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Flights to Chongqing

This city is fast emerging as the biggest manufacturing hub of the region. It is also densely populated as many people from other regions of China come here for their jobs. Apart from that, even tourism is booming in this place as it is home to some of the best natural attractions of the country. You can easily take the flight to Chongqing and visit all the tourist places within a week. When you select the package tour option, you can even cover the neighboring regions and this will give you complete value for your money.

The best part about the city is that it is very friendly with tourists and many people from different countries come here to enjoy their vacation. This place is also popular as a tourist destination among the local people from other states. In this way, you will be able to get accommodation facilities in different ranges according to your budget and other needs.

Book ticket to Chongqing and enjoy these activities

Three Gorges Museum

The best way to understand about the history and culture of China is to visit this museum. This is very large and you can easily spend more than few hours at this place. The advantage of this location is that it has English text for most of the interesting articles in the museum and this will be very useful for the foreign tourists. It has several floors and you need to walk for few hours to cover all the major attractions of the place. You can even get to know all the details about the historic war with Japan by glancing the interesting artifacts in this museum.

Hongya Cave

This amazing wooden house is built across the river and it now has many restaurants. You can get the best of local delicacies and enjoy the best tea of this region. When you visit the top of this house, you can get the complete view of the city and this will have a stunning visual especially during the night time when the whole city lights up and you can spend some relaxing time at the coffee shops. Many tourists come here to get the feel of street food and spend their vacation by enjoying the local cuisine.

Chongqing Zoo

This is the largest zoo of the region and you can get to see large number of pandas in this place. If you take your kids to this place, they will enjoy the entire vacation and you will even find some young pandas if you are lucky. The overall maintenance is good and the pandas are the biggest attraction of this zoo. Make sure to take your camera as you can capture some wonderful memories of the vacation with your family members at this location.

Take the flight to Chongqing to visit these attractions

Porcelain Village of Chongqing

This ancient town is restored to good condition and it still gives the feel of ancient China. For this reason, many tourists come here to enjoy the art and crafts of local people. You can even buy some of your favorite gift articles from these stores. Apart from that, you can even enjoy some tea and local cuisine at the restaurants of this region. Many photographers from different countries come here so that they can get the authentic feel of China.

Gele Mountain Bai Mansion

This area was a prison camp in olden days and you can get to understand the struggle of China in the olden days. Most of the information is given in English and you will not have any problems in understanding the rich history of this region. The place is renovated properly and it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Wuling Mountain Forest Park

You need to travel for a few hours to reach this place as it is far from the city. It has many natural bridges and you will be completely impressed with the overall scenic beauty of this mountain park. Nature lovers will enjoy the place and you can see many tourists taking photographs of the beautiful park. This location was also used in the Hollywood movie Transformers and many foreign tourists come here for that reason and take photos of the location with friends and family members.

How to check airfare for Chongqing

When you want to get details about flight from Chongqing, you can check the online portals and get the latest information. Most of the travel portals update the information on a regular basis and you can book tickets for flights and hotel rooms in this manner. This will help you to avoid any hassles in the last minute and you can enjoy your holiday tour in a comfortable manner. Always make it a point to get the services of a local tourist guide as this will help you to save time spent on different locations.

Visit nearby attractions by taking flight from Chongqing

After booking the ticket to Chongqing, you can make bookings for local transportation from the hotel authorities. They will be very helpful in this regard and you can have the same taxi throughout the tour. This is a good idea when you want to spend more than few days and the driver will become familiar with your team. This will help you in many ways and you can safely travel across the city without worrying about communication issues.

Best time to visit Chongqing

The region enjoys tropical climate for most part of the year and you can get to see hot summers and cold winters according to seasonal changes. However, it does not go to extremes and you can easily choose any season of your choice for the vacation. When you book your tickets early, the airfare for Chongqing will not cost you too much as you will be able to get amazing discounts from the travel portals. This is the biggest advantage of choosing such services and you can even take the package tour option depending upon your budget and number of days you want to spend in this city.

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