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Flights to Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the fourth most visited city in the United Kingdom. The city is situated on the river Clyde. The inhabitants of Glasgow are named as “Glaswegians’. Glasgow became the biggest seaport in Britain. From being a small rural settlement, the city went on to become the biggest and the main hub of Britain to trade with West Indies and the North America.

Glasgow became the world’s foremost Centre for engineering, shipbuilding industry, textiles, chemicals and most importantly marine engineering industry. This rapid industrial development of Glasgow enhances the growth of population during the 18th and 19th century and also increases the economy of the city.

Glasgow is also famous for sports and also hosted the 2014 Commonwealth games. The city has a well-known sporting arena in the world which hosts some of the best sports around the world such as Football (Celtic and Rangers), Ice Hockey, Swimming, Rugby, Basketball and some other sports as well.

Fly into this city and we assure you will have a great time of your life. You can even board a Flight from Glasgow and visit other parts of UK as well. If you are planning for a holiday and really confused about the places and stuff to do in Glasgow, we are picking out some of the best things and places you can visit in Glasgow.

Board a Flight to Glasgow and look for the best things and places in Glasgow

Glasgow is pretty rich in museums and galleries but mostly notable for its two Football teams, Celtic and Rangers. It went to become the 4th largely visited city in the United Kingdom. Glasgow is also famous for its beautiful shopping streets, culture, and food and hence attracts a lot of visitors every year. Some of the best places to hang out in the city are:

● Escape Glasgow

May be the most trending stuff to do in Glasgow is to escape it. ‘Escape Glasgow’ is a very popular game launched in 2014 which allows you to escape yourself from a locked room by solving some puzzles with an hour. You may be aware of such games from the play stores but experiencing the same game live will be much more fascinating.

It became very popular within a short time as lots of families, friends as well as couples found it interesting and fun to do. You have to spend nearly 90 minutes of time which includes getting in, briefed and solving puzzles to escape the room within one hour.

● Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is situated at the heart of the city. The museum is beautifully designed with exhibit rooms and crafted architecture. There are 8000 objects, 20 themed galleries which will definitely grab your attention. You can even find exhibits on many prehistoric mammals including dinosaurs. The location of the art gallery is pretty easy; just take a quick walk from the Kelvingrove railway station. It is a must visit for you if you are looking for a good day out in Glasgow and the most important thing about this gallery is that it does not cost you a single penny.

● Riverside Museum

The best place you can visit to learn and know about the history and past of Glasgow is The Riverside Museum. The museum displays each and everything of the city’s past which includes locomotives, vintage cars and even an actual Stormtrooper. You can get a glimpse of every possible thing as the museum offers something for everyone.

You can follow the subway system and get there easily by taking a quick 7 minutes’ walk from the Patrick subway station. The subway is the easiest source of transport you can use to explore this beautiful city in Scotland.

● Grab your Ticket to Glasgow to view the stunning Glasgow Science Centre

The Glasgow Science Centre is a beautiful place to make your children know and learn about the insight world of science and technology. There are lots of activities to keep the children entertained, they can opt for an underwater puppet show, giant piano walk, fun with a musical shark or use water to operate a crane to balance a cargo ship.

This place is a fun for both the adults as well the children. There is a planetarium where you can watch stuff and chill with your family. A soft area on the bottom floor has been offered for the little children where they can play and have a good time.

● Kelvingrove Park

This beautiful Kelvingrove Park is situated on the river kelvin spreading around 85 acres of space. You can even have a glimpse of many animals like red foxes, kingfishers and otters. Red foxes are frequently seen during the sun set and won’t harm anyone. The place remains crowded with lots of people which include university students as well as dog walkers too.
You can enjoy a small picnic with your family or go for a hunt out in this park. Generally the park is a peaceful place to enjoy some leisure time after a long tiring day out.

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Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. It offers a lot of historical as well as modern architectural attractions to the visitors from around the globe. We have discussed about every possible place and things you need to look for in this beautiful city if you are definitely planning for a visit.

The best time to visit Glasgow is during the summer when the temperatures are high and the days are long. The winters are very cold and chilly and considerably have shorter days. Hence you must avoid visiting during the winters. The peak time to plan for a visit in Glasgow is during March and August.

It is suggested to make your bookings in advance to avoid last minute rush and avail everything at a cheaper rate to have a wonderful time. Do visit this stunning city and you will surely cherish these wonderful memories forever. Stop wasting much time and start packing!

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