th century. The visitors simply feel ecstatic as they view the great collection from orientalist painting.Other than the repositories of great items, they could take delights from viewing the temporary exhibitions, organized there from time to time.

Republic Monument

The republic monument located at Taksim square at Taksim square pays tribute to the spirit of freedom in the revolutionaries. Its superb design by the Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica is marvelous in every aspects. The sight of the monument brings the realization to the viewers that they have got back the real price for airfare for Istanbul.

Galata Tower

The mediaeval stone tower is one of the excellent landmarks of Istanbul. Frequented by hordes of tourists, the monument has the cone capped cylindrical peak that literally touches the skyline. Once the visitors reach atop the roof of the tower, they get the wonderful panoramic view of the historic city.

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