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Frequently Asked Questions - Flights to Dayong

What airlines offer flights to Dayong?

Airlines such as China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Air China offer flights to Dayong from various destinations.

How can I find cheap flights to Dayong?

To find affordable flights to Dayong, consider booking in advance, using fare comparison websites, and being flexible with your travel dates.

What is the best time to book flights to Dayong?

Booking flights to Dayong in advance, especially during off-peak seasons or promotional periods, can help secure better deals and availability.

Are there direct flights to Dayong?

Yes, there are direct flights to Dayong from major cities in China and select international destinations. However, availability may vary based on your departure location.

What is the average flight duration to Dayong?

The average flight duration to Dayong depends on the departure city. Flights from major Chinese cities typically take around 2-3 hours, while international flights may vary.

Can I find last-minute deals on flights to Dayong?

Last-minute deals on flights to Dayong may be available, but they are often limited and subject to higher prices. It's advisable to book in advance for better options and prices.

What amenities are offered on flights to Dayong?

Amenities on flights to Dayong vary by airline and flight duration. Typically, you can expect services such as in-flight entertainment, meals, and Wi-Fi on longer routes.

Are there any travel restrictions for flying to Dayong?

Travel restrictions to Dayong may vary depending on your departure location and current circumstances, including COVID-19 regulations. It's important to check the latest travel advisories before planning your trip.

Can I book a round-trip flight to Dayong?

Yes, you can book round-trip flights to Dayong, which often offer convenience and cost savings compared to booking separate one-way tickets.

Know what you can do in Dayong

Dayong is a county-level city of China and is now called as Zhangjiajie. It is a secluded region that includes many rough 200-meter high quartzite stonework columns. It also attracts people from all parts of the word, as it contains stalagmites and stalactites filled caves. It also includes rivers, forests, waterfalls, as well as big natural land bridges, and rare animal and plant species. This makes worldwide tourists book a flight to Dayong to have an enjoyable break in the city.

Things to do in the city

1. Have an enjoyable tour at the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a part of the tropical forest that covers the vast area of 80 kilometers of the forest. Here, tourists can enjoy witnessing five stunning areas, such as Yuanjiajie, Yaozizhai, Yangjiajie, Huangshizhai and the Golden Whip Stream. The highlight of this forest area is the strange rock formations. Visitors can see 3,000 pillar-like rocks, assuming the form of a human being as well as of gigantic trees. Visitors booking a flight from Dayong and visiting the park can enjoy the beauty of a charming Village, known as Huangshi. The best time to visit the parks is sunrise, as the sandstone peaks and sounding forests will look marvelous. The park will be opened for public from morning 7:30 to evening 6:00.

2. Know the history of China by visiting the Phoenix Ancient City by booking a flight from Dayong

​The Phoenix Ancient City is a small city, which is situated close to the western border of the Húnán province. It is positioned in the lap of the forest and the mountains. Visitors touring the city can feel the spirit of antique China. It is an abode to Tujia & Miao, which is a racial minority group that has inhabited the place since the ancient Chinese period. The small homes made of wood reflect the architecture of ancient China. Visitors can also enjoy the preservation of small alleys and the charming bridges.

3. Tianmen Mountain-the soul of the city

The Tianmen Mountain, which is considered the soul of the city, is positioned at a height of 4,921 feet above the sea level. It consists of 40 peaks, and the travelers have to come across 99 sharp curves to reach the top of the hill. Visitors take a ticket to Dayong and they can enjoy the feel of the clouds and fog while climbing up the stairs. They can also enjoy witnessing the Tianmen Cave, which is a natural cave eroded by the water. The highlight of the mountain is its lengthy 3-kilometer glass skywalk that offers visitors as if they are strolling through the air.

4. Enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains from the Tianzi Mountains by taking a ticket to Dayong

The Tianzi Mountains is a range of mountains, which is situated close to the Wulingyuan picturesque region. Tourists visiting the mountain can enjoy witnessing the natural beauty of the nearby mountains. The area is mentioned as the glow of the moonlight, the ocean of clouds, the blizzard in winter, and the rays of sunlight. Visitors can also enjoy witnessing renowned worth seeing places, such as the Xian Nu San Hua, Shen Bing Ju Hui, and the Yu Bi Peaks. Tourists are allowed to climb the mountain from morning 8.00 to evening 4.00.

5. Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie-The perfect place for hikers

​Tourists who are interested in mountaineering can book a flight from Dayong and can have an adventurous time while climbing the Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie. It will take them to the world highest as well as the longest Glass Bridge with the length of 430 meters and positioned at a height of 400 meters from the ground. The see-through glass bridge offers a clear sight of the nearby forest and the water-mist situated below.

6. Visit the Tujia Folk Customs Park to know the folk culture

The city's Tujia Folk Customs Park offers visitors a quick look at an emblematic rural community of the Tujia tribal group. Visitors paying an airfare for Dayong can know the outstanding structural design of the Tujia homes. Tourist can enjoy seeing the relics used by the Tujia tribal group. They can also visit the village square to witness the live view of the Maogusu Dance performance, demonstrating the Tujia culture. Food enthusiasts can taste the local, smoked meat, sour fish, and stewed chicken at the Minority Flavor Garden.

7. Purify yourself at the Zhangjiajie Zixia Temple by booking a flight from Dayong

The Zhangjiajie Zixia Temple is a range of over 30 temples, arranged in a line. It is acknowledged as the primary Taoist temple, which is celebrated for its surrounding good looks. It is also the oldest temple in the city, which was built before 500 years during the reign of the Ming Dynasty. Visiting the temple by taking a ticket to Dayong will allow tourists to witness different spiritual ceremonies of the locals. The temple will be opened from morning 8:00 to evening 5:30.

8. Explore four wonders at the Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve by paying an airfare for Dayong

Tourists visiting the city's National Forest Park can visit the Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve, as well, as it lies very close to the park. Among the many worth seeing places, tourists can enjoy witnessing the dazzling Bao Feng Gorges, which consists of Bao Feng Lake, Yingwo Stronghold, Bao Feng Waterfall, and A Gleam of Sky, which are popularly known as the four wonders of the city. Vacationers can have an enjoyable and exciting boat travel on the lake. Yellow Dragon Cave is another worth seeing tourist spot in the place, which is an organization of sandstone caves. Here, visitors can see the gushing underground watercourse, a beautiful cascading waterfall, thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, and 96 passageways.

9. Enjoy witnessing a charming landscape at Baofeng Lake

The Baofeng Lake is an artificial lake, which is cuddled by mountains continuously. Formerly called as Shijiayu Reservoir, the lake is now referred to as Baofeng Mountain and opened for the public. It is a huge 72-meter deep lake covering the vast area of 30 hectares, which is filled with uncontaminated streams. The lake features a charming landscape, an island, and it is beautifully bounded by gorgeous mountains. Tourists can visit the lake from morning 06:30 to evening 18:30 by paying CNY 90 as an entrance fee.

10. Explore the limestone caves at the Yellow Dragon Cave in the city

Yellow Dragon Cave is a very big sandstone cave in the city, which was discovered by locals in 1983 and opened for the public in 1984. It is considered the most gorgeous cave in China and it occupies a vast area of 100,000 square meters. This 140-meter high and 7.6-kilometer long cave consists of two wet stores, 2 drought stores, two underground rivers, 13 caves, four waterfalls, and 10,000 stalactites and stalagmites. Tourists can witness the cave from morning 08:00 to evening 16:00 on all days with the entrance fee of CNY 80.

Best time to visit Dayong

Knowing the climate of the Dayong city beforehand will allow you to make your city tour an enjoyable one. Therefore, book a flight to Dayong accordingly.

As the city includes many mountains, it experiences a tropical type of weather, meaning it will experience rainfall throughout the year with the average annual precipitation of 440.9 millimeters. May is the hottest month in the city and the coldest month is January. Tourist can have an enjoyable tour when they visit the city from April to the middle part of November.

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