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Fuzhou worth seeing tourist spots

Fuzhou, which is the capital city of the Fujian province of China, is a sprawling transportation as well as an industrial hub. The city is renowned for its excellent ocean views, hills, as well as for historical places. As one of the biggest cities in the Province, Fuzhou is recognized as the “city of banyans”, as well, due to the abundant Banyan trees cultivated there. The city area is crammed with well-preserved Ming and Qing era buildings, the oldest Pagoda, as well as with attractive pavilions and bridges.

1. Book a flight to Fuzhou to visit the West Lake Park, the historical garden in the city

The West Lake Park, which is situated on the northwestern part of Fuzhou, is a well-conserved traditional garden in the city. It is also the oldest garden in the city, as it was constructed in 282 AD and it was the major tourist attraction until the last part of the Tang Dynasty. With the vast area of 42.51 hectares, the park includes open halls, pavilions, towers, as well as houses. The elegant natural landscape attracted numerous writers and painters in the ancient era. When visitors stroll along the footpaths in the park, they can enjoy witnessing the paintings and calligraphy works created by the prehistoric people, relax in a pavilion, or have a boat ride on the lake.

2. Nature lovers can have an enjoyable time at the Qishan Mountain Forest Park

​Vacationers who are interested in enjoying the beauty of the Mother Nature can book a flight to Fuzhou and can visit the Qishan Mountain Forest Park, which is situated very close to the downtown. Visiting this 3,587-hectare park will allow tourists to take pleasure in breathing the fresh air, besides witnessing wild animals as well as natural flora, waterfalls, very old roads, lakes, bridges, deep ponds, as well as caves. The granite sceneries of the park make the spot the perfect summer break destination, camping, exploration, excursions, as well as hiking. Visitors have to pay an entrance fee of 20 Yuan per individual.

3. Pay an airfare for Fuzhou to witness the city's stunning coastal scenery at the Pingtan Island

Pingtan Island, which is the biggest Fujian island, is also the fifth biggest island in China. Vacationers visiting the island will enjoy witnessing the dazzling coastal scenery of the island with fresh and clean water and they can relax in its fine and soft sand. Tourists visiting the 26,713-hectare island can have an enjoyable time, as it includes six tourist destinations and two seashore resorts, which make the island the perfect place for the summer break.

4. Enjoy the architectural beauty of the Xichan Temple of the Tang Dynasty

Vacationers can have the real worth of their airfare for Fuzhou when they visit the Xichan Temple. This Buddhist temple is considered the most antique temple in the city, which was constructed during the Tang Dynasty. Visitors will be amazed to see as much as 38 structures in the temple, which include halls, houses, pavilions, a dagoba, and towers. Tourists can also enjoy witnessing ancient bridges, lakes, and a garden, occupying a vast quarter of 7.7 hectares. Visitors have to pay 20 Yuan per individual to enter the temple.

5. Witness many historical places on the Yushan Mountain by taking a ticket to Fuzhou

The Yushan Mountain, which is a historical fortification region, is considered the most attractive tourist spot since the era of the Warring States of China. During the period, the 11.9-hectare mountain was popularly known as Jiuri that looks like a gigantic legendary turtle. Sightseers visiting the mountain can have an opportunity to visit many historical places, such as a white tower, as well as platforms, temples, wells, castles and more than 100 stone writings. The seven-story 45.35-meter high octagonal tower functions as the emblem of the Fuzhou city.

6. Enjoy witnessing the impressive scenic spots on the Shizhu Mountain

Shizhu Mountain is the most sought-after tourist destination amid many local and international tourists who are taking a ticket to Fuzhou and touring around the city. The tourist spot has been legitimately listed as an elusive cultural heritage. Sightseers visiting the mountain can enjoy witnessing its strange rock formations as well as stunning bamboo. Tourists can mingle with people of various Chinese religions, such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Visitors can enjoy seeing as much as 128 picturesque spots, having caves, temples, towers, and stones, among which the Ziyun Cave, Shizhu Temple, and the Ziyun Tower are the most impressing spots. Tourists have to pay 25 Yuan per individual to visit the mountain.

7. Book a flight from Fuzhou to visit the Qingyun Mountain

​The Qingyun Mountain is the best picturesque area in the country, having very tall peaks. This 4,700- hectare mountain features numerous peaks, which are positioned more than 1,000 meters above the sea level. The highlight of the mountain is a 12-level naturally-formed rock passage with the length of 1,028 meters. The corridor consists of caves, waterfalls, cliffs, and trees, attracting a huge number of tourists. Visitors can also find wild animals, such as such as gazelles, ferns, and monkeys, as well as wild plants. Tourists visiting the mountain during the summer season have to pay an entrance fee of 25 Yuan per person, whereas those visiting during the winter season have to pay 20 Yuan per individual.

8. Witness the inscriptions of Sung Dynasty in the Gushan Mountain

The Gushan Mountain is one among the most celebrated picturesque areas in the Fuzhou city. The mountain got its name as it includes a gigantic rock on its summit that looks like a drum and offers the noise similar to that of a drum when there is rain and wind. This 925-meter high mountain features over 100 picturesque spots, as well as temples, pavilions, peaks, and caves. The most imposing feature of the mountain is the 300 writings, including 109 inscriptions from the Song Dynasty. Visitors can see the scenic spots of the mountain on paying an entrance fee of 40 Yuan per individual.

9. Enjoy witnessing the different attractive sections of the Fuzhou National Forest Park

The Fuzhou National Forest Park is one among the China's 10 most visited parks. It is bounded by water on one side and mountains on the other three sides. Tourists visiting the park can explore exotic as well as Chinese plants, uncommon animals, flowing waterfalls, lakes, strange rock-strewn outcrops, and stone statues. Tourists can also enjoy visiting the six sections of the park, such as the trees section, bamboo section, cultural scenery section, forest museum, dragon pool section, and bird forest.

10. Three Lanes and Seven Alleys-The main well-protected historical heritage of China

The Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, which cover the vast area of 40 hectares, are considered the major well-conserved historical heritage place in China. Tourists booking a flight from Fuzhou and visiting the park will be amazed to see a group of antique residential structures in the area, mostly build by rich people of the Qing and Ming dynasties. The area is also an abode to many renowned Chinese military leaders, politicians, poets, and writers.

Best time to visit Fuzhou

Fuzhou has a temperate and moist sub-tropical downpour type of weather. July is the hottest month in the city and February is the coldest month.

October and November are the best months to visit Fuzhou.

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