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Flights to Guangzhou-the city of beautiful mountains

Guangzhou, which is the capital city of the Chinese Guangdong Province, is one of the leading 10 tourist destinations in China. The speedy bullet trains, as well as the large export business, attract many worldwide tourists. In addition, visitors of the city can take pleasure in witnessing many worth seeing places, do a variety of things, do affordable shopping, and visit the country's best entertainment and amusement parks.

Things to do in Guangzhou

1. Book a flight to Guangzhou to have top-notch rides in the Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park

Vacationers visiting the Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park can have excellent rides at the 60-acre Chimelong Paradise. The main highlight of the park is the ten-looped vertical roller coaster, which is considered one of the greatest roller coasters in the world. The coaster has occupied an important position in the Guinness Book of World Records. Tourists with their kids can visit the park from morning 9:30 to evening 18:00 from Monday through Friday and from morning 9:30 to evening 06:30 on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. Visit the Chimelong Water Park, the biggest Asian park in the city

​Chimelong Waterpark is the frequently visited tourist spot by both locals and vacationers booking a flight to Guangzhou and moving around the city. It is a 40, water heaven, which is the best tourist spot for both adults and kids alike, is one of the biggest parks in Asia and one of major parks in the world. Tourists with their kids can enjoy witnessing different water-slide and can involve in many exciting water activities to have an immense fun. They can also spend their time happily in the world's longest floating river that extends up to 1,280 meters. However, the park will be opened only from May to October on all days between morning 9:00 and night 10:30.

3. Pay an airfare for Guangzhou to make your kids happy at the Xiangjiang Safari Park

The Xiangjiang Safari Park is the best tourist spot for kids, as it includes enjoyable cart rides for kids. While walking in the parks, both adults and kids will bypass the wandering animals in the park. This 320- acre park is considered the largest animal search theme park in the country. Kids will be greatly excited to touch some animals in the park. Visitors can hire a vehicle to watch the wandering animals closely. Visitors can visit the park on all days from morning 9:30 to evening 05:30 with their family.

4. Visit the Guangzhou Crocodile Park-the world's biggest crocodile farm

Vacationers paying an airfare for Guangzhou and visiting the Crocodile Park can offer an enjoyable time to their kids. This theme park is the biggest crocodile ranch in the world, as it includes more than 100,000 crocodiles. Kids can have an exciting time through watching different species of crocodiles in the park. It is a natural farm, hosting animal shows and educates visitors on the lifestyle of crocodiles. The park is also an abode to many ferocious Chinese crocodiles, such as estuarine crocodiles, duck- mouthed crocodiles, and eyed crocodiles.

5. Tourists can book a flight from Guangzhou and witness the Chimelong International Circus with their kids

The Chimelong International Circus is the best entertainment for kids, as it offers them an enjoyable and exciting show experience. The highlight of the circus show is that they will introduce new items in their shows daily according to the latest trends. Chimelong has instigated displays that are carried out carnivorous as well as herbivorous animals together. Kids will be amazed to see the show with 13 bears. They can also enjoy witnessing 90-minute comedic, melodious, gymnastics, and animal shows. The circus will start daily at 7:30 P.M.

6. Cannon Tower-Enjoy witnessing the tallest tower in Asia

The Canton Tower is the landmark of the city of Guangzhou. It is considered one of the most stunning innovative buildings in the world. The tower is not only the highest visited tourist spot in the city but also caters the television and radio broadcasting needs of the city. This 600-meter high tower is the tallest tower in Asia, having the longest rotary and vertical aerial ladder of height 160 meters with 1000 steps. Booking a flight from Guangzhou and visiting the tower allows visitors enjoy the bird view of the city from its highest flat observation wheel.

7. Nature lovers can take a ticket to Guangzhou to visit the Shamian Island

​The Shamian Island is one of the leading three tourist destinations in the Guangzhou city. Visitors can witness the natural beauty of the Pearl River and can take pleasure in wandering amid ancient European constructions of diverse styles and gigantic antique trees. Tourists can enjoy witnessing buildings that were constructed in both French and English styles. Strollers can have an immense relaxation by sitting below the old shade trees.

8. Enjoy the beauty of the artificial lakes at Yuexiu Park

The Yuexiu Park is one among the major parks of the city, featuring the figurine of the Five Goats, the symbol of the city. Visitors to the park can enjoy seeing the green trees, flower gardens, and bamboo orchards. The 1952-constructed park also includes seven hummocks as well as three synthetic lakes, such as Nanxiu Lake, Beixiu Lake, and Dongxiu Lake. The park is celebrated for the gorgeous hills, clean waters, as well as for an abundance of antiques. Spring is the best time to visit the park, as it will host the Guangzhou Garden Fair during the season.

9. Witness the impressive peaks of the Baiyun Mountain Park

The Baiyun Mountain Park is a range of mountains, which is full splendor with impressive peaks as well as zigzag gorges. Tourists can enjoy the overall marvelous landscape of the city, particularly the gorgeous Pearl River at the mountaintop. The park is a renowned historic destination in the city, with much marvelous landscape and many worth seeing places. The entire picturesque includes several tourist places, and tourists will not only realize the natural sights but also they can go for grassing, take a sideways, and take pleasure in bungee in the park.

10. Enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Museum of the Nanyue King

The Guangzhou city has its personal side of the Qin imperial tomb of an emperor of the Nanyue Empire in Xian. Although the museum is small, visitors can enjoy the structural design of the building. They can enjoy witnessing stunning relics inside the museum. It exhibits different pottery as well as porcelain pillows that were used from the Yuan Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, and the Ming Dynasty. This astonishing museum compilation also includes many antique kilns, as well.

Type of weather of Guangzhou

Tourists can take a ticket to Guangzhou after confirming the climate of the city to make their tour an enjoyable one. The climate in the city is usually temperate and humid throughout the year. With a moist subtropical monsoon type of weather, the city is distinguished by hot summers, warm winters, little snow, and frost, as well as enough precipitation and sunlight.

The best time to visit the Guangzhou City is from September to the early part of December.

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